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He is a Gift 19

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And he has become when the Salvation had completed the Words, those ones, he lifted up to shift away from the Land of Circuit, and came into the Boundaries of Land of Casters, beyond the Descent.
And many multitudes followed himself, and had treated themselves there.
And Separatists came near to himself, those who are testing himself, and those who are saying, "Whether it is lawful to set free the Woman of himself down on every cause."
And the one who has been separated said, "Have you not recognized that the one who has founded away from origin made themselves male and female?
And he said, "For the sake of this one, a man will leave down the Father and the Mother, and be glued/cemented to the Woman of himself; and the Two will be into one flesh.
the Two to one; glued and yoked as a pair.

Let not a Man Separate
So then no longer are they two, but rather one flesh. Therefore that which the God has yoked as pair, let a man not separate.
They are saying to himself, "Why therefore did Drawn Out ("Moses") enjoin to give a book of divorce, and to set free?"
To Set Free the Women
He is saying to themselves, "Because Drawn Out toward the Hard-hearted of yourselves turned over to yourselves, to set free the Women of yourselves, but away from origin she has not become thus.
And I am saying to yourselves that whoever should not set free the Woman of himself upon harlotry and marry a different one, he commits adultery.38
The Learners are saying to himself, "If in this way she is the Cause of the Man, he is not carrying together in company with the Woman to marry."
And the one said to themselves, "Not everyone is making room for the Word, this one, but rather those to whom she is given."
Those Fathered and Castrated out of a Belly
For they are castrated ones, anyone who from out of a belly of a mother were begotten/fathered, in this way also they are castrated ones, anyone who was castrated below the Men, and they are castrated ones, anyone who castrated their own selves across the other side to the Queen of the Heavenly ones. The one who is to able to make space, let him make space.
Castrated ones.

"And the castrated one is bringing to light, "Behold! Water! What is inhibiting myself from submerging?" (Acts 8:36 RBT)

At that time little children were brought to himself so that the Hands might be laid upon themselves, and he might offer prayers, and the Learners bestowed honor upon themselves.
And the Salvation said, "Send away the Little Children, and do not hinder themselves from coming toward myself, for of Such a Kind, is the Queen of the Heavenly ones.
And he who has laid the Hands upon themselves, he led across from that side.
And behold! one who has come near to himself said, "Teacher, what good should I make so that I might hold zoe-life eternal?"
And the one said to himself, "Why are you asking myself around the good one? One is the good one. And if you desire to come in into the Zoe-life, watch over the Commandments.
He is saying to himself, "What kinds?" And the Salvation said, "The You will not Murder, You will Not Commit Adultery, You will Not Steal, You will Not Bear False Testimony,39
Honor the Father and the Mother, and You will agape-love the Near one of yourself, even as yourself."
He is saying to himself, the Youth, "All these ones I have watched over, who am I still falling behind?"
Sell the Present Things Below
The Salvation was bringing to light to himself, "If you desire to be complete, lead under, sell the Present Things Below yourself, and give to cowering ones, and you will hold treasure among heavenly ones, and come here, follow myself!"
And the Youth, he who has heard the Word, went away, he who is hurt, for he was being one who is holding many properties.
And the Salvation said to the Learners of himself, "Amen, I am saying to yourselves that a rich one will hardly come in into the Queen of the Heavenly ones,
And I am speaking back to yourselves, "It is easier for a camel to come in across the other side from a piercing of a needle, than a rich man into the Queen of the God.
The Way In.

And those who have heard, the Learners, were extremely astonished, those who are saying, "Who then is powerful to be saved?"
Mighty Ones
And he who has stared, the Salvation, said to themselves, "Close beside men, this one is powerless; but close beside God, everyone is mighty."
At that time, he who has been separated, the Small Stone, said to himself, "Behold! we have sent away everyone and followed yourself, what therefore will ourselves be?"
And the Salvation said to themselves, "Amen, I am saying to yourselves that yourselves—the ones who have followed myself—within the Re-Genesis when the Son of the Man should sit down upon a throne of a glory of himself, you all will sit down, also yourselves, upon twelve thrones, those who are separating the Twelve Tribes of the God Straightened.
שבט - Twelve Tribes

The Hebrew word שבט (shevet), Strong's #7626, is a masculine noun with a root meaning "to branch off/prop." It means "staff," "club," or "scepter" and is the word used for "tribe," referring to the twelve tribes of Israel. The Hebrew word מטה (matteh), Strong's #4294, also means "branch," "rod," "staff," "tribe," and "scepter." Like שבט (shevet), it carries the idea of a branching or extending object, symbolizing authority and divisions within the people of Israel. Both terms are used in similar contexts to denote leadership and lineage.

And all, anyone who has sent away households, or brothers, or sisters, or a father, or a mother, or children, or fields for the sake of the Name of myself, he will take hold of a hundredfold, and will inherit zoe-life eternal.
And many will be first last and last first.
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