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He is a Gift 20

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For likened is the Queen of the Heavenly ones to a man, a House-master, anyone who came out at the same time, early dawn, to hire out workers into the Vineyard of himself.
Vineyard, also Palm Trees around a pool.

"The woman of yourself is like a vine, she who is fruitful within the dual flanks of your house. Your sons/builders are like grafted-shoots of the olive tree encircling your table."

(Psalm 128:3 RBT)

One Voice
And he who has harmonized in company with the Workmen from out of a denarius silver coin ("ten asses"), the Day, sent away themselves into the Vineyard of himself.
And he who has gone out around a third hour perceived different ones, those who have stood ready within the Meeting Place, inactive.
And that one said, "Lead under, also yourselves, into the Vineyard and whatever might be a Just one, I will give to yourselves."
And those ones went away backward, and he who has gone out around a sixth and ninth hour he has made likewise.
And around the eleventh, he who has gone out found different ones, those who have stood ready and he is speaking to themselves, "Why in this place are you all standing ready, the entire Day, inactive?"
They are saying to himself, "Because no one hired out ourselves." He is saying to themselves, "Lead under, also yourselves, into the Vineyard."
And of evening, she who has become, the Master of the Vineyard is speaking to the Steward of himself, "Summon the Workmen and give back the Wage, he who has begun away from the last ones until the first ones.
And those who have come, the ones around the eleventh hour took hold upward of a denarius ("ten asses" silver coin").
And those who have come, the first ones, they assumed that they will take hold of much more, and they took hold upward a denarius, also themselves.
And those who have taken hold were cooing down from the Household-Master.
Those who are saying, "These ones, the last ones, they made one hour and you have made themselves equal to ourselves, those who have lifted up the Weight of the Days, and the Scorching Heat."
And the one who has been separated, one of themselves, said, "Companion, I am not doing unjustly to yourself. Did you not, of a denarius, harmonize to myself?
Lift up your own, and lead under. And I desire to give to this one, the last, even as also to yourself."
Is it not lawful to myself to make that which I desire within Mine Own? Or the Eye of yourself is pain-ridden, because myself, a good one, I am?
In this way the Last ones will be first, and the First ones last.
And he who is climbing, the Salvation, into Foundation of Peace, he took from the Twelve Learners on his own, and within the Road, said to themselves,
To be Scourged by Scholars
"Behold! We are climbing into Foundation of Peace, and the Son of the Man will be handed over to the High Priests and scholars and they will separate-down himself into death!
And he will hand over himself to the Bands of People into the Mocking, and Scourging, and Staking, and on the Third Day he will wake up!"
At that time she came near to himself, the Mother of the Sons of Endowment ("Zebedee") in company with the Sons of herself, she who is kissing, and she who is begging for something away from himself.
Make Joseph to Reign
And the one said to herself, "What do you desire?" She is saying to himself, "Speak so that these ones, the Two Sons of myself might sit down, one from out right-side ones and one from out left-side ones of yourself within the Queen of Yourself."
And he who has been separated, the Salvation, said, "You have not perceived what you are asking for. Do you have power to drink the Cup which myself is about to drink? They are saying to himself, "We have power!"
He is saying to themselves, "Indeed the Cup of myself you will drink, but to sit from out right-side ones of myself and from out of left-side ones, this one is not mine to give, but rather for those whom she has been prepared under the Father of myself.
Indignant Brothers
And those who have heard, the Ten, they became indignant around the Two Brothers.
And the Salvation, he who has summoned to himself themselves said, "You perceive that the Rulers of the Bands of People are subjugating/lording down over themselves, and the Mega Ones are exercising authority down over themselves.
διάκονος - A Dust Kicker- From Dust Turning toward Dust
It will not be in this way within yourselves but rather, whoever might desire within yourselves to become mega, he will be of yourselves, a dust-kicker.
And whoever desires within yourselves to be First, he will be of yourselves, a slave.
kinsman Redeemer
Just as the Son of the Man did not come to be waited on but rather to kick up dust, and to give the Soul-life of himself the redemption price anti of many.
And those who were going out of themselves away from Fragrance of Himself ("Jericho"), followed to himself, a great Multitude.
And behold! two smoke-blind ones, those who are sitting down close beside the Road, those who have heard that Salvation is leading close by, they were cawing, those who say, "Master, have pity on ourselves, Son of Beloved!"
And the Multitude bestowed honor on themselves so that they might be silent, but the greater they were cawing, those who say, "Master, have pity on ourselves, son of Beloved!"
And he who has stood ready, the Salvation, he called out themselves, and said, "What you desire, I will make for yourselves!"
They are saying to himself, "Master, that the Eyes of ourselves might be opened!"
"Have pity!" | "Have pity!".

And he who has been moved within his bowels, the Salvation, touched the Eyes of themselves, and straightly they looked up, and followed himself.
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