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Genesis Chapter 34

1And Justice* is going out, built-one of Weary, whom she has borne to Heel, to see in the built-ones of the Earth, 2and Shoulder is seeing אֶת-her, builder of Fermenting-one the Tent-Dweller, an exalted-one of the Earth, and he is taking אֶת-her, and is lying down אֶת-her, and is facing her.

3And his breath is cleaving to Justice, built-one of Heel, and he is loving אֶת-the Girl, and is speaking upon the heart of the Girl. 4And Shoulder is ordering toward Fermenting-one his father, to say, `Take to-myself the Female-Child* of This one to a woman.`

5And Heel has heard for he has made-unclean אֶת-Justice his built-one, and his builders have become את-his bought-one in the Field, and Heel has been dumb* until their coming in.

6And Fermenting-one, father of Shoulder, is going out toward Heel to order את-him. 7And the builders of Heel have come in from the Field when they heard, and the Mortal-men are paining themselves,* and he burned* to them exceedingly, for he has made a withered-one* in El-Strives, to lie down אֶת-the built-one of Heel, and an upright one is not being made.*

8And Fermenting-one is ordering אֶת-them, to say, `Shoulder, my builder, his breath has stuck in your built-one. Give, now, אֶת-her to-himself to a woman. 9And make-yourselves-bridegrooms* את-us. Give to-ourselves אֶת-your built-ones, and our built-ones take to-yourselves. 10And את-us you are sitting, and the Earth she is becoming to your faces. Sit ye and go-round her,* and be possessed* in her.`

11And Shoulder is saying toward her father, and toward her brothers, `Let me find a favored-one in your eyes, and that which you are saying toward me, I am giving. 12Abound upon me exceedingly a bride-price and a gift, and I may give when you are saying toward me, and give to-myself אֶת-the Girl to a woman.`

13And the builders of Heel are facing אֶת-Shechem and אֶת-Fermenting-one his father in a treachery, and they are ordering whom he has made-unclean Justice their sister. 14And they are saying toward them, `We are not able to make the Word of This one, to give אֶת-our sister to a man who to-himself is a foreskin, for a disgraced-one is himself* to-ourselves.

15`Only in this one we are consenting to-yourselves, if you are becoming the-likeness-of-us, to circumcise to-yourselves the whole of a male, 16then we have given אֶת-our built-ones to-yourselves, and your built-ones we are taking to-ourselves, and we have sat את-you, and have become to a people of one; 17and if you are not hearing toward ourselves to be circumcised, then we have taken אֶת-our built-one, and have walked.`

18And their words are causing-good in the eyes of Fermenting-one, and in the eyes of Shoulder, builder of Fermenting-one; 19and the Shaken-out-one has not remained-behind* to make the Word, for he has delighted in the built-one of Heel, and himself is a heavy-one* above the whole of the house of his father.

20And Fermenting-one is coming in, and Shoulder his builder toward a gate of their city, and they are ordering toward the mortal-men of their city, to say, 21`The Mortal-men of These are complete they are את-us; and they are sitting in the Earth, and are going-round אֶת-her* and the Earth, behold, is broad of hands to their faces; we are taking אֶת-their built-ones we are taking to-ourselves to women, and our built-ones we are giving to-themselves. 22`Only in this one do the men consent to-ourselves, to sit את-us, to become a people of one, in circumcising to-ourselves the whole of a male, like-which they are circumcised-ones; 23their a bought-one, and their possessions, and the whole of their behemah is not to-ourselves them? Only let us consent to-themselves, and they are sitting את-us.`

24And toward Fermenting-one, and toward Shoulder his builder, are hearing the whole of those-who-go-out the gate of his city, and they are being circumcised the whole of the male, the whole of those-who-go-out the gate of his city.

25And he is becoming in the Hot-one of the Third-one,* in their becoming those-who-are-in-pain, and the pair of the builders of Heel, News* and Joined, brothers of Justice, are taking a man his sword, and are coming in upon the City securely, and are slaying the whole of a male.

26And אֶת-Fermenting-one, and אֶת-Shoulder his builder, they have slain to the mouth of the sword, and they are taking Justice from the house of Shoulder and are going out. 27The builders of Heel have come in upon the Pierced ones,* and they are plundering the City which has made-unclean their sister,* 28אֶת-their sheep and אֶת-their ploughing-one, and אֶת-their fermenting-ones, and אֶת-whom is in the City, and אֶת-whom is in the Field they have taken. 29And אֶת-the whole of their turning-one,* and אֶת-the whole of their tripping-one,* and אֶת-their women they have taken captive, and they are plundering, and אֶת-the whole of whom is in the House. 30And Heel is saying toward News and toward Joined, `Ye have stirred-up אֶת-me, to make me stink in him-who-sits the Earth, in the Humbled, and in the Unwalled. And myself is extended-ones* of a number,* and they have been gathered upon me, and have smitten me, and I have been desolated, myself and my house.`

31And they are saying, `According to the Harlot* is he making אֶת-our sister?`