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He is a Gift 16

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And the Separatists and Purists, those who have drawn near, those who are testing, they asked himself to prove a sign from out the Heaven to themselves.
And the one who has separated, said to themselves, "Of evening, she who has become, you all are saying, 'A serene sky, for the Heaven is fiery-red.'
And at dawn, 'Today a storm, for he is fiery red, he who has a gloomy/sad look.' The Heaven, the Face of the Heaven you know how to split up, but the Signs of the Times you have no power!32
A pain-ridden generation and an adulteress is searching for a sign, and no sign will be given to herself, if not the Sign of Dove!" And he who has left behind themselves, went away.
Kick the Dust off the Feet.

And the Learners, those who have come into the Beyond, they had forgotten to take hold of loaves.
And the Salvation said to themselves, "Perceive and turn your attention away from the Ferment of the Separatists and Purists!"
And the ones began inner dialoging within themselves, those who say that, 'We did not take hold of loaves.'
But he who has known, the Salvation, said, "Why do you inner dialogue within yourselves, those of little trust, that you did not take hold of loaves?
You are not yet perceiving nor remembering the Five Loaves of the Five Thousand, and how many hand-baskets you took hold of,
nor the Seven Loaves of the Four Thousand, and how many baskets you took hold of.
How do you not perceive that I did not speak around loaves, but to yourselves turn your attention, away from the Ferment of the Separatists and Purists?
At that time they put together that he did not say to turn attention away from the Ferment of the Loaves but away from the Teaching of the Separatists and Purists.
And he who has come, the Salvation, into the Portions of Dictatorship City ("Caesarea") of Lover of the Horse, was questioning the Learners of himself, he who is saying, "Whom do the Men speak the Son the of Man to be?"
And the ones said, "The ones indeed, 'Favored the Submerger', and others 'He Is God,' and different ones, 'He is Raising Up',33 or one of the Prophets."
He is saying to themselves, "And yourselves, whom are you speaking myself to be?"
And he who has been separated, Hearing Small Stone, said, "Yourself is the Anointed One, the Son of the God of the Living One."
And he who has been separated, the Salvation, said to himself, "Blessed you are, Hearing Son of Dove ("Bar-Jonah"), because flesh and blood did not unveil to yourself, but the Father of myself, the one among the Heavenly ones!"
And even myself is speaking to yourself, that yourself is Small Stone, and upon this one, the Rock Cliff, I will build a house of myself, the Summoned Assembly, and gates of Underworld ("Hades") will not overpower herself.
I will give to yourself the Keys of the Queen of the Heavenly ones and whatever you might chain upon the Earth, will be that which has been chained among the Heavenly ones, and whatever you might release upon the Earth, will be that which has been released among the Heavenly ones.
At that time, he set apart to the Learners so that they might speak to no one that himself is the Anointed One.
Away from that time he began, Salvation Anointed One, to point out to the Learners of himself that it necessary for himself to go away into Foundation of Peace, and many things to be acted upon away from the Elders and High Priests and scholars, and to be killed away, and the Third Day to awaken.
And he who has taken to himself Himself, the Small Stone, he began to bestow honor to himself, he who is saying "God be gracious to you, Master, never will this one be to yourself!"34
"And he is dusk and he is dawn of The Sixth Day" (Genesis 1:31 RBT)

A Scandal of myself
And the one who has been turned around said to the Small Stone, "Lead under backward from myself, Adversary, you are a scandal of myself because you do not think the things of the God, but rather the things of the Men.
σκάνδαλον skándalon
"properly, the trigger of a trap (the mechanism closing a trap down on the unsuspecting victim)."
Strongs #G4625

At that time, the Salvation said to the Learners of himself, "If anyone desires to come backward from myself, let him deny away [utterly] his own self, and let him lift up the Stake of himself, and let him follow myself.
For whoever might desire to save the Soul-life of himself will destroy away herself, but whoever might destroy away the Soul-life of himself for the sake of myself, he will find herself.
For what will it profit a man if he gains the World entirely, but he harms the Soul-life of himself? Or what will a man give in place of the Soul-life of himself?
The Queen of the South Wind Wakes Up in the Judgement
For the Son of the Man is about to come within the Glory of the Father of himself, in company with the Angels of himself, and at that time he will give back to each one down according to the Act of himself.
Amen, I am saying to yourselves that there are some of those in this place, those who have stood ready, anyone who will not ever taste of death until they should perceive the Son of the Man, he who is coming within the Queen of himself.
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