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He is a Gift 15

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At that time Separatists and scholars are drawing near to the Salvation away from Foundation of Peace, those who say,
"Across to what are the Learners of yourself stepping over the Tradition of the Elders/Old, for they don't wash the Hands when they should eat a loaf."
And the one who has been separated said to themselves, "Across to what also yourselves, are you stepping over the Commandment of the God, across to the Tradition of yourselves?"
For the God said, Honor the Father and the Mother, and the one who is speaking evil of a father or mother, let him complete death.
"And he who reviles the father of himself and mother of himself, he has died, he is being put to death."

(Exodus 21:17 RBT)

But yourselves are saying, Whoever might say to the Father or the Mother 'A gift, whatever you might benefit from out of myself"
he will never honor the Father himself or the Mother of himself, and you have invalidated the Word of the God across to the Tradition of yourselves.
The Woman shaped by Hypocrites
Hypocrites! Beautifully he prophesied around yourselves, He is Liberator, he who is saying,
'The People, this one, is honoring myself in the Lips, but the Heart of themselves, she is held back far off away from myself!
A lip, edge, shore of one Mouth.
"And He is saying, 'Masters, because the Gathered People has drawn near for this purpose, in the Mouth of himself, and in the Lips of himself, they have honored myself. But the Heart of themselves has become far from myself. And she has become a fear of themselves, my eternal self, she who teaches commandments of mortal men.'" (Isaiah 29:13 RBT)

In vain then they are reverencing myself, those who are teaching commandments of men of what is taught."
Commandments vs. Commandments

And he who has summoned to himself the Multitude said to themselves, "Hear and put together!"
The one that is coming into the Mouth is not communicating the Man, but rather the one who is making go out from the Mouth, this one is communicating the Man.
At that time those who have drawn near, the Learners, are saying to himself, "You are perceiving that the Separatists, those who have heard the Word, were scandalized."
And the one who has been separated said, "Every planting whom the Father of myself has not planted, the heavenly one, will be uprooted.
Send away themselves, they are smoke-blind guides of smoke-blind ones, and if a smoke-blind one is guiding a smoke-blind one, both of them will fall into a pit.
The two of them fall.

And he who has been separated, the Small Stone, said to himself, "Show ourselves the Comparison."
And the one said, "At peak/prime time, and yourselves are unintelligent."
The Witness of The Evening like Garments of Menstruation - Isaiah 64:6, Leviticus 15:19
Do you not understand that everyone, that which is being entered into the Mouth, is making room into the Belly, and it is cast out into a menstrual privy?30
And the ones which are going out from the Mouth, from out of the Heart he is going out, and those also communicate the Man.
For from out the Heart they come out, pain-ridden inner-dialogues, murderings, adulteries, harlotries, thefts, false testimonies, vilifications.
These ones he is, the ones which are communicating the Man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not communicate the Man.
And he who has gone out from that side, the Salvation, withdrew into the Portions, Flint-stone ("Tyre") and Hunt ("Sidon").
And behold! a Humiliated woman ("Canaanite"), she who has come away from the Limits of that one, was cawing, she who is saying, "Have pity on myself, Master son of Beloved, the Daughter of myself is evilly being demonized!"
She Caws
And the one did not separate a word to herself, and those who have drawn near, the Learners of himself, were asking himself, those who say, "Set herself free, because she is cawing from behind ourselves!"
And the one who has been separated said, "I have not been sent away if not into the Sheep, the ones which have been destroyed away of the House of God Straightened."
And the one, she who has come, was kissing to himself, she who is saying, "Master, run to the rescue of myself!"
And the one who has been separated said, "It is not beautiful to take hold of the Loaf of the Children and to cast to the Little Dogs."
And the one said, "Yes Master, for even the Little Dogs eat away from the Crumbs, the ones that are falling away from the Table of the Master of themselves."
Omega "Ω" Woman
At that time, he who has been separated, the Salvation, said herself, "Ω mega woman! Let the Trust of yourself become to yourself just as you desire!" And she was healed, the Daughter of herself, away from the Hour that one.
"Myself is the The Alpha and the Ω." (Rev. 1:8 RBT)

And he who has stepped over on that side, the Salvation, came close beside the Sea the Land of Circuit, and he who has climbed into the Mount, was seated there.
And many Multitudes drew near to himself, those who are holding with themselves maimed limping ones, club-footed ones, smoke-blind ones, blunt ones, and many others, and they threw off themselves close beside the Feet of himself, and he treated themselves.
κυλλός - Club Footed
Adjective κυλλός, (kullós) means "club-footed" and "bandy-legged," describing physical deformities of the legs. "Club-footed" refers to a twisted foot making walking difficult, while "bandy-legged" describes legs curving outward at the knees. In opposition to βλαισός (blaisós), meaning "bow-legged" with inward curving legs, κυλλός specifically refers to outward curving or deformity.
(cf. Logeion κυλλὸν)

So that the Multitude marveled, those who are looking at blunt/dull ones chirping, club-footed ones restored whole, and limping ones treading around, and smoke-blind ones looking, and they glorified the God of God Straightened.
And the Salvation, he who has summoned to himself the Learners of himself, said, "I am moved in my bowels upon the Multitude because already for three days they are remaining attached to myself and they are not holding anything they might eat, and to set themselves free not eating, I do not desire, not ever, should they let go within the Road.
And the Learners are saying to himself, "From where for ourselves within a desolate one are so many loaves so as to satisfy so great a Multitude?"
And he is speaking to themselves, the Salvation, "How many loaves do you hold? And the ones said, "Seven and little fish."
And he who has transmitted orders to the Multitude to recline up upon the Earth,
he took hold of the Seven Loaves and the Fish, and he who has given thanks, broke off. And gave to the Learners, and the Learners to the Multitude.
Seven loaves, broke off. Turn your attention away from the Teaching of the Pharisees, be fattened by the Loaves of yourself.

Abounds/Overflows All Around
And they all had eaten, and were fattened, and that which abounded all around of the Fragments, they lifted up, seven baskets filled up.
And the those who are eating, they were four thousand males separate from women and little children.
Seven baskets filled up.

And he who has set free the Multitude, stepped into the Ship, and came into the region of the Precious Place ("Magadan").31
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