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He is a Gift 22

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And he who has been separated, the Salvation, spoke back to themselves within comparisons, he who is saying,
"The Queen of the Heavenly ones has been likened to a man, to a king, anyone who has made wedding feasts for the Son of himself.
The Morning Marriage Feast.

And he sent away the Slaves of himself to summon the ones who have been called into the Wedding Feasts and they were not desiring to come.
He sent away back different slaves, he who is saying, Say the those who have been called, 'Behold! the Morning meal of myself I have prepared! The Bulls of myself and the Fattened Ones, those that have been offered in sacrifice, and everything ready; come here into the Wedding Feasts!'
Human Trafficking
And the ones who were careless went away— one indeed into the Field of his own, and one upon the Trafficking of himself.
"Reckless Abandon"
And the Left-Behind Ones, those who have grabbed hold of the Slaves of himself, they acted wantonly and they killed off.
Kindled a Fire
And the King was provoked to anger, and he who has sent the Military Campaigns of himself, destroyed away those Murderers, and the City of themselves, he kindled a fire.
At that time he is speaking to the Slaves of himself, 'Indeed the Wedding Feast is ready, but the ones who have been called, they were not counterbalancing.
Therefore lead across upon the Exits of the Roads, and as many as you might find, call into the Wedding Feasts!
And those Slaves, those who have come into the Roads, they led together all whom they found, both pain-ridden ones and good ones, and the Wedding Feast was filled of those who are reclining up.
And the King, he who has come in to behold the ones who are reclining up, perceived a man there, he who has not sunk into a garment of a wedding feast.
And he is speaking to himself, 'Companion, how did you come in here, he who is not holding a garment of a wedding feast?' But he was muzzled.
Shut Up

"For within the Law of Drawn Out ("Moses"), it is written, do not muzzle an ox, he who is treading out; is the ox not of concern to the God?"

(1 Corinthians 9:9 RBT)

Those who chained feet and hands
At that time the King said to the Dust-kickers, "Those who have chained Feet and Hands of himself, cast out himself into the Outer Dark one; there he will be the Lamenting one and the Biting one of the Teeth.
For many are invited, but little ones selected!"
συμβούλιον - Deliberative Body of Counsellors
At that time the Separatists, those who have led across, took hold of a Counsel, so that they might entrap himself within a word.

To entrap birds in a word

παγιδεύω primarily means to ensnare or trap, both literally (as in trapping birds) and metaphorically (as in attempting to trap someone with their words). It is an exclusive word to the NT and LXX. The verb's usage highlights its application in contexts of deception and entrapment. The base word παγίς "trap" was also metaphorically used to refer to the snares or traps of women, often in the context of their charms or manipulations (e.g., Amphis 23, Menander 689). Additionally, if a compound word, δεύω has the meaning of "drench, soak."

Looking in One Direction
And the Learners of themselves are sending away to himself in company with the Sprung of a Hero people ("Herodians"), those who are saying, "Teacher, we see that you are a true one, and you are teaching the Road of the God within Truth, and yourself doesn't care around anything, for you are not looking into a face of men.
Tell us therefore, what does it seem to yourself, is it lawful to give a personal-tax to Dictator in Perpetuity ("Caesar") or not?"
And the Salvation, he who has recognized the Painful-Depravity of themselves, said, "Why do you test myself? Hypocrites!
Prove the Coin of the Personal-Tax to myself." And they brought to himself a silver coin ("denarius").
Who is She Likened to?
And he is saying to themselves, "Of whom is she, the Image, and the Inscription?"
They are saying, "Of Caesar!" At that time, he is saying to themselves, "Then give back the ones of Caesar, to Caesar, and the ones of the God to the God."
A Roman silver coin originally of a weight similar to the Attic drachma and equivalent to ten asses. Later standardized as a Roman silver coin.

And those who have heard marveled, and those who have sent away himself, went away.
Within that one, the Day, drew near to himself Purists, ("Sadducees"), those who say there is not to be a standing-up, and they questioned himself.
Those who say, "Teacher, Drawn Out ("Moses") said, if anyone dies off, he who does not hold children, the Brother of himself will become a son-in-law to the Woman of himself, and he will stand up a seed to the Brother of himself.
And seven brothers were being close beside ourselves. And the First, he who has married, finished, and he who is not holding a seed sent away the Woman of himself to the Brother of himself.
Likewise also the Second, and the Third, up to the Seven.
And afterward, the Woman of everyone died off.
Within the Standing-Up therefore, which of the Seven will be a woman? For everyone held herself.
And the Salvation, he who has been separated said to themselves, "You cause to wander, those who have not seen the Writings nor the Powerful one of the God!"
For within the Standing-Up, they neither marry nor are they given in marriage, but rather they are as angels within the Heaven!
And around the Standing up of the Dead ones, you have not recognized that which was spoken to yourselves under the God, he who is saying,
Elohim is not of Dead Ones
'Myself is the God of Father of Multitude ("Abraham") and the God of He Laughs ("Isaac") and the God of Heel Chaser ("Jacob").' The God is not of dead ones, but of those who are living!"42
And those who have heard, the Multitude, were struck with shock upon the Teaching of himself.
τὸ αὐτό - The Self
And the Separatists, those who have heard that he had muzzled the Purists ("Sadducees"), were led together upon the Self.43
And one questioned from out of themselves, a law-expert, he who is testing himself,
"Teacher, what kind is a mega commandment within the Law?"
διανοίᾳ - Dianoia, Across the Mind
And the one was bringing to light to himself, "You will agape-love Master the God of yourself, within the entire Heart of yourself and within the entire Soul-life of yourself and within the entire Dialectical-Thinking of yourself."
Herself is the Mega One and First Commandment.
A second one, resembling like herself, 'You will agape-love the one nearby of yourself, as yourself.'
Within these ones, the Two Commandments, the entire Law is hanging, also the Prophets."
Whose Son is the Christ?
And of those who have been led together of the Separatists, the Salvation questioned themselves,
he who is saying, "What does it seem to yourselves, around the Anointed One, of whom is he a son?" They are saying to himself, "Of the Beloved (David)."
He is saying to themselves, "How then is Beloved summoning himself within spirit, Master? He who is saying,
'Master spoke to the Master of myself, Sit down from out of right side ones of myself until I should set the hated ones of yourselfdown below the Feet of yourself'?
The Heart of the Fathers upon the Sons, the Heart of the Sons upon the Fathers
If therefore Beloved summons himself, Master, how is he a son of himself?"
"David"דודד←ו→דד = "door"knock! | knock!"This is my Beloved Son!"

"And he is turning back the heart of fathers upon sons, and the heart of sons upon the fathers of themselves; a corner, I am coming and I have struck the self eternal Earth with a ban!"

(Malachi 4:6 RBT)
he is dusk | he is dawn

And no one had power to separate a word to himself, nor did anyone dare to question himself away from the Days of that one any longer.
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