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He is a Gift 8

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And he who has descended of himself away from the mountain, many multitudes followed to himself.
Drawn out of the Sea
And behold! a scaly one20 who has drawn near was kissing to himself, he who is saying "Master, if you are desiring, you are able to cleanse myself."
Scaly self.

λέπρα, λέπρας, ἡ (from the adjective λεπρός), Hebrew צָרַעַת, "leprosy" literally, morbid scaliness, a most offensive, annoying, dangerous, cutaneous disease, the virus of which generally pervades the whole body...

And he who has stretched out the Hand touched himself, he who is speaking, "I desire, be cleansed!" And straight away he was cleansed from the the Scaliness of himself.
And he is speaking to himself, the Salvation, "Take heed that you speak to no one, but rather lead yourself under, point it out to the Priest, and bring the Gift whom Drawn Out ("Moses") assigned into a witness to themselves.
And he who has come in of himself into Comfort Cover, a Caption of a Hundred Men ("Centurion") drew near to himself, he who is calling close to his side himself.
And he who is saying, "Master, the Child of myself has been thrown within the House paralyzed, he who is grievously touchstone-tortured!"
βασανίζω basanizó - test by touchstone.
Ancient touchstones were typically made of fine-grained, dark-colored stones such as slate, jasper, or lydite (a type of dark siliceous stone). These stones provided a good contrast for the gold streaks. The gold or silver to be tested, such as a coin or jewelry, was rubbed against the touchstone, leaving a streak of metal on its surface. This streak contained small particles of the metal being tested. Acidic substances would then be applied by goldsmiths and traders to observe the reaction of the acid with the gold streak. If the streak fades or disappears, it indicates the presence of other metals in the alloy, and the degree of the reaction can give an estimate of the gold's purity. Pure gold would show no reaction.

And he is speaking to himself, "Myself, he who has come, will treat himself."
A Powerful Word
And he who has been separated, the Captain of a Hundred Men, brought to light, "Master, I am not sufficient so that you should come under the Roof of myself, but only speak a word, and the Child of myself will be healed."
Go | Come
For also myself, a man I am under authority, he who is arranging in order, he who is holding under myself soldiers, and I am saying to this one, Go, and he is leading across, and to the other one, Come, and he is coming, and to the Slave of myself, Make, this one also is making."
And the Salvation, he who has heard, marveled and said to those who are following, "Amen, I am saying to yourselves, I have found close beside no one so great a trust within the God Straightened!
(Queen) Basileia of Joy vs. (Kingdom) Basileia of Weeping
And I am saying to yourselves that many away from risings and sinkings will arrive and will recline up in company with Father of Multitude ("Abraham") and He Laughs ("Isaac") and Heel Chaser ("Jacob") within the Queen of the Heavenly ones.
And the Sons of the Kingdom will be cast out into the Outer Dark One, in that place there he will be the Lamenting one and the Biting one of the Teeth.21
And the Salvation said to the Leader of a Hundred Men, "Lead under, as you have trusted let her become to yourself!" And the Child was healed within the Hour of that one .
And the Salvation, he who has come into the House of Small Stone, perceived the Mother-in-law of himself, she who has been thrown, and she who is on fire.
The Mother in Law
And he touched the Hand of herself, and the Fiery Heat sent away herself, and she was woken up and was dust-kicking/ministering to himself.
Bad Winds of Teaching
And she who has become of evening, they brought to himself many of those who are demonized, and he cast out the Winds by a word, and all of those who are evilly/wrongly holding,22 he treated
so that might be filled up the one who was spoken of across the other side of He is Liberates Him ("Isaiah") the Prophet, he who is being spoken, 'Himself has taken the Weakness of ourselves, and he carried the Diseases.'
And the Salvation, he who has perceived a Multitude all around himself, gave orders to go away into the Other Side.
And one scholar, he who has drawn near, said to himself, "Teacher I will follow yourself, wherever you might go away."
And the Salvation is speaking to himself, "The foxes are holding on to dens, and the Birds of Heaven encampments, but the Son of the Man is not holding in the place where he may incline the Head.
The crafty, sly fox.

And another one of the Learners of Himself said to himself, "Master, allow myself first to go away and to bury the Father of myself."
And the Salvation is speaking to himself, "Follow myself and send away the Dead ones to bury the Dead ones of yourselves."
And he who has stepped in to himself, into the Ship, the Learners of himself followed himself.
Earthquake in the Sea
And behold! A mega earthquake has become within the Sea, wherefore the Ship is being concealed under the Swells, and himself was sleeping.
and those who have drawn near woke up himself, those who say, "Master, Save, we are being destroyed away!"
And he is speaking to themselves, "What cowards you are, those of little trust!" Then, he who has been woken up, bestowed honor on the Winds, and the Sea, she became a mega serene one.
And the Men marveled, those who say, "What kind is this one, so that also the Winds and the Sea listen under to himself?"
Incredibly Difficult to Deal With
And he who has come of himself into the Other Side, into the Land of the Troops ("Gad-arenes"), two of those who are being demonized from out of the Monuments encountered himself, those who are going out exceedingly difficult ones, whereas nobody had the strength to pass across the other side from the Road of that one.
Absolom's Monument Tomb.
This tomb monument was 20 meters or 66 feet high. The typical style of tombs of prominent people in ancient times were memorial structures erected high.

And behold! they were cawing (like ravens), those who say, "What is to ourselves and yourself? Son of the God, you came in this way a long time ago to touchstone-torture ourselves!"
And a herd of numerous swine was a long way off from themselves, she who is being fed.
And the Divinities were calling close in himself, those who say, "If you cast out ourselves, send away ourselves into the Herd of the Swine."
The Mount Cast into the Sea
And he said to themselves, "Lead under!" And those who have gone out went away into the Swine. And behold! The entire herd started to rush down from the Cliff into the Sea, and they died away within the Waters.
And the ones who are pasturing fled, and those who have gone away into the City announced everything, even the things of those who are being demonized.
No Limits
And behold! the whole City came out into an encounter with the Salvation, and those who have perceived called in close himself, in order that he might pass over, away from the Boundaries of themselves.
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