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Genesis Chapter 44

1And he is laying-charge אֶת-whom is upon his house, to say, `Fill the stretched-out-ones of the Mortal-men of a food, according to whom they are able0 to lift up, and put a silver-one of a man in the mouth of his stretched-out-one. 2And אֶת-my bowl,* a bowl of a silver-one, you are putting in the mouth of the stretched-out-one of the Small-one, and אֶת-a silver-one of his broken-one.` And he is making according to the word of He-Adds which he has ordered.

3The Dawn has become light, and the Mortal-men have been sent away, they and their fermenting-ones, 4they have gone out אֶת-the City, they have not caused-to-be-far, and He-Adds has said to whom is upon his house, `Stand up, pursue the back of the Mortal-men; and you have caused-to-reach them, and you have said toward them, Why have you created-peace a ruined-one underneath a good-one? 5Is not this one whom my master is drinking in-himStrong’s ? And himself to hiss is hissing* in-him. You have created-ruin whom you have made.` 6And he is reaching them, and is ordering toward them the Words of These ones.

7And they are saying toward him, `Why is my master ordering according to the Words of These ones? Profane-thing! to your slaves from making according to the Word of This one. 8Behold, a silver-one which we have found in the mouth of our stretched-out-ones we have caused to turn back toward you from the Earth of Humbled. And how are we stealing from the house of your master a silver-one or a gold-one? 9Whom is being found את-him of your slaves, he has died, and also ourselves are becoming to my master for slaves.`

10And he is saying, `Also, now, according to your words, an upright is himself whom is found את-him, he is becoming to-myself a slave, and yourselves are becoming clean-ones.`

11And they are hastening and are descending a man אֶת-his stretched-out-one earth-ward, and they are opening a man אֶת-his stretched-out-one. 12And he is searching, in the Great-one he has untied, and in the Small-one he has ended. And the Bowl has been found in the stretched-out-one of Builder-of-the-right.

13And they are rending their garments, and he is loading, a man upon his fermenting-one, and they are turning back the City-ward.

14And Cast is coming in, and his brothers are house-ward of He-Adds, and himself is again-him* there. And they are falling to his faces earth-ward.

15And He-Adds is saying to them, `What is the Made-one of This one which you all have made? Have you all not perceived to hiss he is hissing a man whom is the-likeness-of-me?`

16And Cast is saying, `What are we saying to my master? What are we ordering? And what are we justifying ourselves? The Elohim has found אֶת-a bent-one of your slaves. Behold-ourselves, slaves to my master, also ourselves, also whom the Bowl was found in his hand.` 17And he is saying, `Profane-thing! to-myself from making this one. The Man whom the Bowl was found in his hand, he is becoming to-myself a slave. And yourselves, ascend to peace toward your father.`

18And Cast is drawing-near toward him, and is saying, `Please, my master, he is ordering, now, your slave, a word in the ears of my master, and your nostril is not burning in your slave, for the-likeness-of-you is according to Pharaoh. 19My master has asked אֶת-his slaves, to say, Does there exist to-yourselves a father or a brother? 20And we are saying toward my master, There exists to-ourselves a father, an old-one, and a born-one of old-ones, a small-one, and his brother has died, and he is remaining himself to his separation to his mother, and his father has loved him. 21`And you are saying toward your slaves, Cause him to descend toward me, and I am placing my eyes upon him. 22And we are saying toward my master,

23And you are saying toward your slaves, If your young brother, the Small-one, is not descending את-yourselves, you all are not adding* to see my faces.

24`And he is becoming, for we have ascended toward your slave my father, and we are exposing to-himself the words of my master. 25And our father is saying, Turn back, and break-in-pieces to-ourselves a little piece of a food, 26and we are saying, We are not able to descend, if there exists our brother the Small-one את-us, then we have descended, for we are not able to see the faces of the Man, and our brother the Small-one is nothing את-us. 27`And your slave my father is saying toward us, Yourselves have perceived that double my woman has borne to-myself, 28and the One is going out from אֶת-me, and I am saying, Indeed, to tear-off he has been torn-off.* And I have not seen him until there. 29And you all have taken also אֶת-this one from-with my faces, and a harm has met him, then you all have caused to descend אֶת-my grey-one in a ruined-one sheol-ward.* 30`And now, according to my coming in toward your slave my father, and the Scattered-one is nothing with us, and his breath is her-who-is-tied-together in his breath, 31then he has become according to his seeing that the Scattered-one is nothing, and he has died, and your slaves have caused to descend a grey-one of your slave our father, with a sorrow* sheol-ward. 32For your slave has intermixed the Scattered-one from-with my father, to say, If I am not causing him to come in toward you, then I have missed to my father the whole of the Days. 33`And now, he is sitting, now, your slave, underneath the Scattered-one, a slave to my master, and the Scattered-one is ascending with his brothers. 34For how am I ascending toward my father, and the Scattered-one is nothing with me? Lest I am seeing in the Ruined-one whom is finding אֶת-my father.`