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Genesis Chapter 47

1And He-Adds is coming in, and he is exposing to Pharaoh, and is saying, `My father, and my brothers, and their sheep, and their ploughing-one, and the whole of whom is to-themselves, have come in from the earth of Humbled, and behold-them in the earth of Goshen.` 2And from an extremity he has taken his brothers, five mortal-men, and is setting them to the faces of Pharaoh.

3And Pharaoh is saying toward his brothers, `What are your works?` And they are saying toward Pharaoh, `Your slaves are he-who-tends a sheep, also ourselves also our fathers.` 4And they say toward Pharaoh, `To offroad in the Earth we have come in, for nothing is a tending-place to the sheep whom are to your slaves, for heavy is the Hungry-one in the earth of Humbled. And now, we are sitting, your slaves, now, in the earth of Goshen.`

5And Pharaoh is speaking toward He-Adds, to say, `Your father and your brothers have come in toward you. 6The earth of Dual-Siege is to your faces. Himself is the good-place of the Earth. Sit אֶת-your father and אֶת-your brothers, and they are sitting in the earth of Goshen, and if you have perceived, and there exists in them mortal-men of a turning-one, then you have placed them princes of a bought-one upon whom is to-myself.`

7And He-Adds is causing to come in in Heel his father and is causing him to stand-firm to the faces of Pharaoh, and Heel is kneeling אֶת-Pharaoh. 8And Pharaoh is saying toward Heel, `Like what are the days of the duplications of your living-ones?`

9And Heel is saying toward Pharaoh, `The days of the duplications of my offroadings are thirty and a hundred of a duplication, a little-one and ruined-ones have become the days of the duplications of my living-ones, and they have not reached the days of the duplications of the living-ones of my fathers, in the days of their offroadings.`

10And Heel is kneeling אֶת-Pharaoh, and he is going out from-to-the faces of Pharaoh. 11And He-Adds is sitting אֶת-his father and אֶת-his brothers, and is giving to them a possession in the earth of Dual-Siege, in the good-place of the Earth, in the earth of Rameses [Born-of-Ra], according to which Pharaoh has commanded.

12And He-Adds is measuring אֶת-his father, and אֶת-his brothers, and the whole of the house of his father to a bread, to the mouth of the little-one. 13And a bread is nothing in the whole of the Earth, for very heavy is the hungry-one.

14And He-Adds is picking up the whole of the Silver-one the One-who-is-found in the earth of Dual-Siege and in the earth of Humbled, in the Broken-one whom those-ones are those-who-break-in-pieces,* and He-Adds is causing to come in אֶת-the Silver-one the house-ward of Pharaoh.

15And the Silver-one is completing from the earth of Dual-Siege, and from the earth of Humbled, and the whole of the Dual-Siegeians are coming in toward He-Adds, to say, `Pay to-ourselves a bread—and why are we dying anti to you, for the silver-one has disappeared.`

16And He-Adds is saying, `Pay your bought-ones. And I am giving to-yourselves in your bought-ones, if the silver-one has disappeared.` 17And they are causing to come in their bought-ones toward He-Adds, and He-Adds is giving to-themselves a bread, in the Horses, and in the bought-one of the Sheep, and in the bought-one of the Ploughing-one, and in the Fermenting-ones. And he is guiding them in the Bread, in the whole of their bought-ones, in the Duplication of Himself.*

18And the Duplication of Himself is completing, and they are coming in toward him in the Duplication of the Second. And they are saying to-himself, `We are not hiding[efface]* it from my master, for if the Silver-one has completed, and a bought-one of the Behemah is toward my master, he is not remaining to the faces of my master except our body,* and our Red-one. 19Why are we dying to your eyes, also ourselves also our Red-one? Buy אֶת-ourselves and אֶת-our Red-one in the Bread, and we are becoming, ourselves and our Red-one, slaves to Pharaoh. And give a seed, and we are living, and are not dying, and the Red-one is not becoming desolate.`

20And He-Adds is buying אֶת-the whole of the Red-one of Dual-Siege for Pharaoh, for Dual-Siegeians have sold, a man his field, for the Hungry-one has strengthened upon them, and the Earth has become for Pharaoh. 21And the אֶת-People, he has crossed-over אֶת-him to the Cities from the extremity of a boundary of Dual-Siege and until his extremity.

22Only the red-one of the Priests he has not bought, for an inscription* is for the priests from אֶת-Pharaoh. And they have eaten אֶת-their inscriptions which Pharaoh has given to them, upon an upright they have not sold their red-one. 23And He-Adds is saying toward the People, `Behold, I have bought אֶת-you the Hot-one and אֶת-your red-one for Pharaoh. Behold, to-yourselves is a seed, and you all have sown אֶת-the Red-one.

24And he has become, in the Incomings* you have given a fifth to Pharaoh, and four of the Hands he is becoming to yourselves, to a seed of the Field, and to your food, and to whom is in your houses, and for food for your tripping-ones.`

25And they say, `You have caused us to live, we are finding a favor in the eyes of my master, and we have become slaves to Pharaoh.` 26And He-Adds is placing אֶת-him to a statute until the Hot-one of This one, until a red-one of Dual-Siege, to Pharaoh to the Fifth one; only a red-one of the Priests to their separation has not become to Pharaoh.

27And El-Strives is sitting in the earth of Dual-Siege, in the earth of Goshen, and they are being grasped by her, and are being fruitful, and are abounding exceedingly.

28And Heel is becoming in the earth of Dual-Siege seven ten of a duplication, and Heel is becoming the days,* duplications of his living ones, seven duplications, and forty, and a hundred of a duplication. 29And the days of El-Strives are drawing near to die, and he is calling-out for his builder, for He-Adds, and is saying to-himself, `If, now, I have found a favor in your eyes, place, now, your hand under my thigh, and you have made with me a kind-one and a true-one; do not bury me, now, in Dual-Siege, 30and I have lain-down with my fathers, and you have lifted me from Dual-Siege, and buried me in their burying-place.` And he is saying, `Myself is making according to your word.`

31And he is saying, `Be-seven-ed to-myself.` And he is being sevened to-himself, and El-Strives is bowing-down himself upon the shaking-one of the stretch-out-place.*