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He is a Gift 18

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little Children
Within that one, the Hour, the Learners came near to the Salvation, those who say, "Who then is greater within the Queen of the Heavenly ones?"
And he who has summoned to himself a little child, set itself within the Middle of themselves.
And he said, "Amen, I am saying to yourselves, unless you turn around and should become as the Little Children, you should never go in into the Queen of the Heavenly ones.
Therefore anyone who might make himself low as this Little Child, this one is the Greater one within the Queen of the Heavenly ones.
And whoever should embrace one little child, such a kind embraces myself upon the Name of myself.
The Scandal
But whoever should scandalize one of the Little Ones of these, the ones who trust into myself, he is carrying together to himself so that a heavy millstone should be hung around the Neck of himself and he be sunk within the High Sea/Deep of the Sea.
Head first

Woe to the World away from the Scandal!  For it is inevitable the Scandals come, but nevertheless woe to the Man across the other side from whom the Scandal comes!
If then the Hand of yourself or the Foot of yourself scandalizes yourself, cut down himself and cast away from yourself, it is beautiful/good to yourself to go in into the Zoe-life club-footed or limping maimed, than him who is holding two hands or two feet to be cast into the Fire, the Eternal.
And if the Eye of yourself scandalizes yourself, choose out/deliver himself, and cast away from yourself. He is beautiful/good to yourself one-eyed to go in into the Zoe-life, than him who is holding two eyes, to be cast into the Valley of Hinnom ("Gehenna") of the Fire.
"one eyed"
"in the wink of an eye"

Take heed that you do not think down of one of the Little Ones of these, for I am saying to yourselves that the Angels of themselves among heavenly ones across the other side from all are looking at the Face of the Father of myself, the one among heavenly ones.
The Cain
What does it seem to yourselves? If there should become one hundred sheep to any man, and one should wander from out of themselves, will he not send away the Ninety Nine upon the Mountains? And he who has led across is seeking the one which is wandering.
Little Children
Leaving the 99 for the one.

And if it should become to discover itself, Amen, I am saying to yourselves that it rejoices upon itself more than upon the Ninety Nine, the ones which have not wandered.
In this way it is not the desire in front of the Father of yourselves, the one among heavenly ones, that one of the Little Ones of these should be destroyed away.
Stand in the Middle "Gap"
If then the Brother of yourself should miss, lead under, shame himself between yourself and himself alone, if he should hear yourself, you have gained the Brother of yourself.
And if he should not hear, take with yourself yet one or two, so that upon a mouth of two witnesses, or three, the whole word might be stood up.
And if he hears aside of themselves, speak to the Summoned Assembly, and if he also hears aside of the Summoned Assembly, let him be to yourself just as the National and the Tax Farmer.
Amen, I am saying to yourselves, as much as you might chain up upon the Earth, she will be those which have been chained within heaven, and as much as you might untie upon the Earth, she will be those which have been untied within heaven.
Amen, I am speaking back to yourselves, that if two might harmonize-voice from out of yourselves upon the Earth around any affair whatever they should ask for, it will become to themselves close beside the Father of myself, the one within heavenly ones.
For where they are, two or three, those who have been led together into myself the Name, there I am within the middle of themselves.
At that time he who has drawn near, the Small Stone, said to himself, "Master, how often will the Brother of myself miss into myself, and I will send away to himself until seven times?
He is saying to himself, the Salvation, "I am not speaking to yourself up to seven times, but rather up to seventy times, seven."37
Seventy times, seven.

"And toward Drawn Out ("Moses") he said, "Ascend toward He Is your eternal self, and Inner Light ("Aaron"), Volunteer ("Nadab"), My Father is Himself ("Abihu"), and seventy from aged men of God Straightened, and you all have bowed to yourselves from a remote time/place."

(Exodus 24:1 RBT)

"Also the Tongue is a fire, the World of the Unjust one; the Tongue is set down within the Limbs of ourselves, she who is staining the whole Body, and she who is setting on fire the Wheel of Genesis, and she who is being set on fire below the Valley of Hinnom ("Gehenna").

(James 3:6 RBT)

Across to this the Queen of the Heavenly ones has been likened to a man, a king who has desired to take up together a word in company with the Slaves of Himself.
And he who has begun to take up together of himself, one was brought to himself, an indebted one of ten thousand, of talent scales.
Talent scales of Justice. To be made like, one to another.
"Is there not, if you are making good, an exalted one? And if you are not making good, at the Doorway is a miss offering of him who lies stretched out. And toward yourself is the Desire of himself, and your eternal self is likening within himself."

(Genesis 4:7 RBT)
The miss offering is the Body of Scandal and the dumb-beast is him who lies stretched out/crouching. The "justice" of this— a dumb beast indebted to a "queen of heaven" couldn't be more perverted. A.k.a the Levitical law regarding "a woman" who lies with "a dumb beast"...

But he who is not holding of himself to give back, the Master commanded himself to be sold, and the Woman and the Children, and everything as much as he is holding, and to give back.

"and he is selling all, as much as he is holding, and is buying the Field of that one."

(Matthew 13:46 RBT)

Therefore the Slave, he who has fallen, was kissing to himself, he who is saying, "Be long-suffering upon myself, and I will give back everything to yourself."
And he who has been moved in the bowels, the Master of the Slave of that one set free himself, and he sent away the Loan to himself.
And he who has gone out, the Slave, that one found one of the Joint Slaves of himself who owed to himself one hundred silver coins, and he who has grabbed hold of himself was strangling, he who is speaking, "Give back if you owe someone."
Therefore he who has fallen, the Joint-Slave of himself, was calling/summoning in himself, he who is saying, "Be long-suffering upon myself and I will give back to yourself."
But the one was not desiring, but rather he who has gone away cast himself into a watching, until he gave back that which was owed.
Therefore the Joint-Slaves of himself, those who have perceived the ones that have become, were extremely hurt, and those who have come made clear to the Master of themselves, all the ones that have become.
At that time, he who has called in close himself, the Master of himself, is speaking to himself, "Pain-ridden slave, all the Debt, that one, I sent away to yourself when you called in myself!"
Was it not necessary for you also to pity the Joint-Slave of yourself as even myself has pitied yourself?
And he who has become angry, the Master of himself, handed over himself to the Torturers until which he has given back all that which is owed.
In this manner also the Father of myself, the Heavenly one, will make to yourselves, if you should not send away each one the Brother of himself, away from the Hearts of yourselves.
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