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He is a Gift 27

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A Counsel of Suicide
And of morning, of her who has become, every one of the High Priests and the Elders of the People took hold of a counsel down from the Salvation, so as to put to death himself.
And those who have chained himself, they led away, and they handed over to Javelin ("Pilate"), the Leader.
No Thanks
At that time, Caster, he who has perceived, the one who is handing over himself because he was down separated, he who has regretted, turned around the Thirty Silver of the High Priests and Elders.
Flipping the Coin.
στρέφω (strefō): turning about or aside, as seen in examples like "turning horses" (Homer, Iliad 8.168, Odyssey 15.205), "turning a rudder" (Pindar, Fragment 40), and "turning oneself towards the sun" (Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound 708). It also denotes causing rotation on an axis, such as "turning the earth on a potter's wheel" (Herodotus 5.12) or metaphorically, turning laws and norms upside down (Plato, Gorgias 511a). The verb extends to figurative uses like overturning or altering significantly, as in "upsetting the laws" (Demosthenes 21.91) or "changing one's way of life" (Euripides, Medea 416).

He who is saying, "I missed!" He who has handed over innocent blood. And the ones said, "What is toward ourselves, you yourself will perceive."
And he who has thrown away the Silver into the Sanctuary, he withdrew. And he who has gone away, he choked himself.
קרבן / κορβᾶν - Offering for Drawing Near
And the High Priests, those who have taken hold of the Silver, they said, "It is not lawful to cast themselves into the Korban-Offering, since she is the value of blood.
For The Foreigners
And those who have taken hold of a counsel, they bought in the marketplace from out of themselves the Field of the Potter, into a burial for the Foreigners.
That Field through which he was summoned, a field of blood up to Today.
Potters Wheel of Death
ἕως τῆς σήμερον - Until this Day / up to Today.

The Price of himself
At that time, was filled up that which was spoken of across the other side from He Is Lifting Up ("Jeremiah"), the Prophet, he who is being spoken, "And they took hold of the Thirty Silver, the Value of him who has been prized, him whom they prized away from sons of God-Straightened,
and they handed over themselves into the Field of the Potter, just as he arranged together to myself, Master."
Potter of Majesty, Self to Self

"And he said toward themselves, "If it is a good one within the eyes of yourselves, give the wage of myself, and if not, cease!"
And they are weighing out the self eternal wage of myself, thirty silver.
And He Is saying toward myself, "Throw himself toward the Potter/Former of majesty, the Precious One whom I have prized from above themselves." And I am taking her, thirty Silver, and I am throwing his eternal self in the house of He Is toward the Potter/Former."

(Zechariah 11:12-13 RBT)

And the Salvation stood ready in front of the Leader, and the Leader questioned himself, he who is saying, "You are yourself the King of the Casters." And the Salvation was bringing to light, "You yourself are speaking!"
The Being Accused
And within the Accusing of himself under the High Priests and Elders, he separated no one.
At that time, the Javelin is speaking to himself, "Do you not hear how many things of yourself they are testifying down against?"
And he did not separate toward himself, not even one saying, insomuch as to marvel at the Leader exceedingly.

Setting Free Only One
And down to a feast, the Leader had been accustomed to setting free one captive to the Multitude, him whom they were desiring.
A Tale of Two Jesuses
And they were holding at that time, a distinguished captive, he who is spoken, 'Salvation Son of Abba ("Jesus Barabbas").'
Therefore those who have been led together of themselves, the Javelin said to themselves, "Who do you desire I should set free to yourselves? Salvation the Son of Abba or Salvation, the one who is spoken Anointed One?"52
Handed over to Malice
For he had seen that across to malice they handed over himself.
The Footstep Suffering in her Nightmare
And of him who is sitting of himself on the Step, the Woman of himself sent away toward himself, she who is saying, "There is nothing for you and that one, the Just one, for I have suffered many things today, down to a dream, across the other side to himself!"
πείθω - Peitho - Goddess of Persuasion
And the High Priests and the Elders persuaded the Multitude so that they should ask for the Son of Abba ("Barabbas"), and the Salvation they might destroy away.
πείθω Peitho Goddess of Persuasion.

Persuasion, beauty, charm, and seduction.
Rhetoric and the power of of words.

"'I have waved to and fro the bed of myself, with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon bark. Walk, we will be soaked, beloved ones, until the Dawn, we will leap for joy within loves! For there is not a Man within the house of himself, he has walked within a road from a remote place. He has taken a bag of the Silver within a hand of himself, for on the Day of the throne he is coming to the house of himself!'
She stretched him out in the abundance of her persuasion, within the portion of the lips of herself, she is driving him out."

(Proverbs 7:17-21 RBT)

Two Trees
And he who has been separated, the Leader, said to themselves, "Who do you desire that I should set free away from the Two to yourselves?" And the ones said, "The Son of Abba!"
The Javelin is saying to themselves, "Therefore what should I make of Salvation, the one who is spoken Anointed One?" They are saying, "Everyone, let him be staked!"
What Evil did he Make?
And he was bringing to light, "For what evil has he made?" And they were cawing out beyond measure all around, those who are saying, "Let him be staked!"

"For multitudes of pierced ones she has caused to fall, and a mighty throng are all the slain of herself. The roads of Sheol in the house of herself are descending stairs toward the Inner Chambers of death."

(Proverbs 7:26-27 RBT)

And the Javelin, he who has perceived that he is profiting nobody, but rather he is becoming more of a noisy uproar, he who has taken hold of water, he washed the Hands over opposite of the Multitude, he who is saying,"I am innocent, away from the Blood of this one, you yourselves will perceive!"
"For the palms of yourselves have been defiled in blood, and the fingers of yourselves in guilt! The Lips of yourselves have arranged words of a falsehood! The tongue of yourselves, she is growling an injustice!"

(Isaiah 59:3 RBT)

"so that herself he might set apart, he who has cleansed by the Bathing of the Water within a saying. "

(Ephesians 5:26 RBT)

Covered by the Blood
And he who has been separated, all of the People, he said, "The Blood of himself upon ourselves! And upon the Children of ourselves!"
Took from the wrong Jesus
At that time, he set free to themselves the Son of Abba, and the Salvation, he who has scourged, handed over so that he might be staked.
At that time, the Soldiers of the Leader, those who have taken from the Salvation, they led together into the Praetorium upon himself, the whole Coil.
"sssssssss....did God really say...?"
σπεῖρα (speira):
  • Anything twisted or coiled, e.g., nets (Ant. 346), hair braids (Poll. 2.31), snake coils (Aratus 446).
  • Boxing straps (Theoc. 22.80), head ring for load-bearing (Apollod. 2.5.11).
  • Ship’s drag rope used to slow down (Plut. garrul. 10).
  • Base of a column.
  • Wood grain where fibers twist.
  • Roman military unit, cohort or manipulus. A cohort had around 500 soldiers. (Polyb. 11.23.1; NT Acts 27:1).

Naked and Shamed
And those who have stripped himself, they placed around about himself a scarlet chlamys.
χλαμύδα (chlamýda)

The accusative singular form of χλαμύς (chlamýs), a type of short cloak or mantle worn by men in ancient Greece. Typically made of wool and fastened at the shoulder with a brooch or pin, the χλαμύς was especially associated with military and horseman use. It was commonly worn by soldiers and cavalrymen for its practicality in battle and ease of movement, allowing for quick dismounts and flexibility. This garment was an important element of military attire and was also used by hunters and travelers. For detailed descriptions of its use in military contexts, see Xenophon’s Cyropaedia and Aeschylus’s Agamemnon.

Tamar, Dinah
And those who have braided together a wreath from out of thorn bushes, imposed upon the Head of himself,53 also a reed within the Right-side of himself, and those who have fallen on the knees in front of himself, mocked at himself, those who are saying, "Rejoice, King of the Casters!"
πλέκω (plekó) - Plaited/braided together.

And those who have spat into himself, took hold of the Reed, and they were beating into the Head of himself.
Sheep into a Slaughter
And while they mocked to himself, they stripped himself of the Chlamys, and they sunk himself into the Outer Garments of himself, and they led away himself into the Staking.
"Pulling Up Stakes"
And those who are going out, they found a Cyrene man,54 named Hearing ("Simon"), this one they pressed into service so that he might lift up the Stake of himself.
And those who have come into a place, he who is spoken, Rolling Skull ("Golgotha"), that which is him who is being spoken, a place of a skull,
they offered to himself to drink a wine, he who has been mingled in company with bitter-gall, and he who has tasted did not desire to drink.
Allotted lands, property, inheritance, charge, heritage
And those who have staked himself, divided up the Outer Garments of himself, those who are casting an allotment.
And those who are sitting down, were watching over himself in that place.
At that time, two bandits are being staked together to himself, one from out of right-side ones and one from out left-side ones.
And those who are going alongside, they were blaspheming himself, those who are moving the Heads of themselves.
And those who are saying, "The one who is overthrowing the Sanctuary, and within three Days, he who is house-building! Save yourself, if a son you are, of the God, and step down away from the Stake!"
In the same way also the High Priests, those who are mocking in company with the Scholars and Elders, were saying,
"He saved other ones, he has no power to save himself, he is a king of God-Straightened, let him step down
away from the Stake, and we will trust upon himself!"
He has been persuaded upon the God, let him draw out
if he is desiring himself! For he said that I am of God, a son!"

"And Inner Sunlight ("Samshon") is clasping the two self eternal pillars in the Center of him who is the House who is erected upon themselves. And he is leaning upon themselves, one within the right side of himself and one within the left of himself.
And Inner Sunlight is saying, "She is dying, the Soul of myself, with the Dual Wallowers!" And he is stretching out in power, and the House is falling upon the Sullen Lords, and upon all the Gathered People who are within himself. And they are becoming the Dual Dead ones, whom he killed in the death of himself, multitudes more than he killed in the living ones of himself.
And the brothers of himself are descending, and the whole house of the father of himself. And they are lifting his eternal self, and they are climbing up, and they are burying the eternal sign of himself [אות] between Hornet and God's Woman [אשת-אל] in a burial grave of Resting Place, the father of himself..."

(Judges 16:29-31 RBT)

And the Bandits also, the ones who have been staked jointly with himself, they were reviling himself, the Self.
for Three Hours
And away from a sixth hour, a dark one has become upon all the Earth until a ninth hour.
Elijah Elijah!
And around the Ninth hour, the Salvation raised up a shout in a mega voice, he who is saying, 'Eli Eli! Lema sabachthani?' that is, 'God of myself, God of myself, for what have you left behind myself!'
Lifting a Mega Voice within Her Belly.

"And she is walking, and she is sitting to herself from anti-opposite, a distance according to the breadth of the bow, for she has said, "Let me not see in the death of the Child!" And she is sitting from the opposite to herself, and she is lifting up the self eternal voice of herself, and she is weeping. And mighty ones is hearing the self eternal voice of the Boy. And an angel of mighty ones is summoning toward the Foreigner ("HaGar") from out of the dual Heavenly ones, and he is saying to herself, "What is to yourself, the Foreigner? Do not fear! For mighty ones has heard toward the voice of the Boy within whom he has set himself!""

(Genesis 21:16-17 RBT)

And anyone of the ones who have stood ready, those who have heard, they were saying that this one is calling Elijah."
He who Ran Alone
And right away, he who ran, one, from out of themselves and he who has taken hold of a sponge, he who has filled up both of vinegar, and he who has set all around to a reed, was giving to drink himself.
Two Different Tidings

"And Beloved is he who is sitting in between two the Gates. And the Watchman is walking toward the roof of the Gate, toward the Wall. And he is lifting his self eternal eyes, and he is seeing, and behold! a man who runs to the separation of himself!
And the Watchman is summoning, and he is opposite to the King, and The King is saying, 'If to the separation of himself, glad tidings are in the mouth of himself.' And he is walking, he who walks, and he drew near.
And the Watchman is seeing the man who runs behind, and the Watchman is summoning toward the Gate, and he is saying, "Behold! a man who runs to the separation of himself!" And the King is saying, 'This one also is he who bears tidings.'"

(2 Samuel 18:24-26 RBT)

And the Left Behind ones were saying, "Send away! Maybe we will perceive if Elijah is coming, he who will save himself!"
And the Salvation, he who has cawed back in a mega voice, he sent away the Spirit.

"And Contentious Woman is seeing the self eternal son of the Foreigner ("HaGar") of Dual Strait, whom she has borne to Father of Multitude, is he who laughs.
And she is saying to Father of Multitude, "Drive out the Maidservant of This One, and the self eternal son of herself! For the son of the Maidservant of This One is not taking possession in company with the son of myself, in company with He Laughs ("Isaac")!" And the Word is being exceedingly evil within the dual eyes of Father of Multitude, on account of the Causes of the son of himself."

(Genesis 21:9-11 RBT)

The Waters Above, Waters Below
And behold! the Down-spread Curtain of the Sanctuary was split away from above, until down below into two, and the Earth was shaken to and fro, and the Rock Cliffs were split!
And the Monuments were opened, and many bodies of the Holy Ones who have fallen asleep, awakened!
And those who have gone out from out of the Monuments after the Awakening of himself, entered into the Holy City and made manifest to many.
In a Watching
And the Captain of a Hundred ("Centurion") and the ones in company with himself, those who are watching over the Salvation, those who have perceived the Earthquake and those which have become, they feared extremely, those who are saying, "Truly of God this one was a son!"
And they were many in that place, women, away from afar off, those who are looking carefully, anyone who followed the Salvation away from the Land of Circuit, those who are kicking up dust to himself.
Four Within
Within whom was Bitter-Rebel the Tower-ene ("Magdalene"), and the Bitter-Rebel of the Heel-Chaser ("James"), and a mother of He Adds ("Joseph"), and the Mother of the sons of Endowment ("Zebedee").
And of Evening of her who has become, a wealthy man came away from Dual-Height,55 named He Adds ("Joseph"), whom also himself was learned to the Salvation.
This one, he who has drawn near to the Javelin, asked the Body of the Salvation. At that time, the Javelin commanded to be given back.
And he who has taken hold of the Body, the He Adds, he wrapped itself within in a clean linen cloth.
A New Body
And he placed itself within the New One of himself, a monument which he had quarried out56 within the Rock Cliff. And he who has rolled up a mega stone to the Door of the Monument, went away.

"Is not in this way my word like a fire? He Is he who whispers, and like a hammer he is breaking in pieces the rocky cliff!"

(Jeremiah 23:31 RBT)
A Mega Womb Shut by a Mega Stone

"And Noble Princess, a woman of Exalted Father, has not given birth to himself. And to herself is a maidservant, a siege-enclosure ("Mitzrit"). And a name of herself is the Foreigner ("HaGar").
And Noble Princess is saying toward Exalted Father, "Behold! Pray, He Is has shut in myself from childbirth! Come in, pray, toward the Maidservant of myself. Perhaps I am being built from out of herself!" And Exalted Father heard the Voice of Noble Princess."

(Genesis 16:1-2 RBT)

And the Tomorrow, anyone who is in company with the Preparation, the High Priests and the Separatists led together toward Javelin,
those who are saying, "Master, we have remembered that that one, the Vagabond/Imposter, said, 'He who is still living, after three days I am being awakened.'
The inner chambers. After the third day.

Therefore command that the Burial Grave be fortified until the Third Day, so that those who have come, the Learners, should never steal away himself and speak to the People, 'He has been awakened away from the dead ones!' and she will be, the Last Wandering, worse than the First one."
κουστωδίαν - Latin Custodia
The Javelin was bringing to light to themselves, "You are holding a custodia. Lead under, fortify, just as you have known/seen."
Custodia - Container of the Presence

A custodia is the receptacle used for the Eucharist, (called "blessed sacrament/literal presence"). The term "custodia" denotes the vessel or container used to hold the consecrated Host (the Eucharist). This includes the monstrance or ostensorium, where the Host is displayed for adoration.

(cf. Catholic Dict., Liturgical Custodia - Wikipedia)

And the ones who have led across, they fortified the Burial Grave, those who set a signet-seal upon the Stone in company with the Custodia.
"Authorized by the Council"

σφρᾱγίζω (sphragizó) primarily means "to close or enclose with a seal." This includes sealing documents or containers to secure their contents (e.g., Euripides' Iphigenia in Aulis 38, LXX Bel. 14), authenticating documents (e.g., IG 9(1).61.78,95), certifying objects after inspection (e.g., PRev.Laws 25.10, Wilcken Chr. 89.5), and indicating pledging (e.g., Plutarch, Pompey 5). It can also refer to making an impression with a seal for various purposes (e.g., Aristotle, Memorabilia 450a32).

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