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Galatians 1

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Little ("Paulos"), a sent away one, not away from men nor across from a man, but across the other side from Salvation Anointed One, and from God, a father of the one who has woken up himself from out dead ones.
And the ones together with myself, all brothers of the Summoned Assemblies of the District of Celts ("Galatias").
Grace to yourselves, and peace away from God, a father of ourselves, and a master Salvation Anointed.
The one who has given himself beyond from the misses of ourselves so that he should choose ourselves out from out of the Eternal one, the one who is presently pain-ridden, down to the Desire of the God and a father of ourselves.
To whom is the Glory into the Eternal ones of the Eternal ones, amen.
I am marveling that in this way you are swiftly changing sides away from the one who has summoned yourselves within a Grace of Anointed One, into different gospel!
That which is not another, unless some are being those who are stirring yourselves up, and those who are desiring to turn around the gospel of the Anointed One.
The Gospel close beside the Gospel be Damned
But rather, also if ourselves or an angel from out of heaven should be gospelizing to yourselves close beside that which we have gospelized to yourselves, let it be anathema!
A gospel close beside a gospel.

Just as we have foretold, and at this moment I am speaking back again, "If anyone of yourselves is gospelizing close beside that which you have taken from, let him be anathema!
For at this moment am I persuading men or the God, or do I seek to please men? If I were still pleasing to men, I would not have been a slave of Anointed one.
For I recognize yourselves, brothers, the Gospel, that which has been gospelized under myself, because it is not down to a man.
For neither myself close beside a man took from itself, nor was I taught, but across the other side from an unveiling of Salvation Anointed one.
I Cast Beyond
For you have heard of the Upturning of mine, once within the Religion of Casting ("Judah-ism"), that I chased down with a throwing beyond, the Summoned Assembly of the God, and I ravaged herself.
And I was cutting forward within the Religion of Casting beyond many of equal age, within the Offspring of myself, all around abundant zealot, he who begins below the Handings-Down of the fathers of myself.
But when he was pleased, the one who has delimited/defined myself from out of a belly of a mother of myself, and he who summoned/called across from the kind one of himself,
to reveal the Son of himself within myself, so that I might gospelize himself within the Nations, I did not immediately lay upon additionally flesh and blood.
Nor I did I climb into Foundation of Peace toward the Sent Away ones in front of myself, but I went away into Evening ("Arabia"), and turned back again into Blood-Sackcloth ("Damascus").
Thereafter behind three years, I went up into Foundation of Peace to inquire into Rock ("Cephas") and I remained toward himself, fifteen days.
And another of the Sent away ones I did not perceive, if not Heel Chaser ("James") the Brother of the Master.
And those ones which I am writing to yourselves, behold in the eye of the God that I am not lying!
Eye of the God.
six revolutions, left and right. Six steps to the center. The "tele" outside (like a telescope) and the origin (seventh "sabbath day") inside, where everything stops.

Thereafter I came into the inclining-slopes of the Syria and the Cilicia.
And I was being one who is ignorant to the Face of the Summoned Assemblies of the Land of Casters, the ones within Anointed one.
Two eyes, two faces, two mouths, opposed to one another. One declining pit, the other, inclining slopes.

And they were those who were only hearing that the one who formerly chased ourselves,
is gospelizing the Trust whom he was ravaging formerly.
Time stops at Now.

And they were glorifying the God within myself.
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