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He is a Gift 25

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At that time, she will be likened, the Queen of the Heavenly ones, to ten maidens, anyone who have taken hold of the Torches of themselves, they came out into an encountering of the Bridegroom.
Maiden hands, five and five.

And five from out of themselves were being moronic ones, and five prudent/right-minded ones.
For the Moronic Ones, those who took hold of the Torches, did not take hold of olive-oil in company with themselves.
But the Prudent Ones took hold of olive-oil within the Containers, in company with the Torches of themselves.
The prudent taking hold of the torches of themselves.

Hanging the Head Down
And of him who is delaying of the Bridegroom, they all nodded, and they were sleeping.
Has Become
And of the Middle of night, a cawing has become. Behold the Bridegroom! Come out into an encountering!
The Clock strikes Midnight.
"She who is holding in a Belly"

They Adorned the "Hidden Man of the Heart"
At that time, they awakened, every one of those Maidens, and they adorned the Torches of themselves.
But the Moronic ones said to the Prudent ones, 'Give to ourselves from out of the olive-oil of yourselves because the Torches of ourselves are being extinguished.'
And they separated, the Prudent ones, those who are saying, 'May it never not be enough for ourselves and for yourselves! Rather, lead across toward the ones who are selling, and buy in the marketplace for yourselves.'
And of those who are going away of themselves to buy in the marketplace, the Bridegroom came, and the Prepared ones came in company with himself, into the Wedding Feasts and the Door was shut up.
"Lord Lord!"
And lastly they are coming also the Left-Behind Maidens, those who are saying, 'Master Master open to ourselves!'
"Master! Master!"

"I opened myself to the beloved of myself, and the beloved of myself turned around, he crossed over! The breath of myself, she went out in the word of himself! I sought after himself but I have not found himself; I summoned himself but he has not eyed myself!"

(Song of Solomon 5:6 RBT)

And the one who has been separated said, 'Amen, I am saying to yourselves, I have not seen yourselves!'
Therefore stay awake because you have not seen the Day, nor the Hour!47
For it is just as a man, he who is journeying abroad, he summoned his own Slaves, and he gave over to themselves the Present Things Below of himself.
And to one indeed he gave five talent-scales, and to another two, and to another one, to each one down to his own powerful one, and he went abroad straightly.
The one who has led across, he who has taken hold of the five talent-scales, he worked within themselves, and he gained five others.
Likewise the one with the Two gained two others.
He Burrowed
But the one who has taken hold of the One, he who has gone off, dug through an earth and concealed the Silver Coin of the Master of himself.
And with much time, the Master of those Slaves is coming, and he is lifting up together a word in company with themselves.
And the one who has drawn near, he who has taken hold of the five talent-scales, brought five other talent-scales, he who is saying, "Master, you handed over five talent-scales to myself. Behold! another five talent-scales I have gained!
The Master of himself was bringing to light to himself, "Well done slave, good one and trustworthy one, upon little ones you were being trustworthy, on account of many I will I set down yourself, come in into the Joy of the Master of yourself!
And he who has drawn near, also the one with the Two talent-scales, said 'Master, you handed over two talent-scales to myself. Behold! two other talent-scales I have gained!
The Master of himself was bringing to light to himself, 'Well done slave, good one and trustworthy one, upon little ones you were being trustworthy; over many I will set down yourself, come in into the Joy of the Master of yourself!'
And he who has drawn near, also the one who has taken hold of the One talent-scale, said, 'Master I have recognized yourself, that you are a hard man, he who is reaping where you did not sow, and he who is leading together from where you did not scatter abroad.
And he who has feared, he who has gone away, I concealed the talent-scale of yourself within the Earth. Behold! you are holding your own!'
And he who has been separated, the Master of himself said to himself, 'Pain-ridden slave! And timid one! You had seen that I am reaping where not I did sow and I am gathering from where I did not scatter.
A talent refers to the balance-weight of the silver.

Therefore it was necessary for yourself to cast the Silver Coins of myself to the Money-Exchangers, and he who has come, myself, I would have taken care of my own, together with offspring!
Therefore lift up the Talent-scale away from himself, and give to the one who is holding the ten Talent-scales.
Tables of the Money Exchangers
"lift up the scale away from him"

A Gift Given
For the one who is holding, he will be given to all, and he will abound all around, but the on who is not holding, even that which he is holding will be lifted up away from himself.
And cast out the Useless Slave into the Outer Dark one, there he will be the Lamenting one and the Biting one of the Teeth.
And whenever he should come, the Son of the Man within the Glory of himself, and all the Angels in company with himself, at that time he will be seated upon a throne of glory of himself.
And all the Bands of People will be led together in front of himself, and he will mark off themselves away from one another just as the Shepherd is marking off the Sheep away from the Goats.
He Adds/Ewe (Joseph/Rachel) last.

"In this way, she will be within the Joint-Completion of the Time. The Angels will go out, and they will mark off/define the Pain-ridden ones from out of the middle of the Just ones."

(Matt. 13:49 RBT)

Inner Sheep, Inner Goats
And he will, indeed, stand up the Little Sheep from out of right-side ones of himself, but the Little Goats from out of left-side ones.
At that time, the King will say to those from out of the right-side ones of himself, 'Come! those who have been well-spoken of the Father of myself! Inherit the one, she who has been prepared for yourselves, a queen away from a foundation of a world!'
I was a Foreigner
For I hungered and you gave to myself to eat. I thirsted and you gave myself to drink. I was being a foreigner, and you led together myself.
A naked one, and you cast around myself. I was weak and you examined myself. I was being within a watching, and you came toward myself.
At that time, the Just ones will separate away to himself, those who say, 'Master, at what time did we perceive yourself, he who is hungering, and we fed? Or he who is thirsting, and we gave to drink?
And at what time did we perceive yourself a foreigner, and led together? Or a naked, and cast around?
And at what time did we perceive yourself, he who is being weak? Or within a watching, and we came toward yourself?
And he who has been separated, the King, will say to themselves, 'Amen, I am saying to yourselves, upon as much as you made to one of these, the Brothers of myself of the Littlest, you made to myself!"
At that time he will say also to those from out of left ones, 'Lead over away from myself, those who have been cursed, into the Fire, the Eternal One, the one which has been prepared for the Accuser and the Angels of himself.'
For I hungered and you did not give to myself to eat, I thirsted and you did not give myself to drink.
I was being a foreigner, and you did not lead together myself, a naked one and you did not cast around myself, a weak one and within a watching, and you did not examine myself!'
At that time, they will separate, also themselves, those who say, 'Master, at what time did we perceive yourself, he who is hungering or he who is thirsting or a foreigner or a naked one or weak one, or within a watching, and we did not kick up dust to yourself?'
At that time, he will separate to themselves, he who is saying, 'Amen, I am saying to yourselves, upon as much as you did not make to one of these of the Littlest ones, neither did you make to myself!'
And these ones will go away into an eternal chastisement, but the Just ones into an eternal zoe-life.
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