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He is a Gift 23

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At that time, the Salvation chirped to the Multitude and the Learners of himself,
he who is saying, "On the seat of the Drawn Out ("Moses"), the Scholars and the Separatists sat down.
Therefore everything, as much as whatever they should speak to yourselves, make and watch over, but down to the Works of themselves, do not make. For they are speaking and not making.
And they are tying in chains weighty cargo, and are laying upon the Shoulders of the Men, but they themselves do not want to set in motion/stir these things with the Finger of themselves.
Dipping the finger.

megalunó - Making mega
And all of the Works of themselves they are making toward the Spectating by the Men. For they are enlarging the Outposts of themselves, and making-mega the Borders.
"Territorial Authority"
φυλακτήρια phylaktēria - encompasses meanings such as a guarded post or fort, an outpost linked to fortifications, and also metaphorically refers to safeguards, amulets, or items of religious significance, like the Jewish phylacteries, and symbols denoting territorial authority.
μεγαλύνω megalunó - making mega great, powerful
κράσπεδον kraspeda - the extremity or edge of something, such as the border or fringe of a garment, the outermost edge of a land or shore, the summit of a mountain, the perimeter of a camp, the wing of an army

They are philo-loving the First Reclining Couch within the Evening Meals, and the First Seats within the Congregations.
And the Welcomings within the Meeting Places and to be summoned under the Men, 'My Teacher.'
You are all Teachers, Fathers
But yourselves should not be summoned as 'My Teacher,' for one is, of yourselves, the Teacher, and everyone of yourselves are brothers.
And you should not summon 'a father' of yourselves on the Earth, for one is, of yourselves, the Father, the heavenly one.
Neither be summoned as 'guides' because a guide of yourselves is one, the Anointed One.
And the greater one of yourselves will be of yourselves, a dust-kicker.
And anyone who will lift himself high, he will be lowered and anyone who will lower himself, he will be lifted high.
Woe to the Interpreters!
And woe to yourselves Scholars and Separatists! Interpreters that are shutting up the Queen of the Heavenly ones in front of the Men! For yourselves do not come in nor do you send away the ones who are coming in, to come in!
Woe to yourselves Scholars and Separatists! Interpreters that are leading around the Sea and the Dried One to make one stranger and whenever he should become, you make himself a son of Valley of Hell ("Gehenna"), double of yourselves!
Woe to yourselves, smoke-blind guides! The ones who say, whoever should solemnly declare within the Sanctuary, it is nothing, but whoever should solemnly declare within the Golden one of the Sanctuary, he is indebted!
Morons ("Moroi") and smoke-blind ones! For who is greater? The Golden one or the Sanctuary, the one who has made holy the Golden one?
And whoever should solemnly declare within the Altar, it is nothing, but whoever should solemnly declare within the Gift, the One Above himself, he is indebted!
Smoke-blind ones! For who is greater, the Gift or the Altar, the one that is making the Gift holy?
Therefore the one who has solemnly declared within the Altar, solemnly declares within himself, and within all the ones above himself!
And the one who has solemnly declared within the Sanctuary, is solemnly declaring within himself and within the one who settles down in himself!
And the one who has solemnly declared within the Heaven is solemnly declaring within the Throne of the God and within the one who is sitting down above himself!
"I solemnly swear..."

Woe to yourselves Scholars and Separatists! Interpreters that are taking a tenth part of the Mint and the Dill and the Cumin, and you have sent away the Weightier Ones of the Law, the Separation and the Mercy and the Trust, and it was necessary to make these ones, not send away those ones!
Smoke-blind guides! The ones who are straining out the Mosquito and those who are drinking down the Camel!
Sieving out the mosquitos from the "wine"

κώνωψ kónóps - "a derivative of the base of kentron and a derivative of optanomai; a mosquito (from its stinging proboscis)"

Split Camel Hoof

Woe to yourselves Scholars and Separatists! Interpreters that cleanse from outside of the Cup, and the Side-dish, and from within they are full from out of a plundering and immoderation!
Blind Separatists! Cleanse first the Inside of the Cup and the Side-dish, so that the Outside of himself also might become pure!
Woe to yourselves Scholars and Separatists! Interpreters that are being likened to Burial Graves, those who have been whitewashed, anyone who from without indeed appear as blooming hours, but from within are full of bones of dead ones, and every impurity!
“And your eternal self, son of man, take to yourself a white-brick, and you are giving a sign of herself to the faces of yourself, and you have engraved upon herself a city of self eternal Foundation of Peace.” (Ezekiel 4:1 RBT).
Valley of Dry Bones.

And he is saying toward myself, "Son of man, these bones are reviving themselves! And He Is Lords said, "Your eternal self has perceived!"

(Ezekiel 37:3 RBT)

In this way also yourselves from the outside, yea, you appear to the Men as just/innocent ones, but from within you are full of under-separation/stage-playing and a lawless one!
Woe to yourselves Scholars and Separatists! Interpreters that are home-building the Burial Graves of the Prophets and are ordering/arranging the Monuments of the Just ones!
And you all are saying, If we were within the Days of the Fathers of ourselves, we would not have been partakers of themselves within the Blood of the Prophets!
So therefore you are bearing witness to yourselves that you are sons of the ones who have murdered the Prophets!
And yourselves have filled up the Measure of the Fathers of yourselves!
Filled to equal Measure.

Serpents! Offspring of vipers! How might you flee away from the Separation of the Valley of Hell?
Across to this one, behold! Myself, I am sending toward yourselves prophets, and wise ones, and scholars! From out of themselves you will kill off and will stake, and from out of themselves you will whip within the Congregations of yourselves, and you will chase away from a city, into a city.
In order that all of the blood of the Just should have come upon yourselves, that which is being poured out upon the Earth, away from the Blood of Vapor ("Abel"), of the Just man, as far as the Blood of He Is Remembered ("Zechariah") Son of He Is Blessed ("Berekiah"), whom you all murdered between the Sanctuary and the Altar!
Amen, I am saying to yourselves he will arrive, all these ones upon the Generation, this one.
Jerusalem Jerusalem!
Foundation of Peace, Foundation of Peace! The one who is killing off the Prophets, and she who is stoning the ones who have been sent away toward herself! How many times I desired to have gathered together the Children of yourself in the way a bird gathers together the Nestlings of herself under the Wings, and you all were not willing!

"As the eagle wakes up the nest of himself, upon the nestlings of himself, he is hovering, he is spreading out the wings of himself, he is taking himself, he is lifting up himself, upon the pinions of himself."

(Deuteronomy 32:11 RBT)

"And the Woman was given the Two Wings of the Great Eagle so that she could fly into the Desolate One, into the place of herself, where she is reared there for a time, times, and half a time away from the face of the Serpent."

(Revelation 12:14 RBT)

Behold! The House of yourselves, he is sent away to yourselves!
"We have blessed yourselves!" - Psalm 118:26
For I am saying to yourselves, you should never perceive myself away from this moment until you should say, "He who has been well spoken, the one who is coming within a name of Master!"44
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