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He is a Gift 5

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Learners of Himself
And he who has perceived the Multitude went up into the Mount, and he who has sat down of himself, they came to himself, the Learners of Himself.
And he who has opened the Mouth himself has taught themselves, he who is saying,
Roof/Palate"Also the Tongue is a fire, the World of the Unjust..." (James 3:6 RBT)

Blessed ones are the Cowering ones in the Spirit, because of themselves is the Queen of the Heavenly ones.
Blessed ones are the ones who are lamenting, because themselves will be called in/summoned.
Blessed ones are the gentle ones, because themselves will inherit the Earth.
Blessed ones are the ones who are hungering and who are thirsting for the Just/Righteous one because themselves will be fed.
Blessed ones are the compassionate ones because themselves will be shown compassion.
Blessed ones are the cleaned/unstained ones in the Heart because themselves will perceive the God.
Blessed ones are the Peacemakers, because themselves, sons of God, will be summoned.
Blessed ones are those who have been pursued/chased for the sake of a Just one, because of themselves is the Queen of the Heavenly ones.
Blessed ones you are, whenever they might ridicule/upbraid yourselves and pursue and speak every pain-ridden evil down from yourselves, those who are lying/falsifying for the sake of myself.
Be glad and spring up very much, because the Wage of yourselves is many within the Heavenly ones, for thus they pursued/chased the Prophets, the ones in front of yourselves.
Yourselves are the Salt of the Earth, but if the Salt becomes foolish, within whom will she be salted? It is prevailing into no one yet, unless that which has been cast outside to be tread down under the Men.
Yourselves are the Luminary the of World. A city is not able to be hidden, she who is lying on top of a mountain.
Neither are they kindling a lamp and setting himself under the Modius but rather upon the Lampstand and he illuminates al of those within the House.
The Modius dry measure. The modius was a standardized measure, typically represented by a cylindrical container with a capacity of one modius. It often had a distinctive shape, with a rounded body and a flat base, resembling a modern bucket or basket.

Beautiful Works
Thus let the Luminary illuminate yourselves in front of the Men in order that they might perceive of yourselves the Beautiful Works, and that they might glorify the Father of yourselves, the one within the Heavenly ones.
Don't make customary practice that I have come to unyoke/disunite the Law or the Prophets. I have not come to disunite but to complete.
For Amen I am saying to yourselves, until the heavenly one and the Earth should have gone past/passed by, one iota or one little horn will not ever have gone past away from the Law until all should become.
Whoever therefore should untie/set free one of these Commandments of the smallest, and teach the Men in this way, the smallest will be summoned within the Queen of the Heavenly ones. And whoever should make and teach, this mega/great one will be summoned within the Queen of the Heavenly ones.
For I am saying, to yourselves that unless she should abound all around, the Justice of yourselves, more than the Scholars and Separatists, you will never go in into the Queen of the Heavenly ones.
You have heard that it was said to the Original ones, Yourself will not murder, and whoever might murder will be bound to the Judgment.
Valley of Hell: Child Sacrifice
And myself I am saying to yourselves, that anyone who is being angry with the Brother of himself will be bound to the Separation, and whoever should say to the Brother himself, 'Empty/Void' ("Rhaka") will be bound to the Sitting-Council, and whoever should say 'Teacher' ("Moreh") will be bound into the Valley of Hell ("Gehenna") of the Fire.12
Valley of Child Sacrifice.
"Rabbi, Teacher!"

If therefore you offer the Gift of Yourself upon the Altar, and there you remember that the Brother of yourself holds anyone down from you,
Send away there the Gift of Yourself in front of the Altar, and lead under; First be interchanged with the Brother of yourself, and at that time he who has come, offer the Gift of Yourself.
You are being him who is friendly to the Adversary of yourself speedily, until you are being with himself in the Road, for may the Adversary never hand over yourself to the Judge, and the Judge to the under-rower, and into a watch/guarding you will be cast.
Amen I am saying yourself, you would not ever come out from that place until you have given back the Last quarter-cent.
You have heard of that it was said, Yourself will not commit adultery.
To Set The Sight Upon
And Myself, I am saying to yourselves, that anyone who is looking at a woman toward the Coveting/Longing after herself has now already committed adultery with herself within the Heart of himself.
Cast away from Yourself
And if the Eye of yourself, the Right-side, is scandalizing yourself, choose out himself and cast away from yourself, for he is carrying together yourself so that one of the limbs of yourself should be destroyed away and not the entire Body of yourself be cast into the Valley of Hell ("Gehenna").
A single eye of the left and right of your self.

The Axe is Laid at the Root
And if a hand of yourself, the Right-side, is scandalizing yourself, cut down herself and cast away from yourself, for she is carrying together yourself so that one of the limbs of yourself should be destroyed away and not the entire Body of yourself go away into Valley of Hell.
The Left vs Right side of Self.
Cut down the left hand. The right hand is carrying yourself.

βιβλίον ἀποστασίου - "Book of Cutting Down"
And it was said, "Whoever would release/set free the Woman of himself, let him give to herself a book of defection."
ספר כריתת "Book of Cutting Down"

For a man is taking a woman, and he has owned/ruled her, and he has become when she is not finding favor/grace within the eyes of himself because he has found within herself nakedness, he has arranged words and he has written to herself a book of cutting down, and he is giving it within the Hand of herself, and he is sending her away from the house of himself.
(Deuteronomy 24:1 RBT)

Thus He Is has spoken, "Where is this book of cutting down the mother of yourselves? Straightly I have sent herself away!"
(Isaiah 50:1 RBT)

And I myself am saying to yourselves that anyone who is releasing/setting free the Woman of himself outside from a word of a harlotry is making herself to be adulterated, and whoever if he should marry her who has been set free, he is committing adultery.13
You have heard back that it was said to the Original ones, Yourself will not swear falsely, but yourself will give back to the master the Oaths of Yourself.
And I myself am saying to yourselves not to swear wholly, nor within the Heavenly one because he is a throne of the God,
nor within the Earth because she is an underfoot of the Feet of Himself, nor into Foundation of Peace because she is a city of the great King.
nor within the Head of yourself should you swear because you are not able to make one hair white or black.
Let the two Agree
But let the Word of Yourselves be, "Yes Yes,  No No" and the Superfluous of these ones is from out of the Pain-ridden one.
Yourselves have heard that it was said, An eye anti of an eye, and a tooth anti of a tooth.
And myself, I am saying to yourselves, not to stand anti/opposite to the Pain-ridden one, but rather anyone who should strike with a rod yourself into the Right-side Jawbone of yourself, turn around to himself also the Other one.
Right side Jawbone.
(and the split tongue)

And the one who desires yourself to be separated, and to take hold of the Inner Tunic of yourself, send away to himself also the Outer Garment.
And whoever should dispatch yourself as a mounted messenger one thousand paces ("Roman Mile"), lead under with himself, two.
Yourselves have heard that it was said, Yourself will agape-love the Neighbor of yourself and yourself will hate the hated one of yourself.
And myself is saying to yourselves, 'Agape-love the Hated ones of yourselves, and exchange prayers13b across from the ones who are pursuing yourselves,
so that you might become sons of the Father of yourselves, the one within the Heavenly ones, because the Sun of himself is rising up upon pain-ridden ones and good ones, and he is raining upon right ones and wrong ones.
For if you agape-love the ones who are agape-loving yourselves, what wage are you holding? Are not also the Toll Farmers those who are making the Self?
τελώνης telónés.

Toll farmers/collectors. (literally, "paying-at-the-end" like the end of a telescope) referred to the toll-house where the Romans collected taxes from the public.

Saluting those who are not Brothers
And if yourselves are only welcoming kindly the Brothers of yourselves, what overflow all around are you making? Are not also the Nationals those who are making the same?
Therefore be yourselves complete as the Father of yourselves, the heavenly one, is complete.
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