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He is a Gift 14

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Within that one, the Time, Sprung of a Hero ("Herod") the Ruler of a Fourth-part, heard the Hearing of Salvation.
And the Boys of himself said, "This one is Favored the Submerger, he was woken up away from the dead ones and across the other side to this one the Powerful ones are active within himself."
It is not lawful to hold to her
For the Sprung of a Hero ("Herod"), he who has grabbed hold of the Favored, he chained and and set within a Watch, across to Sprung of a Hero ("Herodias"), the Woman of Lover of the Horse ("Philip"), the Brother of himself.
For the Favored had said to himself, "It is not lawful yourself to hold herself."
And he who is desiring to kill away himself was fearing the Multitude, because they were holding himself as a prophet.
And for genesises/origins, for those who had become of the Sprung of a Hero ("Herod"), the Daughter of the Sprung of a Hero, ("Herodias") danced within the the Middle and pleased the Sprung of a Hero,
from which with an oath, he spoke the same, to give to herself whatever she should request.
And the one, she who has been led forward under the Mother of herself, she is bringing to light "Give to myself in here the Head of Favored the Submerger upon a tablet."
And he who has been hurt, the King, across the other side to the Oaths and to those who are reclining up together, commanded to be given.
And he who has sent, cut off the head of Favored within the Watch.
A New One
And she was carried, the the Head of himself, upon a tablet and she was given to the Young Maiden, and she carried to the Mother of herself.
A "beheading" below the Mount.

"And he is becoming when he has drawn near toward the Camping Place. And he is seeing the self eternal Round One and whirling/dancing ones, and he is kindling an anger of Drawn Out, and he is throwing from the hand of himself the self eternal Tablets, and he is breaking their eternal selves below the Mount."

(Exodus 32:19 RBT)

And those who have drawn near, the Learners of himself, they lifted up the Collapse, and they buried himself, and those who have come announced to the Salvation.
And he who has heard, the Salvation, withdrew from that side within a ship into a desolate place, on his own, and the Multitude, those who have heard, followed himself on foot, away from the Cities.
The "Ark"

"These ones are begotten ones of Rest ("Noah"). Rest is a man of justice, he has become complete in the revolutions of himself, eternally with the Mighty Ones, Rest has made himself walk."

(Genesis 6:9 RBT)

"And the Dual Waters, they are overpowering and multiplying exceedingly upon the Earth. And the Chest ("Ark"), she is walking on the faces of the Dual Waters.

(Genesis 7:18 RBT)

And he who has gone out perceived a great Multitude and was moved in his bowels upon themselves, and he treated the ones without strength of themselves.
The Place is Lonely Desolate
And of her who has become of evening, the Learners came to himself, those who say, "The Place is Desolate, and the Hour now at length she has come close, set free therefore the Multitude so that those who have gone away into the Unwalled Villages might buy in the market foods for themselves."
And the Salvation said to themselves, "They are not holding need to go away. Give to themselves yourselves to eat.
And they are saying to himself, "We do not hold in this place, if not five loaves and two fish."
Five loaves, two fish.

And the one said, "Carry themselves to myself to here."
And he who has commanded the Multitude to sit down upon the Farmyard, he who has taken hold the Five Loaves and the Two Fish, he who has looked up into the Heaven, he spoke well, and he who has broken, gave to the Learners the Loaves, and the Learners to the Multitude.
Looking up.
Dual Heavens, written "from here" and "from here".

And they all ate, and were fattened, and they lifted up that which abounds all around of the of Fragments, twelve hand-baskets filled up.
Twelve baskets lifted up.

And the ones who are eating, they were as if five thousand males, separated from women and little children.
And straightly he compelled/drove the Learners to step into the Ship, and to lead before himself into the Beyond until him whom might set free the Multitude.
And he who has set free the Multitude, he climbed into the Mount, on his own, to exchange prayers. And of evening, she who has become, he was in that place alone.
And the Ship now at length many stadium-tracks away from the Earth, holding back that which is being touchstone-tormented below the Waves, for the Wind was opposed.
The Ship against "anti Winds."

In fourth watch of the Night came toward them him who treads around upon the Sea.
And the Learners, those who have perceived himself upon the Sea, he who is treading around, were stirred, those who say that, 'He is a phantasm,' and away from the Fear they were cawing.
And straightly chirped the Salvation to themselves, he who is saying,"Be of good courage, myself I am, do not fear."
And he who has been separated to himself, the Small Stone, said "Master, if yourself is, command myself to come toward yourself upon the Waters."
And the one said, "Come!" And he who has descended away from the Ship, the Small Stone, tread around upon the Waters, and came toward the Salvation.
Looking, Looking.
Twins, simultaneously walking toward Salvation in the middle, two by two.

And he who is looking at the Wind, was fearing, and he who had begun to plunge down into the sea, he cawed, he who is saying, "Master save myself!"
ἐδίστασας - Duplicate Minded
And straightly the Salvation, he who has stretched forth the Hand, seized hold of himself, and he is speaking to himself, "Little trust, what did you duplicate into?"
And those who have come in of themselves into the Ship, the Wind tired/wore out.
And the ones within the Ship, they kissed to himself, those who say, "Truly of God, you are a son."
And those who have crossed over the other side, they came upon the Earth, into Land of Harp ("Gennesaret").
And those who have recognized himself, the Males of the Place of that one, they sent away into that entire Surrounding Region, and they brought toward himself everyone of those who are evilly holding.
Beams of the Sun. Sent away to the entire surrounding expanse.

And they summoned close himself so that they might only touch the Border of the Outer Garment of himself and as many as they touched, they were saved.
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