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Manly 1

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The Shoot/Branch of Salvation
Βίβλος - The Inner Bark.
The Inner-bark of genesis of Salvation, Anointed-one, a son of Beloved, a son of Father-of-Multitude: Father of Multitude begat the He Laughs, He-Laughs and he begat the Heel Chaser, Heel Chaser and he begat the Caster, and the brothers of himself, Caster and he begat the Breakthrough and the Risen One from out of the Palm-Tree, Breakthrough and he begat the Little Courtyard, Little Courtyard and he begat the Exalted One, Exalted One and he begat the My Gathered Volunteered, My Gathered Volunteered and he begat the Little Serpent, Little Serpent and he begat the Cloak, Cloak and he begat the Strength Within Himself from out of the Broad, Strength Within Himself and he begat the Laborer from out of the Female-Friend, the Laborer and he begat the Root Jesse, Root Jesse and he begat the Beloved, the King Beloved
and he begat the Complete One from out of her of the Flame of He Is, Complete One and he begat the Enlarged Gathered People, Enlarged Gathered People then he begat the He is My Father, He is My Father and he begat the Gatherer, Gatherer and he begatthe He Is Has Judged, He Is Has Judged and he begat the He Is Exalted, He Is Exalted and he begat the He Is My Power, He Is My Power and he begat the He Is Perfect, He Is Perfect and he begat the He Grasped, He Grasped and he begat the Empowered of He Is, the Empowered of He Is and he begat the Forgetting, Forgetting and he begat the Bold, Bold and he begat the He Is Supports, He Is Supports and he begat the He Is Sets Upright and the brothers of himself upon the migration of City of Confusion/Babylon.
and with the Migration of City of Confusion/Babylon, He is Sets Upright begat the I Have Asked God, I Have Asked God and he begat the Scorched-Babel, Scorched-Babel and he begat the My Father is Splendor, My Father is Splendor and he begat the God Stands Up, God Stands Up, and he begat the Help, Help and he begat the Just One, Just One and he begat the Brothers, Brothers1 and he begat the God of Splendor, God of Splendor and he begat the God of Help, God of Help and he begat the Gift, Gift and he begatthe Heel Chaser, Heel Chaser and he begat the He Adds, the Man of Bitter Rebel, from out of her whom Salvation was begotten, the one who is being spoken, "Christ". Therefore the whole of the Generations away from Father-of-Tumult until Beloved, fourteen generations, and from Beloved until the migration of City of Confusion/Babylon, fourteen generations, and from the migration of City of Confusion/Babylon until the Anointed-One, fourteen generations.
The Genesis
And the Genesis of the Salvation, Anointed One thus was of her who was betrothed, of the Mother of himself Bitter-Rebel,2 to the He Adds. Before the coming together of themselves, she was found within a womb, she who holds from out of a set-apart/different spirit.3
The Genesis.

He Adds, then, the Man of herself, he who is a just one and not one who desires to make a public display of herself,4 he purposed to secretly set free/release herself.
Ponder these ones
And he who has pondered these ones of himself, behold! An angel of a lord, down into a dream brought to light himself, he who says, "He Adds, son of Beloved, do not fear to take close Bitter-Rebel, the Woman of yourself, for the one within herself, that which has been begotten from out of spirit, is different/set-apart."
She will give birth then, to a son, and you will call out the Name of himself, 'Salvation,' for he will save the People of himself away from the Missings of themselves. This one then has become complete/whole, so that the one, he who was spoken, may be made full under a lord through the Prophet, he who speaks,
Behold! the Virgin within a womb will hold and will give birth to a son and they will call out the Name of himself, 'God With Ourselves' the one who is, he who is being translated 'With ourselves the God.'
God with Ourselves

Cut Out to Make
The He-Adds then, he who has been woken up away from the Sleep, made even as he had commanded himself, the Angel of a lord, and he took hold of the Woman of himself.
And he did not know herself until whom she gave birth to a son and called out the name of himself 'Salvation.'
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