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He is a Gift 24

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And the Salvation, he who has gone out away from the Holy Place, led across and the Learners of himself drew near to show to himself the House-buildings of the Holy Place.
And the one who has been separated said to themselves, "Do you not look upon all of these ones? Amen, I am saying to yourselves, a stone will not ever be sent away here upon a stone, which will not be overthrown.

καταλύω (katalýō) "to dissolve" or "to destroy." Used to describe the physical destruction of cities and walls, the overthrow of political powers and institutions, and the cessation of activities such as voyages, life, or war. It also means "to dismiss" or "to let go" of people like armies or fleets, and "to loosen" or "to detach" in the context of unharnessing horses or stopping for lodging.

( cf. Strong's #G2647)

The Presence of Yours
And of him who is sitting of himself upon the Mount of the Olive Trees, the Learners drew near to himself down on their own, those who say, 'Tell ourselves when will these ones be, and what is the Sign of the Presence of Yours,45 and of a joint-consummation of the Eternal One?'
And the Salvation, he who has been separated said to themselves, "Take heed that no one should mislead yourselves.
For many will come upon the Name of myself, those who are saying, 'Myself, I am the Anointed One' and they will mislead many.
You are about to hear wars, and hearings of wars. Perceive! Do not be alarmed, for it is necessary to become, but the Tele-aim is not yet.
τέλος - End (Tele) Aim.

For a band of people will wake up upon a band of people, and a queen upon a queen, and there will be hungers, and earthquakes down to places.
But all of these— an origin of childbirth pangs.
At that time, they will hand over yourselves into a pressing together, and they will kill off yourselves, and you will be those who are hated under all the Bands of People across to the Name of myself.
And at that time, many will be scandalized, and they will hand over one another, and they will hate one another.
And many false prophets will be woken up, and they will mislead many.
And across the other side to the Multiplying of the Lawless one, she will be cooled down, the Agape-love of the Many.
Breath of Life.

"And mighty ones is remembering self eternal Rest, and the self eternal whole of the Life, and self eternal whole of the Beast who is eternally with himself in the Chest, and mighty ones is causing a spirit to cross over upon the Earth, and the Dual Waters are being calmed..."

(Genesis 8:1 RBT)

And the one who has stayed under into tele-aim, this one will be saved.
And this one, the Gospel of the Queen will be proclaimed within the entire Earth into a testament to all the Bands of People, and at that time the Tele-aim will have arrived.
When therefore you should perceive the Abomination of the Desolation, the one which was spoken of across the other side from My Judge is God ("Daniel") the Prophet, that which has been standing ready within a holy place, the one who is recognizing, let him understand,
at that time, the ones within the Land of Casters, let them flee into the Mountains.
The one upon the Roof let him not descend down to lift up the one from out of the House of himself.
And the one within the Field, let him not turn around backwards to lift up the Outer Garment of himself.
And woe to the ones within a belly, those who are holding and those who are suckling within those days!
And the Woman Fled - Revelation 12:6
And offer prayers, so that the Fleeing of yourselves might not become of a winter-tempest nor in Cessation.
A "Wink" of an Eye, The "Birth in a Moment"
For at that time, there will be a mega pressing together, such as has not become away from an origin of a world, as far as the
, nor ever should become!
And if the Days of those ones had not been amputated, all flesh would not have been saved, but across to the Selected ones the Days will be amputated.
At that time, if anyone should say to yourselves, 'Behold here, the Anointed One," or "Here! Do not trust.
See, I told you so!
For false Anointed Ones and false prophets will be awakened, and they will give mega signs, and wonders so as to mislead if possible even the Selected Ones.
Behold! I had foretold it to yourselves!
"God is in this place"
If therefore they should speak to yourselves, 'Look, he is within the Desolate one, do not go out!' Look within the Inner Chambers, do not trust!
For just as the Lightning goes out away from risings, and appears as far as sinkings, in this way the Presence of the Son of the Man will be.

"And He Is being seen upon themselves, and the arrow of himself is going out like lightning, and the lords of He Is within the trumpet he is blasting, and he has walked within the whirlwinds of the south."

(Zechariah 9:14 RBT)

And the Day of Master, she will have arrived just like a thief, within her whom the Heavenly ones will pass by whizzing, and elements of a row, those which are being kindled aflame will be untied, and earth, even the Works within herself, she will be discovered.

(2 Peter 3:10 RBT)

Walls Of Jericho
Wherever the Collapse may be, there the Eagles will be led together.
And straightly with the Pressing Together of the Days of those ones, the Sun will be darkened, and the Moon, she will not give the Brightness of herself, and the Stars will fall away from the Heaven, and the Powerful ones of the Heavenly ones will be shaken to and fro.
And at that time the Sign of the Son of the Man will appear within a heaven. And at that time all the Tribes of the Earth will cut down, and they will perceive the Son of the Man, he who is coming on the Clouds of the Heaven, in company with a Powerful one and much glory.
And he will send away the Angels of himself with a mega war-trumpet, and they will gather together the Selected of himself from out of the Four winds, away from extremities of heavenly ones, until extremities of themselves.
A mega war-trumpet.
Shofar horn.

And away from the Fig Tree learn the Comparison. Whenever at length the Young Shoot of herself should become soft and generate the Leaves, you recognize that the Summer is near.
In this way also yourselves, when you should see all these things, you are recognizing that she is near, upon doors.
Amen, I am saying to yourselves that she, the Generation, will not ever pass by until all of these ones should become.
The Heaven and the Earth will pass by, but the Words of myself they will not ever pass by.
No one Saw
And around the Days of that one, and of an hour, no one has perceived, neither the Angels of the Heavenly ones, neither the Son, if not the Father alone!46
For just like the Days of the Rest ("Noah") in this way will be the Presence of the Son of the Man.
For just as the Days of that one were being in front the Flood, those who are chewing and those who are drinking, those who are marrying and those who are giving in marriage, until the one whom of a day, Noah came into the Wooden Chest.
And they did not recognized until the Flood came, and he lifted up all together, in this way also the Presence of the Son of the Man will be.
At that time they will be two within the Field. One is received and one is sent away.
Two, those who are grinding within the Mill, one is received and one is sent away.
Keep awake therefore because you have not perceived to what kind of day the Master of yourselves is coming!
And recognize that one, because if the Household-master had perceived what sort of watching the Thief is coming to, he would have stayed awake, and he would not have allowed the House of himself to be dug through!
Across to this one yourselves also become ready because to an hour, her whom you are not expecting, the Son of the Man is coming.
Who then is the Trustworthy slave and prudent/right-minded one, the one whom the Master set down upon the Household of himself, of the Giving Nourishment to themselves the within a time?
Blessed is that Slave whom the Master of himself, he who has come, will find him who is making in this way.
Amen, I am saying to yourselves that upon everyone, the Present Things Below himself, he will set down himself.
And if that Evil slave should say within the Heart of himself, 'He lingers, the Master of myself."
And he should begin to strike the fellow slaves of himself, and should also eat and drink in company with the ones who are drunk,
The Master of that Slave will come within a day, her whom he does not expect, and within an hour, her whom he does not recognize,
What you do to yourself
And he will cut in two himself, and he will set the Portion of himself with the Interpreters, there he will be the Lamenting one and the Biting one of the Teeth!
The Inner and Outer Man

"And He Is mighty ones is saying, "The Man becoming separated from himself is not good, I am making for himself a surrounding help according to his anti-side."

(Genesis 2:18 RBT)

"They opened upon yourself the Mouth of themselves, those who hate yourself, they have hissed, and they are gnashing a tooth. They said, 'We have swallowed, surely this one the Day, him whom we have hoped in, we have found, we have seen!'"

(Lamentations 2:16 RBT)

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