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Genesis Chapter 40

1And he is the back of the Words of These ones; the drink-giver of the king of Dual-Siege and the One-who-bakes have missed to their master, to the king of Dual-Siege.

2And Pharaoh is furious upon his two eunuchs: upon the prince of Drink-givers, and upon the prince of those-who-bake, 3and he is giving אֶת-them in a prison in the house of the prince of the Butchers, toward the house of the Round, the standing-place in which He-Adds is he-who-is-tied there. 4And the prince of the Butchers are visiting אֶת-He-Adds אֶת-them, and he is ministering אֶת-them; and they are becoming days in a prison.*

5And they are bonding a bonded-one, their two, a man his bonded-one, in the night of one, a man according to the division* of his bonded-one, the drink-giver and the One-who-bakes whom belong to the king of Dual-Siege, who are those-tied in the house of the Round. 6And He-Adds is coming in toward them in the Dawn, and is seeing אֶת-them, and behold those-who-foam.*

7And he is asking the eunuchs of Pharaoh who are אֶת-him in the prison of the house of his master, saying, `Of what-perception are your faces ruinous* the Hot-one?` 8And they are saying toward him, `A bonded-one we have bonded, and nothing is one-who-opens-up* אֶת-him.` And He-Adds is saying toward them, `Are not to elohim the opened-ones? Record, now, to-myself.` 9And the prince of the Drink-givers is recording אֶת-his bonded-one to He-Adds, and is saying to-himself, `In my bonded-one, and behold, a vine is to my faces. 10And in the Vine are three entwining-branches,* and herself is as one-who-breaks-forth, she has ascended, her sparkling-one, they caused to boil her clusters of grapes; 11and the cup of Pharaoh is in my hand, and I am taking אֶת-the Grapes and treading אֶת-them toward the cup of Pharaoh, and I am giving אֶת-the Cup in the palm of Pharaoh.` 12And He-Adds is saying to-himself, `This one is his division, the three Entwined-branches are three days themselves. 13In a going-around of* three days Pharaoh is lifting up אֶת-your shaking-one, and has caused you to turn back upon your stand,* and you have given the cup of Pharaoh in his hand, according to the First Judgement which you have become his drink-giver. 14For if you have memorialized-me, את-you, when you are creating-good to-yourself, and you have made, now, by-me a kind-one, and have caused to memorialize-me toward Pharaoh, then you have caused me to go out from the House of This one, 15for to steal I have been stolen from the Earth of the Beyond-ones; and here also I have not made a speck yet they have put אֶת-me in the Cistern.` 16And the prince of Those-who-bake is seeing for he has divided good, and he is saying toward He-Adds, `Also myself is in my Bonded-one, and behold, three reed-baskets* of a white-one* are upon my shaking-one, 17and in the Uppermost Reed-basket from the whole of the food of Pharaoh, a work of he-who-bakes; and the Flying-one is he-who-eats אֶת-them from out of the Reed-basket, from upon my shaking-one.`18And He-Adds is facing and is saying, `This one is his division. The three Reed-baskets are three days themselves. 19In a going-around of three days Pharaoh is lifting up your shaking-one from upon you, and he has hung אֶת-you upon a wood,* and the Flying-one has eaten אֶת-your flesh from upon you.`

20And he is in the Hot-one of the Third-one, a hot-one being-begotten אֶת-Pharaoh, and he is making a drink to the whole of his slaves, and is lifting up the shaking-one of the prince of the Drink-givers, and the shaking-one of the prince of Those-who-bake in the middle of his slaves, 21and he is causing to turn back the prince of the Drink-givers upon his drink-giver, and he is giving the cup upon the hand of Pharaoh. 22And אֶת-the prince of Those-who-bake he has hanged, as when He-Adds has divided to them. 23And the prince of the Drink-givers has not memorialized אֶת-He-Adds but is forgetting him.