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He is a Gift 12

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Sowable Soil
Within that one, the Time, the Salvation has led across to the Inner Cessations ("Sabbaton") across the other side from the Sowable Ones, and the Learners of himself were hungry and began to pluck ears of corn, and to eat.27
And the Separatists, those who have perceived, said to himself, "Behold! the Learners of yourself, those who are making that which is not allowed to make within Cessation ("Sabbaton")!"
And the one said to themselves, "Have you not recognized what Beloved ("David") made when he was hungry, also those in company with himself?
How he came into the House of the God and the Loaves of the Purpose they had eaten, which was that which is not allowed for himself to eat, neither the ones with himself, if not for the Priests alone?
Or have you not recognized within the Law that for the Inner Cessations ("Sabbatons"), the Priests within the Holy Place defile the Inner Cessation, and they are innocent?
And I am saying to yourselves that thus is a greater one than the Holy Place .
Cain vs. Abel
And if you had recognized who it is—Mercy I desire, and not Sacrifice–you would not have judged down the innocent.
For the Son the of the Man is master of the Inner Cessation.
And he who has stepped over on that side came into the Congregation of themselves.
And behold! a man who is holding a dried up hand! And they questioned himself, those who say, "If it is allowed for the Inner Cessations ("Sabbaton") to treat," so that they might accuse himself.
Dried, desolate one.

And the one said to themselves, "Who will be a man from out of yourselves that will hold one little sheep, and if this one should fall into a pit for the Inner Cessations ("Sabbatons"), will he not grab hold of itself, and wake up?
How great therefore a man carries across from a little sheep! Wherefore it is allowed for the Inner Cessations to make beautifully.
And he is speaking to the man, "Stretch forth the Hand of yourself, and she stretched forth and she was given back just as whole/sound as the Other one.

A Counsel of Fathers That holds Down
And those who have come, the Separatists, took hold of a counsel down from himself, in which manner they would destroy away himself.
All are Treated
And the Salvation, he who has recognized, withdrew from that side, and many followed himself, and he treated all of themselves.
And he bestowed honor to themselves so that they should not make himself manifest/visible,
so that the one who was spoken of across from He is Liberator ("Isaiah"), the Prophet, might be filled up, he who is being spoken,
"Behold! the little boy of myself whom I have chosen, the Beloved of myself whom she was delighted in, the Soul-life of myself! I will set the Spirit of myself upon himself, and he will announce a separation to the Bands of People!
He will not quarrel nor will he bay/clamor [like animals], nor will anyone hear the Voice of himself within the Broadways.
"Into Truth, Into Victory"
He will not grind/rub together a reed who has been crushed to pieces, and a flax wick, that which is smoking, he will not extinguish until he has cast out the separation into victory."28
"Islands Await For the Torah of Himself" Isaiah 43:4
And bands of people will hope in the Name of himself.
At that time one being demonized was brought to himself, a smoke-blinded and dull one, and he had treated himself, so as for the Dull one to chirp and to look.
And all of the Multitude was put out of place, and said, "Is this not the Son of Beloved?"
And the Separatists, those who have heard, said "This one is not casting out the Divinities, if not within the Lord of the Flies ("Beelzebub"), origin/first of the of Divinities."
The Woman becomes a Desolate Widow instead of a Queen
And he who has seen the inner thoughts of themselves said to themselves, "Every queen, she who has been divided down of her own self, is brought to desolation. And every city or house, she who has been divided down of her own self, she will not stand.
If he is Divided, The Queen is Divided
And if the Adversary is casting out the Adversary, he has been divided upon his own self. How therefore will the Queen of himself stand up?
And if myself within Lord of the Flies, I am casting out the Divinities, within whom are the Sons of yourselves casting out across to this one? Themselves will be judges of yourselves.
And if within a spirit of God I myself am casting out the Divinities, then the Queen of the God has come beforehand/anticipated upon yourselves.
Or how is anyone able to come into the House of the Mighty man, and to snatch away the Equipment of himself, if he does not first chain up the Mighty man? and then the House of himself he will plunder.
The one who is not being with myself, he is down from myself. And the one who is not leading together with myself, he is scattering.
Across to this one I am saying to yourselves, every miss and blasphemy will be sent away to the Men, but the Blasphemy of the Spirit will not be sent away.
And whoever should speak a word down from the Son the of Man, he will be sent away to himself, but whoever should speak down from the Spirit of the Holy one, he will not be sent away to himself, neither within this Eternal one, nor within the one who is about to be.
Or make the Tree beautiful and the Fruit of himself beautiful, or make the Tree rotten and the Fruit of himself rotten, for the Tree is recognized from out the Fruit.
Hissing vs. Chirping
Offspring of vipers! How are you able to chirp good ones, those who are being pain-ridden? For from out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth chirps!
The Good Man from out the Good Treasure casts out good ones, and the Pain-ridden Man from out the Pain-ridden Treasure casts out pain-ridden ones.
They will explain themselves
And I am saying to yourselves that every lazy/unproductive saying which the Men will chirp, they will give back a word around himself within day of separation.
For from out the Words of yourself you will be shown as just, and from out the Words of yourself you will be judged down."
At that time, some of the Scholars and Separatists separated from himself, those who say, "Teacher, we want to perceive a sign away from yourself."
And the one, he who has been separated, said to themselves, "A pain-ridden generation and an adulteress are seeking after sign, and a sign will not be given to herself, if not the Sign of Dove ("Jonah") the Prophet."
"She was Found within A Belly" Matt. 1:18
For just as Dove was within the Belly of the Sea Monster three days and three nights, in this way the Son of the Man will be within the Heart of the Earth three days and three nights.
Sea Monster of False Words. "Out of the Heart, the Mouth Speaks."
Sign of Jonah.
Three days in the Sea, three days in the Earth/Dry Land, equals six days. From the Heart of the Sea, to the Heart of the Earth.
(left) night | day (right)

Nineveh, Queen of the South
Ninevite males, will stand up within the Separation with the of the Generation of this one, and they will separate down herself because they changed the mind into the Proclamation of Dove, and behold many more than Dove in this manner!
A queen of a south wind will awaken within the Separation in company with the Generation of this one and she will separate down herself because she came from out of the Boundaries of the Earth to hear the wisdom of Complete One ("Solomon") and behold! many more than Complete One in this way!
And whenever the Unclean spirit goes out away from the Man, it comes through across waterless places, that which is seeking inner cessation, and it does not find.
At that time, he is speaking, Into the House of myself I will turn back, from where I came out, and that which has come, he is finding him who is at leisure, him who has been swept and him who has been adorned.
At that time he is leading across and he is receiving in company with himself, seven other pain-ridden spirits of his own self, and he who has come in is settling there, and he is becoming, the last ones of the Man of that one more inferior than the first ones. In the way it will be also for this Pain-ridden Generation.
And said anyone to himself, "Behold! the Mother of yourself, and the Brothers of yourself have stood ready outside, those who are seeking to chirp to yourself!"
And the one who has been separated spoke to the one who is speaking to himself, "Who is the Mother of myself and who are the Brothers of myself?
The Hand
And he who has stretched out the Hand of Himself upon the Learners of Himself said, "Behold! the Mother of myself and the Brothers of myself!"
For whoever should make the Desire of the Father of myself, the one among the Heavenly ones, Himself is a brother and a sister and a mother of myself!"
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