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Galatians 3

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Unreasoning Omega Ω Generation
Ω unreasoning Celts ("Galatians")! Who cast a spell on yourselves, those to whom down upon eyes, Salvation Anointed was pre-written, he who has been staked!
This one alone I desire to learn away from yourselves— did you take hold of the Spirit from out works of law, or from out of hearing of trust?
In this way you are unthinking. Those who have begun by Spirit
by flesh you are being brought to completion.
So much in these things you have suffered for no reason, if really also for no reason!
Therefore, is the one who is supplying the Spirit to yourselves and he who is working powerful ones within yourselves, from out works of law or from out hearing of faith?
Just as Father of Multitude trusted in the God, and she was counted to himself into a just one.
And you recognize that the ones from out faith, these ones are sons Father of Multitude.
And she who has foreseen, the Writing, that from out of trust the God shows to be just the Nations, she foretold the gospel to the Father of Multitude that they will be in-blessed within yourselves, every one of the Nations.
So as for the ones from out of trust are blessed together with the Trustworthy, Father of Multitude.
For as many as are from out works of law, they are under a down-cursing. For it is written that accursed is everyone who does not remain in all the ones that have been written within the Book the of Law of the Making of themselves.
And that within a law no one is shown to be just close beside the God, clearly, because the Just one from out of trust will live.
And the law is not from out of trust, but rather, the one who made themselves will live among themselves.
Ourselves Accursed, Hung on a Wood overnight
An Anointed one redeemed ourselves from out of the Down-Cursing of the Law, he who has become across from ourselves—a down cursing, because it was written, Accursed is all, the one who hung upon a wood.
So that the Blessing of the Father of Multitude, she should become into the Nations within Salvation Anointed, so that we should receive the Announcement of the Spirit across the other side from the Trust.
Brothers, down to a man I am speaking, yet of a man, she who has been validated, a testament, no one sets aside or arranges upon further.
And to the Father of Multitude ("Abraham") were spoken the Announcements, also to the Seed of himself. He is not speaking, 'And the to Seeds' as though upon many, but rather as upon one, 'And to the Seed of yourself' who is an Anointed one.
And this one I am speaking, a testament, she who has been pre-validated under the God, the one with four hundred and thirty years, he who has become a law, is not invalidating into the abolishing of the Announcement.
For if from out of a law, the Inheritance, no longer from out of an announcement, but to the Father of Multitude across the other side from an announcement the God has extended favor.
Therefore what is the Law of the Sidesteps? A kind one, she was added until he who should come, the Seed which he has announced, he who has been arranged across from angels within a hand of a middleman.
And the Middleman is not of one, but the God is one.
Therefore the Law, down from the Announcements of the God, may he not become! For if a law was given, one which is truly able to make alive, from out of a law she would be, the Just one.
But rather, she was shut in, the Writing, everything under a miss, so that the Announcement from out of trust of Salvation Anointed one, should be given to the ones who are trusting.
Guarded by Sentinels
And in front of the one to come, the Trust, we were militantly-guarded under a law, those who are shut in together, into the Trust, she who is about to be unveiled.
Strict Schoolmaster
So as for the Law, he has become a boy-trainer of ourselves into an Anointed one, so that from out trust we might be shown just.
And of her who has come of the Trust, we are no longer under a boy-trainer.
For everyone of you are sons of God across the other side from the Trust, within Anointed Salvation.
For as many as were submerged into an Anointed one, an Anointed one you have clothed yourselves.
There is not Caster nor Greek, there is not slave nor free, there is not male and female, for all of yourselves are one, within Anointed Salvation.
And if yourselves of Anointed One, then you are a seed of the Father of Multitude, heirs down to an announcement.
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