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He is a Gift 10

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Twelve Hours in One Day
And he who has called to himself the Twelve Learners of Himself gave to themselves authority of uncleaned spirits, so as to cast out themselves, and to treat every disease and all softness/weakliness.
And the Names of the Twelve Sent Away ones, he is these ones: First, 'Hearing', the one who is being spoken 'Small Stone' and 'Manhood' the Brother of himself, and 'Heel Chaser' the one of Endowment, and 'Favored' the Brother of himself.24
'Lover of the Horse' and 'Son of Furrows', 'Twin' and 'He is a Gift', the the Toll Farmer, 'Heel Chaser' the one of 'Passing By' and 'Big Hearted',
'Hearing' the Zealot, and 'Cast' the Man of Cities, the one who also has handed over himself.
How Now to Live - Don't Go Away
These ones, the Twelve, the Salvation sent away, he who has transmitted orders to themselves, he who is saying, "Don't go away into a road of bands of people, and don't go into a city of Watchmen."
But lead across rather toward the Sheep, the ones who have been destroyed away of House of God Straightened.
And those who are leading over, proclaim, those who say that the Queen of the Heavenly ones has drawn near.
Treat those who are weak, wake up dead ones, cleanse scaly ones, cast out divinities, you took hold freely, give freely.
All those things of the Body
Don't acquire gold nor silver nor bronze into the Girdles of yourselves,
nor a leather pouch into a road, nor two inner tunics, nor sandals, nor a scepter, for the Workman is worth the Food of himself.
Into whatever city or village you might go in, examine closely who within herself is worthy, and there remain, until you all go out.
And those who are going into the House, embrace herself.
And if indeed the House should be worthy, let the Peace of Yourselves come upon herself, but if she should not be worthy, let the Peace of Yourselves turn toward yourselves.
Taking the Gifts
And whoever should not take yourselves nor hear the Words of yourselves, those who are going out outside of the Household or the City of that one, shake out the Stirred-Dust of the Feet of yourselves.
Amen I am saying to yourselves, she will be more bearable to earth of Scorched ("Sodom") and She Has Bound Sheaves ("Gomorrah"), within day of judgment, than to the City of that one.
Sheep within Wolves Clothing
Behold! Myself, I am sending away yourselves even as sheep within the middle of wolves, therefore become right-minded/prudent as the Serpents and unmixed/pure as the Doves.
Benjamin ("Son of the Right")

"Son/Builder of the Right is a wolf, he is tearing to pieces. In the Dawn he is eating a perpetual witness, and he is dividing the Dusk into plunder."

(Genesis 49:27 RBT)

But be on guard away from the Men, for they will hand over yourselves into the Sitting-Council, and within the Congregations of themselves will flog/scourge yourselves.
A Testament to Themselves
And also upon leaders and also kings you will be led, because of myself, into a testimony to themselves and the Bands of People.
The Spirit Fluttering upon the Faces of the Water
And whenever they might hand over yourselves, don't be pulled apart by how or what you should chirp, for she will be given to yourselves within that one, the Hour, what you should chirp.
For yourselves are not the ones who are chirping, but rather the Spirit of the Father of yourselves, the one which is chirping within yourselves.
And so it was
And a brother will hand over a brother into death, also a father a child, and children will stand up upon begetters, and they will put to death themselves.
"Those who are hated" - Exodus 20:5
And you will be those who are hated under everything across to the Name of myself, but the one who has remained under into tele-aim, this one will be saved.
τέλος telos.

The tele end of a telescope is the largest end. The small end is "the origin". Remaining under, into aim. (Strongs #5056)

And whenever they chase after yourselves within the City of this one, flee into the Other. For Amen I am saying to yourselves you will never complete the Cities of the God Straightened until the Son the of Man should come.
A Learner is not beyond the Teacher, nor slave beyond the Master of himself.
A God of the Philistines
It's sufficient for the Learner that He might become as the Teacher of himself, and the Slave as the Master of himself. If they called upon the Household-Master 'Lord of the Flies ("Beelzebub")', how much more the Household Members of himself?
"It is sufficient for the learner to become as the teacher of himself, you hearing me?"

Therefore you should not fear themselves, for there is no one who has been covered up who will not be uncovered and secret who will not be recognized.
That which I am saying to yourselves within the Darkness, speak within the Luminary, and that which you are hearing into the Ear, proclaim upon the Halls.
And do not fear away from the those who are killing away the Body but those who are not able to kill away the soul-life, but fear rather the one who is able to destroy away both soul-life and body within Valley of Hinnom ("Gehenna").
Birds of Heaven
Are not two little birds sold for a tenth-coin? And one from out of themselves will not fall upon the Earth without the Father of yourselves.
And of yourselves, also the Hairs of the Head, are all those who have been numbered.
the Hairs of the Head.

Therefore fear not; yourselves of many little birds are carrying through!
Therefore anyone who will agree within myself in front of the Men, I will agree, even myself, within himself, in front of the Father of myself, the one within the Heavenly ones.
But whoever should deny myself in front of the Men, I will deny, even myself, himself in front of the Father of myself, the one within the Heavenly ones.
I have come to divide asunder
Don't think that I have come to cast peace upon the Earth. I have not come to cast peace, but a dagger.
For I have come to divide into two a man down from the Father himself, and a daughter down from the Mother of herself, and a bride down from the Mother-in-law of herself.
And hated ones of the Man, the Household of himself.
The one who is philo-loving a father or a mother beyond myself, is not worthy of myself, and the one who is philo-loving a son or a daughter beyond myself, is not worthy of myself.
And whoever is not taking hold of the Stake of himself, and is following backward from myself, is not worthy of myself.
Soul life vs. Zoe Life
The one who has found the Soul-life of himself will destroy away herself, and the one who has destroyed away the Soul-life of himself for the sake of myself, he will find herself.
The one who is taking yourselves, takes myself, and the one who is taking myself is taking the one who has sent away myself.
The one who is taking a prophet into a name of a prophet, he is taking hold of a wage of a prophet, and the one who is taking a just one into a name of a just one, is taking hold of a wage of a just one. 
And whoever should give to drink one of the Little Ones of these, a cold cup only, into a name of a learner, amen I am saying to yourselves, he should never destroy away the Wage of himself.
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