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He is a Gift 11

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And he has become when the Salvation completed. He who is arranging in order the Twelve learners of himself stepped over on that side to teach and to proclaim within the Cities of themselves.
And the Favored, he who has listened to the Works of the Anointed One within the Prison, he who has sent across the other side from the Learners of himself,
said to himself, "Yourself is the one who comes, or are we expecting another?"
Announce to Favored
And the Salvation, he who has been separated, said to themselves, "Those who have led across, announce to Favored what you are hearing and are looking at.
The Poor Gospelize
Smoke-blinded ones are looking up, and maimed limping ones are walking, scaly ones are cleaned, and blunt/dull ones are those who are hearing, and dead ones are awakened, and cowering ones are gospelizing!
And blessed he is whoever should not be ensnared within myself.
A Desolate Theatre
And these ones, those who are leading over, the Salvation began to speak to the Multitude around Favored, "What have you come out into the Desolate one to spectate? A reed who is being rocked to and fro below a wind?
But rather who have you come out to perceive? A man who has been clothed within soft ones? Behold the ones who are constantly bearing soft ones within the Houses of the Kings!
But rather why have you come out? To perceive a prophet! Yes, I am saying to yourselves and a prophet abounding all around!
Behold Myself!
This one is around him of whom it has been written, "Behold myself!25 I am sending away the Angel of myself in front of the face of yourself, him who will prepare the Road of yourself in front of yourself."
Amen I am saying to yourselves, among the begotten ones of women there has not been awakened a greater one than Favored the Submerger, yet the Little One within the Queen of the Heavenly ones, he is greater than himself.
Seized, Forced
And away from the Days of Favored the Submerger, up to this moment the Queen the Heavenly ones is being forced, and forceful men are snatching away herself.
All is prophecy until the Favored
For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied up until Favored.
And if you all are desiring to take, himself is He Is God ("Elijah"), the one who is about to come.
The one who is holding ears, let him hear!
"Holding ears."

And what will I liken the Generation of this one to? She is likened to little children, those who are seated down within the Meeting Places, the ones who are calling out to the Different ones,
and they are saying, "We have played the flute to yourselves, and you have not danced! We sang a lament, and you did not cut off!"

For Favored came as neither him who is eating nor him who is drinking, and they are saying he holds a divinity.
The Son of the Man came, he who is eating and he who is drinking, and they are saying, "Behold a man! A glutton and a wine-bibber, a friend of tax farmers and missers." And she was acquitted, the Wisdom, away from the Works of herself.
At that time he began to reproach/upbraid the Cities within whom the most powerful ones of himself became, because they did not change the mind.
Woe to you Place of Proclamation ("Chorazin")! Woe to you House of Hunting ("Bethsaida") because if the Powerful ones became within Flint-stone ("Tyre") and Hunt ("Sidon"), the ones who became within yourselves, long ago within sackcloth and ashes they would have changed their minds.
Except, I am speaking to yourselves, she will be more bearable to Flint-stone and to Hunt within day of separation than to yourselves!
"The Under World"
And you, Comfort Cover ("Capernaum"), you will not be exalted up until heaven; you will descend until Underworld ("Hades"), because if the Powerful ones became within Scorched ones ("Sodoms"), the ones who have become within you, she would have remained until the Today!
The Gates of Underworld.

But I am saying to yourselves, that she will be more bearable to earth of Scorched ones ("Sodoms") within day of separation than to yourselves!"
"Out of the Mouth of Babes"
The Salvation, he who has been separated within that one, the Time, said, "I openly acknowledge to yourself Father Master of the Heaven, and of the Earth, that you hid these ones away from learned and intelligent ones, and you have uncovered themselves to unspeaking infants.
Yes, the Father, because in this way Goodwill,26 she has become in front of yourself.
Uncovering the Father
Everything was handed over to myself under the Father of myself, and no one is recognizing the Son, if not the Father, neither is anyone recognizing the Father, if not the Son; and to him whom, if the Son wills, to uncover.
Come here, toward myself all the ones who are growing weary, and those who have been loaded, even myself, I will make yourselves stop.
"White Washed Tomb."
Round and round...
....the theological merry-go-round

Lift up the Balance of myself upon yourselves, and learn away from myself that I am gentle and low-lying to the Heart, and you will discover cessation, the Soul-lives of yourselves!
Lift up the balance of Justice! And her dagger!

The Balance is χρηστὸς (chréstos): Good, Honest, Useful, Kind, Benevolent
For the Balance of myself is good/useful and the load of myself is light.
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