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He is Liberator 6

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RBT Paraphrase

And he is becoming in the hot-ones of He-Grasped [Ahaz] builder of Yah-is-Complete, builder of My-Power-is-Yah, reigning-one of Cast, Pleasing-one reigning-one of Highland has ascended, and Opened-eyed builder of Remal-Yah [bedecked?] reigning-one of El-Strives, Yerushalem, to the War above her, and has not been able to war above her.
And he is exposed to the house of Beloved [David], to say, Highland has rested upon Dual-Fruit/Ash-Heap [Ephraim], and his heart is wandering, and the heart of his gathered-one, according to the wandering of woods of the honeycomb [forest?] from the turnings of the wind.
And Yahweh is saying toward Yah-Liberates, go out, now, to meet He-Grasped, you and Remnant-turns-back, your builder, toward the cut-off-end of the ascending-channel of the Most-High Kneeling-pool toward the raised-way of the field of he-who-treads [washes].
And you have said toward him, Guard and cause-to-be-quiet, do not fear, and your heart do not soften from a pair of tails of the Turning Smoking ones of These ones in a burning breathing-one [nostril] of Retsin and Citadel [Aram] and builder of Yah-has-Decked.
Because for Citadel [Aram] has advised upon you a ruinous-one, Dual-Fruit [Ephraim] and the builder of Yah-has-Decked, to say,
We are ascending in Cast, and we are clipping-off her, and we are cleaving her toward us, and we are causing-to-reign a reigning-one in her middle, אֵת-the builder of Good-of-El.
Thus is saying the master Yahweh, she is not standing-up and she is not becoming.
For the shaking-one [head] of Citadel is Damaseq, and the shaking-one of Damaseq is Retsin, and in-separation from sixty and five duplication Dual-Fruit is crushed [terror] from a gathered-one.
And the shaking-one of Dual-Fruit is Watch-place [Samaria], and the shaking-one of Watch-place is the builder of Yah-has-decked [Remaliah], if you all are not supporting then you are not being supported.
And Yahweh is increasing to order toward He-Grasps to say,
Ask to-yourself a mark from-with Yahweh your elohe, to deepen sheol-ward or to make-high to-upward;
And He-Grasps is saying I am not asking, and I am not testing אֵת-Yahweh.
And he is saying, Hear, now, house of Beloved [David], Is a little-one from-you-all to tire mortal-men, for you are tiring also אֵת-elohay?

RBT Hebrew Literal

He Is his Power את-eternal self upon את-eternal self
to himself
this one toward this one holy one holy one holy one He Is the whole the Earth

to myself for for a man myself Gathered People myself for את-eternal self He Is my dual eyes
upon one from in the hand upon
upon and he is saying Behold this one upon
את-eternal self has said את-eternal self who to ourselves
and he is saying to yourself Hear
the heart lest within his eyes to himself
until when and he is saying until straightly/whom if flesh a wasteland
He Is את-eternal self within the center the Earth
within herself like these ones straightly/whom in the hand a seed