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He is a Gift 3

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And within the Days, Favored ("John") the Submerger is arriving beside those ones, he who is proclaiming within the Desolate One of the Land of Casters.
He who is speaking, "Change the mind, for she has drawn near, the Queen of the Heavenly ones!
For this one is the one who has been spoken of across the other side from He is Liberator ("Isaiah") the Prophet, who is speaking, 'A voice of him who is crying out within the Desolate one, Prepare the Road of master, make the Worn-Paths of himself straight ones!"
Wild Impure Honey from Wild Bees
And himself, the Favored, he was holding the Outer Garment of himself away from hairs of a camel, and a girdle of skin around the Hip of himself, and the Nourishment was of himself, locusts and wild honey.
the spoken one

Girdled with skin on one Hip, a split hoof, holding his Garment.

  • The Hebrew word for "words" is דברים (d'varim), Strong's #1697. It is derived from the root דבר (dabar), #1696, meaning "word." The term דברים is commonly used to denote spoken or written words.
  • The Hebrew word for "bees" is דבוֹרים (d'vorim), Strong's #1682, is derived from the same root דבר (dabar), which means "bee."
  • The noun for bee, not surprisingly, is specifically constructed from the passive participle: דבוֹר which means, "he who is spoken."
  • But it does not end there. דבורה #1683 Deborah, the Judge, her name means, "Bee."

Feast Day.

Then he led out Foundation of Peace toward Himself, and whole of the Land of Casters, and the whole the surrounding region of the Descent ("Jordan").
And they were submerged within the Descent river under himself, those who are fully confessing the Misses of themselves.
Offspring of Treacherous Women
And he who has perceived many of the Separatists ("Pharisees") and Purists ("Sadducees"), those who are coming upon the Submersion, said to themselves, "Offspring of vipers,9 who showed to yourselves to flee away from the Wrath of her who is about to be?
Make therefore fruit worthy of the Change of Mind.
And don't think to say within yourselves, 'We have a Father, the Father of Multitude ("Abraham")' for I am saying to yourselves that the God is able from out the Stones of these ones to wake up children to the Father of Multitude.
The Separation
But already the Axe is laid toward the Root of the Trees. Therefore every tree that is not making beautiful fruit, she is cutting off and casting into fire.
Myself truly submerges yourselves within water into a change of mind, but the one who is coming backward from myself, is mightier than myself, one whose Sandals I am not sufficient to carry, he will submerge yourselves within a holy spirit and fire,
one whose Winnowing Fork is within the Hand of himself and she will clear the threshing floor of himself and gather the wheat of himself into the Storehouse, and the Chaff she will burn up with a fire inextinguishable!"
The Submerging
At that time, the Salvation is becoming near, away from the Land of Circuit, upon the Descent, toward the Favored, of the Submerging below himself.9a
But the one was preventing himself, he who is saying, "Myself, I am holding a need to be submerged below yourself, and yourself, you are coming toward myself?"
And he who has been separated, the Salvation, spoke to himself, "Send away at this moment, for in this way it is fitting/proper to ourselves to fill up every just one." At that time he is sending away himself.
Becoming Near upon the Waters
The Submerging Below

"Jacob's Ladder"
And the Salvation, he who has been submerged, straightly climbed up away from the Water, and behold! the Heavenly ones were opened up, and he perceived a spirit of God, that which descends down as it were like a dove, that which is coming upon himself!
The Tree Pleasing to the Eye
And behold! A voice from out of the Heavenly ones, she who is saying, "This one is the Son of myself, the Beloved within whom I have found delight!"
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