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He is a Gift 13

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Within the Day of that one, the Salvation, he who has gone out from the Households, was sitting down close beside the Sea.
In the sixth/last day
the Sea | Dry Earth

Rest's ("Noah") Ark, "And He stood upon the Sand of the Sea" Rev. 12:17
And many Multitudes were led together toward himself so as to seat himself, he who has stepped into a ship, and all the Multitude stood upon the Shore.
A tree bearing fruit straightly of a seed within himself - Genesis 1:12
And he chirped to themselves many within comparisons, he who is saying, "Behold! the one who is sowing came out of the Sowing!"
Sowing himself, from one, Many - Galatians 3:16
And within the Sowing himself, the ones indeed, he fell close beside the Road and those who have come in, the Flying ones, ate down themselves.
The Flyers according to their kind, i.e. Left kind or Right kind.

"And mighty ones is saying, "The dual water is swarming with a swarming one of the breath of life, and a flyer is flying above the Earth above the faces of the Crafted Expanse of the dual heavenly ones." (Genesis 1:20 RBT)

And other ones, he fell upon the Rocky Places where he held not much earth, and straightly he sprang up across to that which is not holding a depth of earth.
And of a sun, he who has risen, he was scorched and across to the one not holding a root, was dried up.
And other ones, he fell upon the Thorn Bushes and the Thorn Bushes climbed up and strangled these ones.
And other ones, he fell upon the Beautiful Earth, and he was giving fruit, that which indeed one hundred, and that which is sixty, and that which is thirty.
The one who is holding ears, let him hear!
And those who have drawn near, the Learners, they said to himself, "Across what within comparisons are you chirping to themselves?"
And the one who has been separated said that, to yourselves it is given to recognize the Mysteries of the Queen of the Heavenly ones, but to those ones it is not given.
For whoever is holding, she will be given to himself, and he will abound all around, but whoever is not holding, that which he is holding will be lifted up away from himself.
Across this one within comparisons to themselves I am chirping that those who are looking, are not looking, and those who are hearing are not hearing, nor do they put together.
A Disfigured Writing Can never be understood
And she is filled up to themselves, the Prophecy of He is Liberator ("Isaiah"), the one who is speaking, "You will hear a hearing, and not ever understand, and those who are looking, you will look and not ever perceive!
For the Heart of the People of this one has grown thick/stupid, and with the Ears they heard heavily/wearily. And the Eyes of themselves they have shut down, that they should never perceive with the Eyes, and with the Ears they should hear, and with the Heart they should bring together, and turn back, and I will heal themselves!"
But of yourselves, blessed are the Eyes because they are looking and the Ears of yourselves because they are hearing!
For amen, I am saying to yourselves that many prophets and just ones coveted to perceive the ones that you are looking at, and they did not perceive and to hear the ones that you are hearing and they did not hear.
Yourselves therefore listen to the Comparison of the one who has sown.
The "Parable"

Likeness, comparison, similitude. A juxtaposition.

παραβολή, παραβολῆς, ἡ (παραβάλλω, which see), the Septuagint for מָשָׁל, a placing of one thing by the side of another, juxtaposition, as of ships in battle, Polybius 15, 2, 13; Diodorus 14, 60. (cf. Strongs #G3850)

Of everyone who is hearing the Word of the Queen and who is not putting together, the Pain-ridden one is coming and he is seizing that which has been sown within the Heart of himself. This one is he who has been sown close beside the Road.
And the one who has been sown upon the Rocky Places, this one is the one who is hearing the Word and straightly he who is taking hold of himself with Joy.
And he is not holding a root within himself but rather he is transient, and she who has become of a pressing together, or of a pursuit across to the Word, straightly she is scandalized.
Becoming an unfruitful Tree
And the one who has been sown into the Thorn Bushes, this one is he who is hearing the Word and the Care of the Time and the Fraud of the Abundant Wealth are choking together the Word, and he is becoming an unfruitful one.
And the one who has been sown upon the Beautiful Earth, this one is the one who is hearing the Word and who is putting together, he whom therefore is bearing fruit and he is making that which is indeed one hundred and which is sixty and which is thirty.
Built Suitable
Another comparison he set close beside themselves, he who is saying, "The Queen of the Heavenly ones is made like a man, he who has sown a beautiful seed within the Field of himself.
Darnel : "False Wheat"
And within the Sleeping, the Hated One came upon the Men of himself,29 and he sowed darnel upward center of the Wheat and he went away.
Darnel vs. Wheat.

"Ζιζάνιον" (zizanion) is a Greek word that refers to "darnel" or "tares". It specifically denotes a type of weed or plant that resembles wheat but is considered undesirable because it can be harmful or inferior. In some regions it is so similar to wheat it is called "false wheat." (cf. Lolium temulentum)

And when the Farmyard sprouted and made fruit, at that time he was brought to light, and also the Darnel.
And those who have drawn near, the Slaves of the Household-Master, they said to himself, "Master, did you not sow a beautiful seed within your own Field? From where then is he holding darnel weeds?"
Job: "Hated Man"
And the one brought to light to themselves, "A hated man made this one." And the Slaves to himself [the hated one] spoke, "Do you desire therefore that we should gather together these ones, those who have gone away?"
Send them Away
And the one brought to light, "No, never those who are gathering together the Darnel, you would uproot at the same time the Wheat to themselves.
Send away both to grow together until the Harvest and within Time of the Harvest I will tell the Reapers, 'Gather together first the Darnel and chain themselves into bundles toward the Burning of themselves the then lead together wheat into the Storehouse of myself.'"
Another comparison he set close beside themselves, he who is saying, "Like is the Queen of the Heavenly ones to a grain of mustard of which a man who has taken hold, sowed within the Field of himself.
which he is a little one indeed of all of the Seeds, and when he has grown, he is greater than all of the Garden Herbs, and he is becoming a tree so as for the Birds of the Heaven to come and to camp down within the Branches of himself.
Sarah - Genesis 18:6
Another comparison he chirped to themselves, "Like is the Queen of the Heavenly ones to ferment, she whom a woman, she who has taken hold, concealed into three measures of flour, until whom he was fermented entirely.
Three measures = half of the whole.

The Salvation chirped all of these ones within comparisons to the Multitude. And separately from a comparison he was chirping nothing to themselves.
The Prudent Serpent
So that might be filled up that which was told across the other side from the Prophet, he who is speaking, "I will open the Mouth of myself within comparisons, I will spue forth those ones that have been concealed away from a foundation.

"And the Woman was given the Two Wings of the Great Eagle so that she could fly into the Desolate One, into the place of herself, where she is nourished there away from the face of the Serpent, a time, times, and half a time. And the Serpent cast from out of the Mouth of himself water as a river behind the woman so he could make herself river-borne. And the Earth ran to rescue the Woman. And the Earth opened up the mouth of herself and she drank down the River which the Dragon cast out of the Mouth of himself. And the Dragon was angry upon the Woman, and he went to make war with the Remnant of the Seed of herself, the ones who keep watch over the Commandments of the God and the ones who are holding the Testament of Salvation. And he stood ready upon the Sand of the Sea.

(Revelation 12:14-17 RBT)
The "two sided" Eye of the Serpent.

At that time, he who has sent away the Multitude, came into the House. And the Learners of himself came to himself, those who say, "Make clear to ourselves the Comparison of the Darnel of the Field."
And the one who has been separated said, "The one who is sowing the Beautiful Seed is the Son the of Man.
Sons of the Queen vs. Sons of the Pain-Ridden/Oppressive Father
And the Field is the World, and the Beautiful Seed, these ones are the Sons of the Queen, and the Darnel are the Sons of the Pain-ridden one.
And the Hated One the he who has sown these ones, is the Accuser, and the Harvest is a joint-completion of an eternal one, and the Reapers, they are angels.
Therefore just as he is gathering, the Darnel, and with fire he is burning up, in this way he will be within the Joint-Completion the Time.
The Son of the Man will send away the Angels of himself, and they will gather together from out of the Queen of himself all of the Scandals and the ones who are making the Lawless one.
And they will cast themselves into the Furnace of the Fire, there he will be, the Lamenting one and the Biting one of the Teeth.
At that time, the Just ones will beam forth as the sun within the Queen of the Father of themselves. The one who is holding ears, let him listen!
Beaming forth.

hiding himself
Like is the Queen of the Heavenly ones to a treasure-storehouse, he who has been hidden within the Field, whom a man, he who has discovered, hid, and he is leading under away from the Joy of Himself, and is selling all, as much as he is holding, and is buying in the market the Field of that one.
Again the Queen the Heavenly ones is like a ship-passenger, he who is searching for beautiful pearls.
He Bought Himself
And he who has found one very costly/honored pearl, he who has gone away sold everything, as much as held, and he bought in the market place himself.
Found in the Belly of the Sea Monster
Again, the Queen of the Heavenly ones is like a dragnet, she who has been cast into the Sea, and she who led together from out of every kind.
Her whom, when she was filled up, those who have caused to climb upon the Shore, and those who have sat down, they gathered together the Beautiful ones into containers, and the Rotten ones they cast outside.
The Enmity between the Seeds
In this way, she will be within the Joint-Completion of the Time. The Angels will go out, and they will mark out/define the Pain-ridden ones from out of the middle of the Just ones.
And they will cast themselves into the Furnace of the Fire, there he will be, the Lamenting one and the Biting one of the Teeth.
Have you set together all these ones? They are saying to himself, 'Yes.'
And the one said to themselves, "Across to this one every scholar, he who has been instructed on the Queen of the Heavenly ones is like a man, a Household-master, whoever casts out from the Treasure of himself new ones and ancient ones.
And he has become, when the Salvation brought to completion the Comparisons of these ones, he lifted up to shift from that side.
Is he not this one the Son of the Craftsman? Is not the Mother of himself spoken Bitter-Rebel, and the Brothers himself Heel Chaser and He Adds and Hearing and Cast?
And the Sisters of himself, are they not all toward ourselves? From where then are all these things to this one?
And they were scandalized within himself, and the Salvation said to themselves "A prophet is not without honor, unless within the Fatherland, and within the House of himself."
And he did not make there many powerful ones across to the Distrust of themselves.
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