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He is a Gift 2

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And the Salvation, he who has been begotten within House of the Loaf ("Bethlehem") of the Land of Casters ("Judea") within days of Sprung of a Hero ("Herod") the King, behold! Wise men away from rising ones6b came beside, into Foundation of Peace,
Rising up From the "South"
those who are saying, "Where is he, the one who has been begotten, king of the Casters? For we perceived the Star7 of himself within the Rising one and we came to kiss himself.
And the King, Sprung of a Hero, he who has listened, was stirred to and fro, and all the Foundation of Peace with himself.
And he who gathered together all of the High Priests and scholars of the People, was questioning close beside themselves where the Anointed One is being begotten.8
And those ones spoke to himself, "Within House of the Loaf of the Land of Casters, for she has been written in this way, across the other side from the Prophet,
'And yourself House of the Loaf, Earth of Caster ("Judah")! By no means are you the smallest among the Leaders of Caster! From out of yourself he will go out, he who is being led, whoever will shepherd the People of myself, the God Straightened ("Israel")!'"
At that time, Sprung of a Hero, he who has summoned the wise men secretly, ascertained precisely from beside themselves the Time of the one who is shining of a star.
And he who has sent themselves into House of the Loaf said, "Those who have led across examine closely with exactness, around the Little Child, and after you discover, bring tidings to myself, in a way that even myself, he who has come, can kiss to himself.
Esther of the South - "Just as I have died, I have died."
And the ones, those who have heard of the King, they led across, and behold! The Star whom they perceived within the Rising one, led themselves forward, until he who has come has stood ready above where the Little Child was being.
Esther, (Persian stâra, star).
Star of the "South"

In ancient cultures, directions were often named relative to one's orientation.

Greek Orientation

In Greek, "east" is associated with the word for "rising" (Ἀνατολή, Anatolē), which comes from the verb ἀνατέλλω (anatellō), meaning "to rise," referencing the sun rising in the east.

Hebrew Orientation

In Hebrew, directions are named based on facing east:

  • "South" is called yamin (יָמִין), which means "right hand," because when facing east, the south is on the right.
  • "North" is called s'mol (שְׂמֹאל), which means "left hand/obscured/shut up" because the north is on the left when facing east.

This orientation reflects the significance of the east as the primary direction, from which other directions are derived. The association of "east" with "rising" in Greek and the Hebrew word for "south" meaning "right hand" both highlight how each culture's language and understanding of direction are influenced by facing the east, the direction of the sunrise.

On the other hand (pun intended), in various Semitic languages, the root "שׂ-מ-ל" (s-m-l) or similar roots can convey meanings of "dark" or "sinister," which are often metaphorically linked to being hidden or obscure. In ancient times, the left side was sometimes associated with negative connotations, secrecy, or things that are concealed.

And those who have perceived the Star rejoiced with a mega joy extremely.
Aromatic fragrances
And those who have come into the House perceived the Little Child in company with Bitter-Rebel, of the Mother of himself, and those who have fallen kissed himself, and those who have opened the treasure-storehouses of themselves brought to himself gifts—gold and frankincense and myrrh.
Withdrew into the expanse by a different Road
And those who have been divinely warned down to a dream to not turn back toward Sprung of a Hero, across the other side of another road they withdrew into the Land of themselves.
To Destroy The Child's Self
And those who have withdrawn of themselves—behold! An angel of a master is appearing down to a dream, to the He Adds ("Joseph"), he who is saying, "He who has woken up, receive from the Little Child and the Mother of himself and flee into Dual Strait ("Egypt"), and be in that place until I should speak to yourself, for Sprung of a Hero is about to seek out the Little Child to destroy away itself."
"Of the night"
And the one who has been woken up, he received from the Little Child and the Mother of himself of the night, and he withdrew into Dual Strait.
And he was in that place until the Finishing of Sprung of a Hero, so that he would be filled up, the one who was spoken of under a master across the other side from the Prophet, the one who is speaking "From out of Dual Strait I have summoned the Son of Myself."
Then, Sprung of a Hero, he who has perceived that he had been mocked under the Wise Men, was exceedingly enraged, and he who has sent away had taken away all of the Little Children, those within House of the Loaf, and within the whole Region of herself, away from two years, and lower, down to the Time which he had ascertained precisely from beside the Wise Men.
At that time was filled up the one who was spoken of across the other side from He is Lifts Him ("Jeremiah"), the Prophet, he who is speaking,
"They are not"
A voice within High Place ("Ramah"), she has been heard, weeping and lamenting, many! Ewe ("Rachel"), she who is weeping for the Children of herself and she did not desire to be consoled because they are not!"
And he who is finished, the Sprung of a Hero, behold! An angel of a master is appearing down to a dream, to the to He Adds within Dual Strait,
He who is speaking, "He who has woken up, take from the Little Child and the Mother of himself and lead across into the earth of God Straightened, for they have died—the ones who are searching for the soul-life the Little Child."
And the one who has been awakened took from the Little Child and the Mother of himself and entered into the earth of God Straightened.
And he who has heard that Ruler of the People ("Archelaus") is reigning over the Land of Casters ("Judea"), anti to the Father of himself, Sprung of a Hero, had feared to go away there; and he who has been divinely warned down to a dream withdrew into the Portions of the Land of Circuit ("Galilee").
Sprung of a Hero.

And he who has come has settled down into a city, she who is being called, 'Sprouting Place' ("Nazareth"), so that might be filled up the one which was spoken of across the other side from the Prophets, that Sprouting Place will be summoned.
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