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He is a Gift 28

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To one dawning into it
And after a long time, of inner cessations, to the one who is dawning into one of the inner cessations, came Bitter-Rebel the Tower-ene, and the Other Bitter-Rebel, to look attentively at the Burial Grave.
Looking carefully...

The Greek word ὀψέ (opsé) means "after a long time," "at length," or "late." It is used to indicate something occurring after a significant duration or delay. For example, in Il. 4.161, it contrasts with αὐτίκα ("immediately"), and in Od. 9.534, it refers to arriving "too late." It can also describe being delayed in learning, as seen in Aesch. Ag. 1425 and Soph. OC 1264. The term can appear with a sense of gradual realization, as in Eur. Or. 99, or simply denote "late" or "finally," as in Il. 7.399.

And behold! a mega earthquake has become, for an angel of Master, he who has descended from out of heaven, and he who has drawn near, rolled off the Stone! And he was seated above himself.
Two by Two

"And he is going out, the Angel of the Word within myself, and he is saying toward myself, "Lift up, pray, the eye of yourself and see what she is, this one who goes out!"
And he said, 'What is she?' And he is saying, 'This is the Ephah, she who is going out!' And he said, 'This one is the Eye of themselves within the entire Earth.'
And behold! A round disc of lead dust, she who is being lifted up! And this one is a woman of one, she who sits in the center of the Ephah. And he said, 'This one is the Wicked One.' And he is throwing her eternal self toward the center of the Ephah. And he is throwing the self eternal stone of the Lead Dust toward the mouth of herself.
And I am lifting up the eye of myself, and I am seeing, and behold! dual women—those who are going out! And the Spirit is within the wings of themselves! And these ones have dual wings like the wings of the Kind Bird, and they are lifting up the eternal Ephah between the earth and between the dual heavenly ones!"

(Zechariah 5:5-9 RBT)
Hurling the lead stone into the Mouth of herself

The ἰδέα
And the Idea of himself was just like bright lightning, and the Outer Garment of himself white just like snow.
A snow storm.

And away from the Fear of himself, they quaked, the ones who are guarding, and they became just like dead ones.
And the Angel, he who has been separated, said to the Women, "Do not fear, yourselves! For I see that you are seeking after Salvation, the one who has been staked!
He is not in this place for he was woken up, just as he said! Come here, perceive the Place where he was set!
Dead ones | Living ones

And those who have led across swiftly, say to the Learners of himself that he is awakened away from the Dead ones, and you behold! he is leading forward yourselves into into the Land of Circuit, you will perceive himself there. You behold! I told yourselves!57
And those who have led across swiftly, away from the Monument in company with fear and mega joy, ran to announce to the Learners of himself.
And behold! Salvation encountered themselves, he who is saying, "Rejoice!" And the ones who have drawn near, grabbed hold of the Feet of himself, and they kissed to himself."
At that time, the Salvation is saying to themselves, "Do not fear! Lead under, announce to the Brothers of myself so that they should go away into the Land of Circuit, and also there they will perceive myself."
And those who were leading across from themselves, behold! anyone of the Custodia, those who have come into the City, announced to the High Priests everything that has become.
And those who have been led together in company with the Elders, those who have taken hold of both a counsel and silver, gave a fitting amount to the Soldiers.
"Like a Thief in the Night"
Those who are saying, "Say that the Learners of himself, those who have come of the night, stole himself from ourselves, from those who have fallen asleep."
And if this should be heard on account of the Leader, we ourselves will persuade. And we will fashion yourselves without care.
And the ones who have taken hold of the Silver, they did as they were taught, and the Word of this one blazed abroad close beside Casters, as far as the Day, Today.
"Red | Red"Thirty Silver for the Birth Right.

And the Eleven Learners led across into the Land of Circuit, into the Mount where the Salvation arranged in order to themselves.
And those who have perceived himself kissed, and the ones duplicated.
And he who has drawn near, the Salvation, chirped to themselves, he who is saying, "All authority within heaven and over the Earth has been given to myself.
Therefore, those who have led across, make all the Bands of People learners, those who are submerging themselves into the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy One of Spirit,
אנכי - Anoki, Myself
those who are teaching themselves to watch over all, as much as I have enjoined to yourselves. And behold! Myself,58 I am in company with yourselves, all the Days, until the Joint-Completion of the Eternal One.
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