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He is Liberator 1

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RBT Paraphrase

A vision of He Is Liberates Himself ("Yeshay-yah-hu"), builder ("son") of Boldness. He has looked straightly over the Land of Casters and the Foundation of Peace, within the Days of He Is His Power, He Is Complete, He has Grasped, He Is Strengthened Himself, kings of the Land of Casters.
Listen, dual Heavenly ones, and give ear Earth, for He is has arranged words, "Builders ("sons") I have made great, and I have exalted; and they have rebelled/broken away within myself!
The traveler ("ox") has perceived his erected-one, and the fermenting-one ("he-ass") the feeding manger of his owner. God is Straight ("Israel") has not perceived, my People has not discerned himself!
Straight is the Way.
The Ox treading out the Grain. The erected one/possessor in the middle.
Donkey eating from the manger/feeding trough.

A Body Broke to Pieces
Woe! A nation has missed! A People has honored crookedness! A seed of those who break to pieces, builders ("sons") of those who corrupt have forsaken the self eternal He Is, they have scorned the self eternal holy one of God is Straight; they have turned the back away!
On account of what are you all being struck going around? You are adding apostasy/withdrawl, the whole head to weakness. And the whole heart is faint!
From the sole of the foot and up to the head, there is no remedy within himself nor female ally. And the dripping blow they have not pressed, and they have not bound up. And she has not softened with the Oil.
The Earth of Yourselves
The earth of yourselves is a wasteland, your cities are those scorched of fire! The Ground of Adam of yourselves is opposite of yourselves! Unknown strangers are those who eat up your eternal self. And the devastation is as turned/flipped over by unknown strangers!
Earth of Yourselves — Ground of The Adam

The built one ("daughter") of Monument was left behind as a woven hut in a vineyard, as an inn in a difficult place, as a city of her who is imprisoned.
If He Is of Armies had not left behind for ourselves a survivor as a small few, we would have become like Scorched ("Sodom"), we would have resembled She Has Bound Sheaves ("Amorah").
Listen! He Is has put in order, dictators1 of Scorched! Let your ear pay attention to the torat-teaching of the mighty ones of ourselves ("elohenu"), people of She Has Bound Sheaves ("Amorah")!
Abel's Offering
What is to myself the abundance of your slaughters? He Is is speaking, "I have sevened the ascending steps of strong leaders. And I did not want the milk of the fattened, or the blood of the broken asunder, or subjugators2 or prepared leaders!
For you all are coming to see the faces of myself! Who has sought this from the hand of yourselves? He has trampled the enclosed courts of myself!
You all are not adding! He has brought in a false offering of smoke! Herself is detestable to myself! He renewed and he ceased, he read a reading; I am not eating wickedness and restrained assembly!
The new ones of yourselves and the appointed places of yourselves she, the breath of mine, has hated! They have become a burden upon myself, I have been worn out carrying.
And within the spreading yourselves out, the palms of yourselves, I am concealing the eye of myself from yourselves; for you are even multiplying tasteless folly! There is none of mine who hears! Your dual-hands have become filled with blood!
Wash yourselves! Purify yourselves! Turn aside the evil one of the actions of yourselves from opposite of the eye of myself! Stop causing evil!
Learn to make good! Search for the place of judgement! Make straight the sour one! Judge for the orphan! Contend for the widow!
She has been corrected
Walk, please! And she has been corrected,3 He Is is saying, if the misses of yourselves are as two, they are being made white as snow. If they are becoming red as the worm, they are becoming as wool.
If you are wanting, and you have listened, you are eating the good one of the Earth.
"Bitter Rebel"
And if you are refusing and have rebelled, you are eating the sword, for the mouth of He Is has arranged words.
Where are you? She has become a prostitute! The meeting-city4 was faithful/supportive,5 I have become full of judgement; a just one lodged the night within her, but
, manslayers!
Your silver has become retreating/withdrawn ones, your drunkard is he who circumcised6 in the dual waters.
Your princes are rebels and allies of thieves. Everyone of himself has loved donation and has chased payments. They are not vindicating the orphan and the contention of the widow is not coming toward themselves.
Therefore the whisper of the Lord, He Is armies, soaring one of God is Straight: Alas! I am comforting myself from the narrow strait and I am avenging her from my enemies!
And I am turning her back, the hand of myself, upon yourself and I am refining as the pure one your withdrawn backsliders and I am removing all the metal mixtures of yourself.
And I am turning back your judges as in the First, and he is counseling you as in the Beginning. Behind an upright one he is reading to yourself 'An aroused-city of the Just One, a meeting-city of her who is faithful.'
Monument ("Zion") is within the judgement, she is being redeemed and she has turned back within a just one.
And the fracture of revolters and the misses are in union, and those who forsake He Is are finished.
The eternal fracture of his people.

For they are becoming ashamed of the leaders whom you all have coveted, and you are digging7 from the Gardens which you all have chosen.
For you all are becoming like a mighty goddess ("eloah")8 whose leaf wilts away, and like a garden whose water does nothing for herself.
And he has become the Protector for the young maiden,9 and the work of himself into a spark, and the both of themselves are igniting in union, and there is none extinguishing."

RBT Hebrew Literal

vision He Liberates Himself builder/son Courageous-one whom he has envisioned upon Land of Casters and Foundation-of-Peace within the days He Is his Power He Is Complete He Grasped He Is Strengthened Himself kings Land of Casters
Hear dual Heavens and give ear earth for He Is he has ordered-words builders/sons I have made great and I have exalted and themselves have broken away within me
has perceived the traveler [ox] his erected-one and the fermenting-one feeding trough his owner God is Straight not has perceived my Gathered not distinguished himself
woe/alas nation he has missed Gathered People make heavy/honor guilty one a seed those who break to pieces builders/sons those who corrupt have foresaken את-self eternal He Is they have scorned את-self eternal holy one God is Straight they have turned away the backside
upon what going around you are adding apostasy/withdrawl all head to weakness and the whole heart faint
from the palm foot and until head there is not in himself remedy wound female ally and a beating/blow dripping not pressed down and not they bound and not she has softened in the Oil
the earth of yourselves a wasteland the cities of yourselves burned ones fire the Ground of yourselves to the opposite of yourselves unknown strangers those who eat your eternal self a devastation as overturned unknown strangers
and she was left behind a built one Monument like a woven hut within a vineyard like an inn within a difficult place like a city she who is guarded
if not He Is armies left behind to ourselves a survivor barely as Sodom we have become to Amorah we have resembled
Hear he has ordered-words He Is dictators Scorched (Sodom) let your ear pay attention torat mighty ones of ourselves Gathered People She-Has-Bound-Sheaves
why to myself abundance slaughterings of yourselves he is saying He Is I have sevened ascending-steps strong-leaders (rams) and milk fattened ones and blood of split asunder ones and subjugators and prepared leaders not I wanted
for you come to see my face who requested this one from the hand of yourselves he trampled courts of myself
not you are adding he caused to come an offering false smoke/incense detestable thing herself to myself he has renewed and he has ceased he read a reading not I am eating wicked restrained assembly
new ones of yourselves and appointed places of yourselves she has hated the breath of myself they have become upon myself for a burden I have become worn out carrying
and within the spreading out yourselves the palms of yourselves I am concealing eye of myself from yourselves also for you are multiplying tasteless folly there is not of mine he has heard hands of yourselves bloods have become filled
Wash yourselves Purify yourselves turn aside evil one actions of yourselves from opposite eye of myself Stop causing evil
Learn to make good! Seek judgement Make straight the sour one judge left-alone Contend widow
walk! please and she has been corrected he is saying He Is if they are becoming the misses of yourselves as two as snow they are being made white if they are becoming red as the worm as wool they are becoming
if you are wanting and you are hearing good one the Earth you all are eating
and if you are refusing and you have rebelled a sword you all are eating for mouth He Is has arranged words.
where are you? she has become for a harlot meeting-city she was faithful/supportive I have filled judgement just-one he is lodging the night within herself and
silver of yourself he has become for the withdrawn/retreated ones drunkard/wine-bibbers of yourself he who is circumcised in the dual waters
Your princes rebels and my allied companion thieves the whole of himself has loved donation/bribe and he has chased payments left-alone not they are judging and the strife left-alone not is coming toward themselves
therefore the whisper the Lord He Is armies soaring one God is Straight woe/alas I am comforting from the narrow strait and I am avenging her from my enemies
and I am turning her back the hand of myself upon yourself and I am refining as the clean one your withdrawn backsliders and I am removing all metal mixtures of yourself
and I am turning her back your judges as in the first one and he is counseling you as in the beginning behind upright one he is reading to yourself an awake city the Just one meeting-city she was faithful/supportive
Monument in judgement she is being redeemed and she has turned back in a just one
and the fracture revolters and the misses in union and those who forsake He Is they are finished
for they are ashamed from leaders whom you have coveted and you are digging from the Gardens whom you all have chosen
for you all are becoming like a goddess she who fades away ascending one and like a garden whom dual water there is not to herself
and he has become the Powerful one girl/maiden and his work to a spark and they are burning the both of themselves in union and there is not extinguisher