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He is a Gift 26

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And he has become when the Salvation brought to completion all these Words. He said to the Learners of himself,
The Staking
You have seen that the Pass-over is becoming with Two Days, and the Son of the Man is being handed over into the Being-Staked.48
At that time, the High Priests and the Elders of the people were being led together into the Courtyard of the High Priest, the one who is being called Depresser.49
And they took counsel together in order that they might grab hold and kill away the Salvation by bait.
"Not On Feast day!"
And they were saying, "Not within the Feast Day!" so that a noisy commotion should not become within the People.
"We don't talk about those things on Feast Day!".

And the Salvation, he who has become within House of Misery ("Bethany") within a household of Hearing ("Simon"), the Scaly one.
A woman came near to himself, she who is holding an alabaster box of very costly fragrant oil, and she poured down upon the Head of himself, he who is reclining upward.
ἀλάβαστρον - Alabaster box.

  • Material: Alabaster is a soft stone that is easy to carve, making it ideal for crafting delicate containers. It has a smooth, translucent appearance that was prized in ancient craftsmanship.
  • Use: Alabaster boxes were commonly used to store valuable and fragrant substances. They were sealed to preserve the contents, which were often costly and used sparingly.
  • Design: The design of alabaster boxes varied, but they were typically small and often had a narrow neck to control the pouring of the contents.

What have you done to this!?
And the Learners, those who have perceived, became indignant, those who are saying, "Into what is this Destruction?
For this one was powerful to be sold of much, and to be given to cowering ones.
Watch Tower of Babble. This one was powerful for selling.

And the Salvation, he who has recognized, said to themselves, "What beatings you are presenting to the Woman! For she worked a beautiful work into myself!"
κόπος kópos - a strike, beating

"(from 2875 /kóptō, "to hit, strike") – properly, a strike (blow) that is so hard, it seriously weakens or debilitates; (figuratively) deep fatigue, extreme weariness (wearisome toil)."

(cf. Strongs #G2873)

For you always at all times hold the Cowering ones in company with yourselves, but myself you do not hold always at all times!
She, She
For she, she who has cast the Myrrh, this one, over the Body of myself toward the Burying of myself, she has made.
Amen, I am saying to yourselves, wherever the Gospel, this one, should be proclaimed within the entire World, it will be chirped also that which she, she has made into a remembrance of herself.
At that time, he who has led across, one of the Twelve, the one who is being called Caster Man of the Cities ("Judas Iscariot") toward the High Priests,
he said, "Who are you desiring to give to myself? I will hand over himself, even myself to yourselves. And the one stood ready thirty silver to himself.
And away from that time he was searching for an opportune time, so that he might hand over himself.
Judas Iscariot
One of the Twelve
Thirty silver
An expanse
In search of an opportune time
A key for the Bolt Lock

And the Learners drew near to the First One of the Unleavened, those who are saying to the Salvation, "Where do you desire that we should prepare for yourself to eat the Pass-over?"
And the one said, "Lead under into the City toward such-and-such a man, and say to himself, "The Teacher is speaking, 'The Time of Myself is near toward yourself! I am making the Pass-over in company with the Learners of Myself!'"
And the Learners made just as the Salvation arranged together to themselves and prepared the Pass-over.
And of her who has become of evening, he was reclining up in company with the Twelve Learners.
Not Eating of "Himself"
And of those who were eating of themselves he said, "Amen, I am saying to yourselves that one from out of yourselves will hand myself over.
Am I not Myself!?
And those who are being extremely hurt, began to say to himself, one each, "Am I not myself, master!?"
Asleep at the wheel, of the Evening Meal.
One from out of yourselves.
The Hour, the opportune time

And the one who has been separated said, "The one who has dipped the Hand in company with myself within the Bowl— this one will hand over myself.
Indeed the Son of the Man is leading under just as he was written around himself! And woe to that Man across from whom the Son of the Man is handed over! He was a beautiful one to himself, if that Man was not begotten!
And he who has been separated, Caster, the one who is handing over himself, said, "Am I not myself, My Teacher?" He is saying to himself, "You yourself have spoken!"
"This is the Body of Myself!"
And of those who are eating of themselves, the Salvation, he who has taken hold of a loaf, and he who has blessed, he broke. And he who has given to the Learners said, "Take hold, eat! This is the Body of Myself!"
And he who has taken hold of a cup and he who has been thankful, gave to themselves, he who is saying, "Drink from out of himself, everyone!"
διαθήκη - a Disposition, Arrangement, Will
For this one is the Blood of myself of the Disposition, the one around many which is being poured out into a letting go of misses.
And I am saying to yourselves, I should never drink away from this moment from out of this Offspring of the Vine, until the Day of that one when I should drink itself new in company with yourselves, within the Queen of the Father of myself!
And those who have sung praises came out into the Mount of the Olive Trees.
At that time he is speaking to themselves, the Salvation, "Every one of yourselves, you will be scandalized within myself, within this Night, for he has been written, I will hit the Shepherd and the Little Sheep of the Flock will be scattered abroad."
The Awakening Myself
And with the Awakening Myself, myself will lead yourselves forward into the Land of Circuit.50
And he who has been separated, the Small Stone, said to himself, "If everyone will be scandalized within yourself, myself, I will never be scandalized!
He was saying to himself, the Salvation, "Amen, I am saying to yourself, that within this one, the Night, before a rooster calling out, three times you will deny myself.
He is saying to himself, the Small Stone, "If even it is necessary myself to die together with yourself, I will never deny yourself!" And all the Learners said the same thing.
At that time, the Salvation is coming in company with themselves into a parcel, he who is spoken, Olive-Oil Press ("Gethsemane"), and he is speaking to the Learners, "Sit down just here, until him who has gone away there, I should offer prayers."
And he who has taken from the Small Stone, and the Two Sons of Endowment ("Zebedee"), he began to be hurt and deeply distressed.
At that time he is speaking to themselves, "A surrounding sorrowful one she is, the Soul-Life of myself until death! Abide here and stay awake in company with myself!"
The Weak Flesh
And he who has gone forward, a little one, he fell upon a face of himself, he who is offering prayers and he who is saying, "Father of myself, if he is powerful, let this Cup go past away from myself, yet not like myself I am desiring but rather like yourself!"
And he is coming toward the Learners, and he is finding themselves, those who are sleeping, and he is speaking to the Small Stone, "In this way you had no strength to keep awake one hour in company with myself!
Stay awake and offer prayers so that you should not enter into a trial, indeed the eager Spirit but the weak Flesh!
The Strong
He who has gone away back from out of a second one, he offered prayers, he who is saying, "Father of myself, if this one has no power to go past, unless I should drink itself, let the Desire of yourself become!"
And he who has come back, he found themselves, those who are sleeping, for the Eyes of themselves were those who have been weighed down.
And he who has sent away themselves backward, he who has gone away, offered prayers from out of a third one, the Selfsame Word he spoke back.
A strong arm.

At that time, he is coming toward the Learners, and he is speaking to themselves, "You are sleeping from now on, and you are ceasing. Behold! The Hour, she has drawn close, and the Son of the Man is being handed over into hands of missers!
Awake! Let us lead! Behold! The one who is handing over myself has drawn close!
Exodus from Pharaoh
And while yet of himself, he who is chirping, Behold! Caster, one of the Twelve, came, also in company with himself a Multitude, many in company with daggers and wood away from the High Priests and Elders of the People!
Daggers and Wood.

"For he who is living, the Word of the God, and an active one, and sharper across every double-mouthed dagger, and he who is being penetrated until a division of soul-life and spirit, of both joinings and inner-marrows and critical of inner thoughts and ideas of hearts."

(Hebrews 4:12 RBT)
To Guard the Road of the Wood of Living Ones

"And the self eternal Man is driving out, and he is causing the self eternal Cherubim to settle down from the front to the Protected-Garden of Delight and the self eternal flame of the Sword of the One Who Turns Herself Around, to keep watch over the self eternal Road of the Wood of the Living ones.

(Genesis 3:24 RBT)

φιλήσω - I should love
And the one who is handing over himself gave to themselves a sign, he who is saying, "Whomever I should love, he is himself. Grab hold of himself!"51
κατεφίλησεν - Kiss Down, fervently, Affectionately, Repeatedly
And straightly he who has drawn near to the Salvation, said, "Rejoice Teacher!" And he kissed down fervently himself.
κατεφίλησεν (katéphīlēsen).

The verb καταφιλέω is a compound of κατά (kata, "down") and φιλέω (phíleō, "to kiss" or "to love"). κατεφίλησεν means "he/she kissed down" or "he/she kissed fervently". κατεφίλησεν indicates an action where someone kissed someone or something with emphasis or intensity, often used in a context where the act of kissing is thorough or deeply affectionate. In classical texts, it might describe a person kissing someone repeatedly or with great emotion.

πάρειμι - to be by/present
And the Salvation said to himself, "Companion! On whose account are you present?" At that time, those who have drawn near, they cast the Hands upon the Salvation, and grabbed hold of himself.
Taken Violently
And behold! One of those in company with Salvation, he who has stretched forth the Hand, dragged off the Dagger of himself, and he who has hit the Slave of the High Priest, took away the Ear of himself.
Return Her
At that time the Salvation is speaking to himself, "Turn back the Dagger of yourself into the Place of herself, for everyone of those who have taken hold of a dagger, within a dagger they will destroy away."
Or Else...
Or do you think that I don't have power to summon close the Father of myself, and he will stand beside myself at this very moment more than twelve legions of angels?
12 Legions
λεγιῶνας - a Legion: a division of the Roman army, numbering about 6,000 infantry with additional cavalry.

How therefore should the Writings be filled up, that in this way she must become?
Within that one, the Hour, the Salvation said to the Multitude, "Just as upon a bandit you have come out in company with daggers and wood to rally together myself. Down to a day within the Holy Place I was sitting down, he who is teaching, and you did not grab hold of myself.
And this entire thing has become, so that the Writings and the Prophets would be filled up!" At that time the Learners, everyone of those who have sent away himself, they escaped.
And the ones who have grabbed hold of the Salvation, they led away toward Depresser, the High Priest, the place where the Scholars and the Elders were led together.
And the Small Stone was following to himself away from afar until the Courtyard of the High Priest, and he who has come inside was sitting in company with the Under-rowers to perceive the Tele-aim.
And the High Priests and the entire Sitting-Council were seeking after a false testimony down from the Salvation, in such a way that they could put to death himself.
The Tele-aim: put to death.

And they did not find of many of those who have drawn near of false witnesses. But lastly, those who have drawn near, two.
They said, "This one was bringing to light that I have power to overthrow the Temple of the God, and across the other side from three days, to housebuild!"
"This one was bringing to light that I have power to overthrow the Sanctuary of the God, and across the other side from three days, to housebuild!"

"When you perceive the abomination..."
And he who has stood up, the High Priest, said to himself, "You are separating no one, what are these ones of yourself testifying down against?"
And the Salvation was being silent. And the High Priest said to himself, "I am making yourself swear down from the God of the one who is living, that to ourselves you should answer if you are yourself, the Anointed One, the Son of the God!"
The Salvation is saying to himself, "You have spoken it yourself! Nevertheless, I am speaking to yourselves away from this very moment, you will perceive the Son of the Man, he who is sitting down from out of right-side ones of the Powerful one, and he who is coming on the Clouds of the Heaven!"
At that time, the High Priest tore asunder the Outer Garments of himself, he who is saying, "He has blasphemed, what witnesses do we still hold need of?" Behold!
you have heard the Blasphemy!

How does it seem to yourselves? And the ones who have been separated said, "He is liable to death!"
At that time, they spat into the Face of himself, and struck with a fist himself, and the ones struck with a rod,
those who are saying, "Prophesy to ourselves, Anointed One! Who is the one who struck yourself?"
The Two Maidservants
And the Small Stone was sitting outside within the Courtyard, and she came near to himself, one maidservant, she who is saying, "Even you were being yourself in company with Salvation the Circuit one!"
The Water Pot of Herself

And the one denied in front of everyone, he who is saying, "I do not see what you are saying."
And he who has gone out into the Gateway, another one perceived himself, and she is saying, "This one was in company with Salvation the Sprout!"
And he denied backward, along with a vow, that "I do not see the Man!"
"And he spoke the same, and he denied not, and he spoke the same"
And those who have drawn near in company with a little one, those who have stood ready, spoke to the Small Stone, "Truly, also yourself from out of themselves, you are! For even the Babble of yourself, she is making yourself visible!"
A small stone on a straightened path becomes lethal on a circular one.

At that time, he began to call down curses and to swear oaths that, "I do not see the Man!" And straightly a rooster called out.
And he was reminded, the Small Stone, of the Word of Salvation, he who said that, Before a rooster calling out, three times you will deny myself, and he who has gone outside wept bitterly.
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