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Galatians 2

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Thereafter across the other side from fourteen years, I climbed back into Foundation of Peace in company with Son of Prophecy ("Bar-nabas"), he who has taken together also Avenged ("Titus").2
Bearing News to David
And I climbed up, down to an unveiling, and I set up to themselves the Gospel which I am proclaiming within the Bands of People, down on my own, and to the ones who are expecting, let me not be running, or have run, empty.
But not even Avenged, the one together with myself, he who is being a Greek, was forced to be cut around.
And across to the ones were smuggled in, false brothers, anyone who came in close beside to spy down on the Freedom of ourselves, her whom we are holding within Anointed One Salvation, so that they will bring ourselves into bondage.
to whom, not even toward an hour, did we yield to the Subjection, so that the True One of the Gospel should remain permanently toward yourselves.
And away from the ones who are esteemed to be something, whatever kind they once were, nobody is carrying through. The God does not take hold of a face of a man. For the ones who seemed influential added nothing to myself.
ἀκροβυστία akro-bystia - "Crest depth"
But on the other hand, those who have perceived that I have been trusted with the Gospel of the Extreme Depth,3 just as Small Stone, the Cutting Around.
The Crest of the Depth vs. the Cutting Around "Circumcision."

For the one who acted for Small Stone into a sending off/discharge of the Cut Around one, acted also for myself, into the Bands of People.
Only so that we should be mindful of the Cowering ones, which also I was eager to make this self.
And when Rock came into Anti-Hold ("Antioch"), I stood anti to himself, down against a face, because he was him who has been condemned.
Like Esau, Castrating himself
For in front of the Coming, he was eating anything in company with the Bands of People away from Heel Chaser, but when I came he was shrinking back, and was marking off his own self, he who is afraid of the ones from out of the Cut Around One.
Self Castration.
Marking off the self
"Bridegroom of bloody ones."

And also the Left Behind Casters pretended to agree with himself, so that even Son of Prophecy was led away together with the Stage Play of themselves.
But when I perceived that they were not treading straight footed toward the Truth of the Gospel, I said to Peter in front of everyone, If you yourself, a Caster, are beginning below nationally, and you are not living casting-ly, how do you force the Bands of People to Cast-ize?
Ourselves are Casters by natural origin, and not missers from out of Bands of People,
and those who have seen that no man is made just from out of works of a law, unless across from Trust of Anointed One Salvation. And we ourselves have trusted into Anointed One Salvation so that we might be made just from out of Trust of Anointed One, and not from out of works of a law, because from out of works of a law, no flesh at all will be made just.
And if, those who are seeking to be made just within Anointed One, we have been found, even ourselves, missers, then an Anointed dust-kicker of a miss, may he not become!
For if the things that I have overthrown, these ones I build back, I stand together my own self with a side-stepper.
For myself across from a law, died away to a law, so that to God I might zoe-live!
I was jointly staked with an Anointed One, and myself, I am no longer living, but he is living within myself, Anointed One, and that which
I am living within flesh, I am living within the Trust of the Son of the God, the one who agape-loved myself, and who handed over his own self across from myself.
I am not setting aside the Kind One of the God, for if across from a law is a just one, then an Anointed One died away as a gift.
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