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He is a Gift 7

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Valley of Decision
Do not separate so that you may not be separated.
For within that decision you are separating, you will be separated, and within that measure which you measure out, it will be measured out to yourselves.
And why you are looking at the Dry Stick, the one within the Eye the Brother of yourself, and the one within your own Eye, a main-beam, you don't observe well?
Or how will yourself speak to the Brother of yourself, "Send away, I should cast the Dry Stick out from the Eye of yourself" and behold! the Main-Beam within the Eye of yourself!
Hypocrite! First cast out from out of the Eye of yourself the Main Beam, and at that time you will see clearly to cast out the Dry Stick from out of the Eye of the Brother of yourself.
Vision blocked.

Watch Dogs and Young Porkers
Don't give the Holy one to the Dogs nor cast the Pearls of Yourselves in front of the Young Pigs lest they ever tread down upon themselves within the Feet of themselves, and those who have been turned around should break asunder yourselves to pieces.
Ask and he will be given to yourselves, seek and yourselves will find, knock and he will be opened to yourselves.
To the one knocking, he will be opened
For everyone who is asking is taking hold, and the one who is seeking is finding, and to the one who is knocking, he will be opened.

"Behold! I stand ready upon the Door and I am striking! If anyone should hear the Voice of myself and open the Door, I also will come in toward himself, and will take meal in company with himself, and himself in company with myself!"

(Revelation 3:20 RBT)

A Stone and a Serpent
Or what man from out of yourselves, whom the Son of himself will ask for a loaf, will not give to himself a stone?
Or also a fish he will ask, will not give to himself a serpent?
If therefore yourselves, those who are pain-ridden ones, have seen good gifts to give to the Children of yourselves, how many more the Father of yourselves, the one among the Heavenly ones, will give good ones to the ones who are asking himself!
All the Desirable Gifts of the Law and Prophets
Therefore all, as many as you might desire, so that the Men might make to yourselves in this way, also yourselves are making for themselves, for this one is the Law and the Prophets.
The Broad Gate
Come in across the other side of the Narrow/Strait Gate because the Gate is broad; and spacious is the Road, she who is leading away into the Destruction, and they are many who are entering across the other side from herself.
The Destroyed.

"Dual-Strait" vs. "Ariel" - John 16:20-21
Because the Gate is narrow/strait; and she, the Road who has been pressed together is her who is leading into the Zoe-Life, and little ones are the ones who are finding herself.
Taking by Force
Hold away from the False Prophets, those who are coming toward yourselves within outer garments of sheep, yet inside are rapacious wolves.
Away from the Fruits of themselves you will recognize themselves. Do they collect grapes away from thorn bushes or figs away from caltrops?
Anti-calvary caltrops.

In this way every good tree is making beautiful fruits, and the rotten tree is making pain-ridden fruits.
A good tree is not able to make pain-ridden fruits, nor is a rotten tree able to make beautiful fruits.
Every tree which is not making beautiful fruit is cut down, and cast into fire.
Then surely away from the Fruits of themselves you will recognize themselves.
You Cannot Serve Two Masters
Not everyone, the one who is saying to myself, master master, will go in into the Queen of the Heavenly ones, except the one who is making the Desire of the Father of myself, the one among the heavenly ones.
τῷ σῷ - for your own
Many will say to myself within that one, to the Day, 'Master master, did we not foretell for your own name, and for your own name cast out divinities, and for your own name make many forces?"20b
I was Blind
And at that time I will acknowledge/confess to themselves that, "Never at any time did I recognize yourselves! Go away from myself, the ones who are working the Lawlessness!"
Everyone therefore who is hearing those Words of myself, and is making themselves, he will be made like a man in his right mind/prudent who built the House of himself upon the Rock-Cliff.
Foundation of Peace
And the Rain descended down, and the Rivers came, and the Winds breathed hard, and they fell upon the House of that one, and she did not fall down, for she had been founded upon the Rock.
And everyone who is hearing those Words of myself and who is not making themselves, he will be made like a stupid man who built the House of himself upon the Sand.
And the Rain descended down, and the Rivers came, and the Winds breathed hard, and they struck against the House of that one, and she fell down, and mega was the downfall of herself.
And he has become at the time when the Salvation had brought those Words to completion, the Multitude were struck with shock on account of the Teaching of Himself.
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