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He is a Gift 9

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And he who has stepped into a ship crossed over and came into his own city.
And behold! they were bringing to himself a paralyzed one upon a small couch, he who has been cast, and the Salvation, he who has perceived the Trust of themselves said to the Paralyzed one, "Be of good courage child, the misses of yourself are being sent away!"
And behold! certain ones of the Scholars said among themselves, "This one blasphemes!"
And the Salvation, he who has seen the inner thoughts of themselves said, "Why do you brood over agonies within the Hearts of yourselves?
For what is easier, to say the misses of yourself are sent away, or to say wake up and tread around?
But in order that you may see that the Son of the Man is holding authority upon the Earth to send away misses," at that time he is speaking to the Paralyzed one, he who has woken up, "lift up of yourself the small couch, and lead under into the House of yourself!"
And he who has been woken up are went away into the House of himself.
And the Multitude, those who have perceived, were fearing, and they glorified the God, the one who has given such an authority as this to the Men.
Toll House
And the Salvation, he who is leading by that side perceived a man, he who is sitting down upon the Toll-House, he who is spoken He is a Gift ("Matthew"), and he is speaking to himself, "Follow myself" and he who has stood up followed himself.
And he has become of himself, he who is reclining up within the House, and behold! many toll farmers and missers, those who have come, were reclining up together with the Salvation and the Learners of himself!
Inclining down | Reclining up.

And the Separatists, those who have perceived, said to the Learners of himself "Across to who does the Teacher of yourselves eat with the Toll Farmers and missers?"
And the one who has heard said, "They do not hold the need of a physician, the ones who have strength, but rather the ones who are evilly holding."
And those who have led across, learn who it is, 'I desire Mercy and not Sacrifice' for I have not come to summon correct ones but missers!"
At that time, the Learners of Favored drew near to himself, those who say, "Across what are we and the Separatists fasting, but the Learners of yourself are not fasting?"
And the Salvation said to themselves, "The Sons the Bridal Chamber are not able to mourn as long as the Bridegroom is with themselves, but days will come, when the Bridegroom should be lifted off from themselves, and at that time they will fast."
And no one is casting over a covering of unshrunken torn rags upon an ancient outer garment, for it is lifting up the Fulfillment of himself away from the Outer Garment, and a more grievous schism is becoming.
New Skin for New Wine
No one is casting young wine into ancient skin-bottles, otherwise the skin-bottles are breaking apart and the wine is being poured out, and the skin-bottles are being destroyed away, but rather they are casting young wine into new skin-bottles and both of the two are kept safe together."
"She's Done"
He who is chirping22b these ones of himself to themselves, behold! a single ruler, he who has come, was kissing to himself, he who is saying that 'The daughter of myself is finished at this moment, but he who has come, lay the Hand of yourself upon herself and she will live!'
And the Salvation, he who has been woken up, was following himself, also the Learners of himself.
And behold! a woman, she who is flowing blood for twelve years, she who has drawn near from behind, is touching to the Border of the Outer Garment of himself.
Touching the Border of the Outer Garment of Himself!

The Hidden Man of the Heart
For he said within herself, "If only I may touch of the Outer Garment of himself, I will be saved!"
And the Salvation, he who has been turned around, and he who has perceived herself, said, "Be of good courage, daughter, the Faith of yourself she has saved you!" And the woman was saved away from the Hour of that one.
that Hour | that Hour

The Young Maiden - Isaiah 1
And the Salvation, he who has come into the House of the ruler, and he who has perceived the Flute Players and the Multitude, he who is making a noisy upheaval,
said, "Retrace, for the Young Maiden has not died off, but she is sleeping." And they were mocking down at himself.
Awake Awake, Deborah!
And when the Multitude had been cast out, he who has come in grabbed hold of the Hand of herself and the Young Maiden was awakened.
φήμη - Divine Voice/Omen
And she went out, this Prophetic Voice, into the entire Earth of that one.
And the Salvation, he who is leading by on that side, two smoke-blind ones followed, those who are cawing, and those who say, "Have mercy on ourselves, son of Beloved ("David")!"
And he who has come into the House, the Smoke-blind ones drew near to himself, and the Salvation is speaking to themselves, "Do you trust that I am able to make this one?" They are saying to himself, "Yes master."
At that time he touched the Eyes of themselves, he who is saying, "Down to the Faith of yourselves she is becoming to yourselves!"
The Horse is Angry
And the Eyes of themselves were opened, and the Salvation snorted indignantly to themselves, he who is saying, "Take heed, let no one recognize!"
And the ones who have come out, they spread abroad himself within the entire Earth of that one.
Can't Speak
And those who were coming out of themselves, behold! they brought to himself a blunted dull one, him who is being demonized.
Cast out of the Demon
And he who has been cast out of the divinity,23 he chirped, the blunt dull one, and the Multitude marveled, those who say, "Never did he shine in this way within the God Straightened!"
And the Separatists said, "Within the Ruler of the Divinities he is casting out the Divinities."
Walls of Jericho
And the Salvation was leading around all the Cities and the Unwalled Villages, he who is teaching within the Congregations of themselves, and he who is heralding the glad tidings of the Queen, and he who is treating every disease and all softness/weakliness.
Stomach Issues
And he who has perceived the Multitude, he felt it in his bowels around themselves because they were those who have been skinned alive, and those who have been tossed away; as it were, like sheep who are not holding a shepherd.
At that time, he is speaking to the Learners of himself, "Indeed the Harvest is many, and the Workmen, little ones.
Cast out Cain
Entreat earnestly therefore the Master of the Harvest so that he might cast out workmen/tillers into the Harvest of himself.
And he became a tiller of the soil.

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