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He is a Gift 17

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And in company with six days, the Salvation is receiving from the Small Stone and Heel Chaser and Favored the Brother of himself, and he is carrying up themselves into a high mount, individually.
"All renewed under the Sun"
And he was metamorphosed in front of themselves, and the face of himself beamed as the Sun, and the Outer Garments of himself, he has become bright white as the Light.
"What is that which has become? Himself, who he is becoming. And what is that which has been made? Himself, who he is making. And it is not; all he has renewed under the Sun."
(Ecclesiastes 1:9 RBT)

Moses Sees, Elijah Sees
And behold! She was perceived by themselves, Drawn Out ("Moses") and He Is God ("Elijah"), those who are conversing together with himself!36
Moses, Hidden One, Elijah

"Ascend to the head of the Summit, and lift up the eyes of yourself to her sea, and her hidden one, and her right hand side ("south"), and her place of rising! Perceive in the eyes of yourself that she is not crossing over the self eternal Descent of this one!"

(Deuteronomy 3:27 RBT)

"And He Is saying toward himself, "This one, the Earth, whom I have sevened to Father of Multitude, to He Laughs, and to Heel Chaser, to say, I am giving herself to the seed of yourself, I have caused yourself to see within the eyes of yourself, and the name of herself is not crossing over."

(Deuteronomy 32:4 RBT)

And he who has been separated, the Small Stone, said to the Salvation, "Master, it is beautiful for ourselves to be in this place, if you desire I will make in this place three tents, one for yourself, and one for Drawn Out, and one for He Is God."
While still of himself, he who is chirping, behold! a luminous cloud cast a shade upon themselves, and behold! a voice from out the Cloud, she who is speaking, "This one is the Son of myself, the Beloved one within whom I have found delight, hear of himself!"

"For this very reason, also ourselves, those who are holding so many of those who are encompassing ourselves, a cloud-mass of witnesses, as those who have put off every barb, and the Well-Surrounded Miss, across from Patient-Endurance, let us run the Competition laid out before ourselves."

(Hebrews 12:1 RBT)

And the Learners, those who have heard, fell upon a face of themselves, and they feared extremely.
And the Salvation drew near, and he who has touched of themselves said, "Awake, and do not fear!"
And those who have lifted up the Eyes of themselves, they perceived no one, if not himself, Salvation alone.
And those who are descending of themselves from out the Mount, the Salvation enjoined to themselves, he who is saying, "You should speak the Vision to no one, until whom the Son of the Man should be awakened from out of dead ones."
And the Learners questioned himself, those who say, "Why then do the Scholars speak that He Is God must come first?"
And the one who has been separated said, "He Is God, indeed he is coming, and he will give back everything.
Made as much as they desired
And I am saying to yourselves that, He Is God has already come, and they did not recognize himself, but rather they made within himself as much as they desired. In this way also the Son of the Man is about to be acted upon under themselves.
At that time the Learners put together that he spoke to themselves from around Favored the Submerger.
And those who have come toward the Multitude, a man drew near to himself, he who is falling on the knee to himself.
And he who is saying, "Master, have pity the Son of myself, because he is being moonstruck and is being evilly acted upon repeatedly, for he is falling into the Fire, and repeatedly into the Water!
σεληνιάζομαι - Moonstruck / Lunatic
Round and round and round and round...
cf. Strongs #G4583

And I bore himself toward the Learners of yourself and they were not able to treat himself!
The Omega Ω Generation
And he who has been separated, the Salvation, said, "Ω untrusting generation! And her who has been distorted/twisted! Until when will I be in company with yourselves? Until when will I hold up yourselves? Bear himself to myself in here!"
And the Salvation bestowed honor to himself, and he came out away from himself, the Divinity, and the Little Boy was treated away from the Hour of that one.
At that time the Learners, those who have drawn near to the Salvation down on his own, said "Across to what were we not able to cast out itself?"
And the one is speaking to themselves, "Across to the Little Trust of yourselves. For Amen, I am saying to yourselves, if you should hold trust as a grain of mustard, you will say this Mount 'Step over from here to there' and it will step over, and no one will be unable to yourselves.
And the Offspring to this one does not go out if not within a prayer and a fasting.
And of those who were being twisted together of themselves within the Land of Circuit, the Salvation said to themselves, "The Son of the Man is about to be handed over into hands of men.
The hairs of the head twisting/plaiting/interweaving together.

And they will kill away himself, and to the Third Day he will wake up, and they were extremely hurt."
And those who have come of themselves into Comfort Cover, those who are taking hold of the double silver coin, those came near to the Small Stone, and they said, "The Teacher of yourselves does not complete the double silver coin."
κῆνσος - Personal Tax/Poll tax - Payment based on Personal Circumstance
He is saying, 'Yes' And he who has come into the House, the Salvation came before himself, he who is saying, "What does it seem to you, Hearing? Away from who are the Kings of the Earth taking hold of end-aims or personal-tax? Away from the Sons of themselves or away from the Strangers?"
And he who had spoken, "Away from the Strangers," the Salvation was bringing to light to himself, "So then the Sons are free.
And so that we might not scandalize themselves, he who has gone over into a sea, cast a fish-hook, and the one who has climbed first, a fish, lift up, and he who has opened the Mouth of himself, you will find a four-stater silver coin, he who has taken hold of that one, give to themselves anti of myself and of yourself."
A four drachma "silver coin."

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