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He is a Gift 21

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And when they drew near into Foundation of Peace and have come into Bethphage into the Mount of the Olive Trees, at that time Salvation sent away two Learners.
He who is saying to themselves, "Lead over into the Unwalled Village, the Down-Opposite one of yourselves, and straightly you will find a donkey, she who has been chained, and a young colt in company with herself; those who have loosened, lead to myself.
And if anyone should say anything to yourselves, you will say that the Master of themselves holds a need, and straightly he will send away themselves.
And this one has become so that might be fulfilled the one which was spoken of across from the Prophet, that which is being said,
"Say to the Daughter of Monument ("Zion"), Behold! the King of yourself is coming to you, gentle, and he who has lighted upon a donkey and upon a young colt, a son of a beast of the yoke!"

"Spin around exceedingly, built one ("daughter") of Monument ("Zion")! Sound a blast, built one ("daughter") of Foundation of Peace ("Jerusalem")! Behold, your king is coming to yourself, a just one, and he who is delivered! Himself is a poor/afflicted one, and he who rides upon a male ass, and upon a young colt, the builder ("son") of female donkeys."

(Zechariah 9:9 RBT)

Sitting on a Pregnant Donkey
And those who have led across, the Learners, and those who have made just as the Salvation arranged together to themselves,
led the Donkey and the Young Colt, and they put the Outer Garments over themselves, and he sat on top of themselves.
And he sat on top of them.

And the very great Multitude spread of themselves the Outer Garments within the Road but different ones were cutting down branches away from the Trees and were spreading within the Road.
Hoshanna: "Please Deliver!"
And the Multitude, the ones who are leading forward before himself, and the ones who are following, were cawing, those who say, "Deliver Please! to the Son of Beloved, he who has been well-spoken, the one who is coming within a name of Master, Deliver Please! among the Highest Ones!"
And he who has come in of himself into Foundation of Peace the entire City was shaken to and fro, she who is saying, "Who is this one?"
And the Multitude were saying, "This one is the Prophet, Salvation, the one away from Sprouting Place ("Nazareth") of the Land of Circuit ("Galilee")!"
And Salvation came in into the Holy Place, and he cast out all of those who are selling, and those who are buying within the Holy Place, and the Eating-Tables of the Small-Money Changers he turned upside down, also the Seats the those who are selling the Doves.
Turning the tables "right side up."
ἀνατρέπω - "turned up" (John 2:15)
κατέστρεψεν - "turned upside down" (Matthew 21:3)
The Wheel of Genesis
"And the self eternal Man is driving out, and is causing the self eternal Cherubim to settle down from the front to the Protected-Garden of Delight and the self eternal flame of the Sword of the One who Turns Herself Around, to keep watch over the self eternal Road of the Tree of the Living ones."

(Genesis 3:24 RBT)

“And Feller ("Gideon") is coming in, and behold! a man who counts to an evil one of himself a dream, and is saying, ‘Behold! I dreamed a dream! And behold! I saw a clear loaf of barley, he who turns himself over within the camp of Strife ("Midian"). And he is coming up to the Tent, and he is striking him, and he is falling, and he is turning over himself to the upside, and the Tent has fallen!’”

(Judges 7:13 RBT)

House of my Prayer, בית תפלתי - Isa 56:7
And he is speaking to themselves, "It has been written, the House of myself, a house of a prayer, is being summoned, and yourselves are making himself a cave of robbers!"
And smoke-blind ones and limping maimed ones drew near to himself within the Holy Place and he treated themselves.
Maimed limping ones who cannot tread around.

Deliver the Son!
And the High Priests and the Scholars, those who have seen the Wondrous ones, those which he has made, and the Little Boys, the ones who are cawing out within the Holy Place, and those who are saying, "Deliver please!" to the Son of Beloved, they became indignant.
αἶνος - A Tale
And they said to himself, "Do you hear what these ones are saying?" And the Salvation is speaking to themselves, "Yes! Never at any time did you recognize that From out of a mouth of unspeaking ones, and those who are nursing, you have perfected a story!"
"From out of a mouth of the infants and nursing ones you have founded might for the sake of the oppressed ones of yourself, to make cease/rest ("shabbat") him who is hated and him who avenges himself."

(Psalm 8:3 RBT)

And he who has left down themselves, came out outside the City into House of Misery ("Bethany") and He encamped the night there.
Into the City Above
And at dawn, he who is leading up into the City, was hungry.
And he who has perceived a fig tree, one upon the Road, came upon herself, and he found no one within herself except only leaves, and he is speaking to herself, "Never again from out yourself will he become fruit into the Eternal one, and she was withered up on the spot, the Fig Tree.
παραχρῆμα - On the Spot.
Nothing to eat!

"And he has become like a tree who is transplanted upon channels of dual waters. Straightly he is giving the fruit of himself within the time of himself, and his climbing leaf is not withering away, and everyone he is making straight is advancing forward."

(Psalm 1:3 RBT)

And those who have perceived, the Learners, marveled, those who are saying, "How was the Fig Tree withered on the spot?"
And he who has been separated, the Salvation, said to themselves, "Amen, I am saying to yourselves, if you should hold trust and are not splitting up, not only will you make the one of the Fig Tree, but rather if to this Mountain you should say, "Be lifted up, and be cast into the Sea, it will become."
And everything, as much as you may ask within the Prayer, those who are trusting, you will take hold.
And he who has come of himself into the Holy Place, drew near to himself, he who is teaching, the High Priests and the Elders of the People, those who are saying, "Within what kind of authority are you making these ones? And who gave this Authority to yourself?"
And he who has been separated, the Salvation, said to themselves, "I will ask yourselves, even myself, one word which if you should tell myself, even myself to yourselves, I will tell within what kind of authority I am making these ones.
From where was the Submersion of the Favored? From out of heaven or from out of men?" And the ones began dialoguing within themselves, those who are saying, "If we should say from out of heaven, he will say to ourselves, across what therefore have you not trusted himself?
But if we should say from out of men, we are afraid of the whole Multitude, for as a prophet they are holding the Favored."
And those who have been separated to the Salvation, they said, "We don't see." He was bringing to light to themselves, "And himself, neither myself, is saying to yourselves within what kind of authority I am making these ones."
And how does it seem to yourselves— A man was holding two children, he who has drawn near. He said to the First one, 'Child, lead under, work today, within the Vineyard.'
Ἐγὼ κύριε - I, Master
And the one who has been separated said, 'Myself, master' and he did not go off.39b
And he who has drawn near to the Second, said the same thing. And the one who has been separated said, 'I don't desire.' And finally, he who has regretted himself, went off.40
Esau or Jacob?
Who from out the Two made the Desire of the Father? They are saying, 'the Second.' The Salvation is saying to themselves, "Amen, I am saying to yourselves that the Tax Farmers and the Harlots lead before yourselves into the Queen of the God!"41
Genesis 33
A scene of the order of crossing over is depicted by Jacob, who crossed to their faces. Jacob ("Heel Chaser") then puts the two maid-slaves and their children as First, and Weary ("Leah") and her children behind [a.k.a. Left Behind Ones], and Ewe ("Rachel") and Joseph ("He Adds") as last ones to "come in." A crossing over of eternity.

For Favored came toward yourselves within a road of Justice, and you did not trust himself. But tax farmers and prostitutes trusted himself, and yourselves, those who have perceived, neither did you regret afterward to trust himself!
What you do to her, you do to yourself
Listen to another comparison! A man was being a Household-master, anyone who planted a vineyard. And he placed a fence around himself, and he dug out a trough within himself and he home-built a tower, and he gave out himself to earth-workers, and he journeyed.
And when the Time of the Fruits drew near, he sent away the Slaves of himself toward the Earth-Workers to take hold of the Fruits of himself.
And the Earth-Workers, those who have taken hold of the Slaves of himself, the one indeed they skinned, and the one they killed away, and the one they pelt with stones.
He sent away back different slaves, greater than the First ones, and they made to themselves the same.
And lastly, he sent away toward themselves the Son of himself, he who is saying, "They will turn inward the Son of myself."
And those who have taken hold of himself, they cast out of the Vineyard and they killed away.
When therefore the Master of the Vineyard should come, what will he make for the Earth-Workers, those ones?
They are saying to himself, "Evil ones, evilly he will destroy away themselves, and the Vineyard he will give out to different earth-workers, anyone who will give back himself the Fruits within the Times of themselves!"
The Salvation is saying to themselves, "Never have you discerned within the Writings— a stone whom they have rejected away after scrutiny, the ones who are house-building, this one has become into a head of an angle, close beside Master she has become, and she is a wondrous one within the eyes of ourselves!
Across to this one I am saying to yourselves that she will be lifted up away from yourselves, the Queen of the God, and she will be given to a band of people, that one which is making the Fruits of herself!
He will Part the Grain from the Chaff
And the one who has fallen upon the Stone, this one, will be crushed together, and upon whom he should fall he will winnow himself.
And the High Priests and the Separatists, those who have heard the Comparisons of himself, recognized that around themselves he is speaking.
And those who are seeking to grab hold of himself, they feared the Multitude since they were holding himself into a prophet.
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