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John 5:24



Stepping from one Base to another Base

Strongs NT #3327. The Greek word "μεταβαίνω" (metabaino): "Μετα-" (meta-): This prefix is derived from the Greek word "μετά" (meta), which generally indicates a change, transition, or movement from one state to another. "Βαίνω" (baino): This is the root verb, which means "to go" or "to walk." Combining the prefix and the root, "μεταβαίνω" (metabaino) conveys the idea of moving or transitioning from one place to another, often implying a change in location or condition. It can be translated as "to step/go over," "to cross over," or "to transition."

Relating it to "μεταβαίνω" (metabaino), we can see the concept of transition or movement from one base or foundation to another. In this context, "βάσις" (basis) represents a starting point or a stable foundation, while "μεταβαίνω" (metabaino) signifies the act of moving away from that base or foundation to another location or condition.

So, the connection could be understood as "transitioning away from a base" or "moving from one foundation to another," implying a shift or change in fundamental circumstances or conditions.

The English word "basis" is also derived from the Greek "βάσις" (basis). In English, "basis" retains a similar meaning, referring to the fundamental principle, foundation, or starting point upon which something is built or developed.