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Genesis Chapter 31

1And he is hearing the words of the builders of White, to say, `Heel has taken אֶת-the whole of which is to our father. And from whom is to our father, he has made אֶת-the whole of the Weight* of This one.` 2And Heel is seeing the faces of White, and behold, they are nothing with him as yesterday, third-hot-one-past.*

3And Yahweh is saying toward Heel, `Turn back toward the earth of your fathers, and to your birth-place, and I am becoming with you.`* 4And Heel is sending forth and is calling-out to Ewe and to Weary, the Field toward his sheep. 5And he is saying to-themselves, `Myself is he-who-sees אֶת-the faces of your father—that they are nothing toward me as yesterday, third-hot-one-past, and the elohe of my father has become with me, 6and yourselves have perceived that in the whole of my strong-one I have served אֶת-your father, 7and your father has mocked in me, and has caused to pass by* my wages ten times; and elohim has not given him to ruined-one by-me. 8`If he is saying thus: The marked ones, he is becoming your wage, then the whole of the marked Sheep have borne. And if he is saying thus: The banded ones, he is becoming your wages, then the whole of the banded Sheep have borne.

9And elohim is snatching away אֶת-a bought-one of your father and is giving to-myself. 10`And he is becoming in the time of the Sheep heating, and I am lifting up my eyes and seeing in the Bonded-one,* and behold, the Ascending Chiefs* upon the Sheep, are banded,* marked, and spotted.* 11And a messenger of the Elohim is saying toward me in the Bonded-one, Heel. and I am saying, Behold-me. 12`And he is saying, Lift up, now, your eyes, and see the whole of the Ascending Rams upon the Sheep, are banded, marked, and spotted, for I have seen אֶת-the whole of which White is making to-yourself. 13Myself is the El of House of El which you have smeared* a pillar, which you have vowed to-myself there a vow. Now, stand up, go out from the Earth of This one, and turn back toward the Earth of your birth.`

14And Ewe and Weary are facing, and are saying to-himself, `Is there again to-ourselves a portion and inheritance in the house of our father? 15Have we not been woven to-himself as strange-ones*? For he has sold us, and he is devouring also a devouring אֶת-our a silver-one. 16For the whole of the Wealth which elohim has taken away from our father, to-ourselves is himself, and to our children. And now, the whole of which elohim has said toward you—make.`

17And Heel is standing up and is lifting up אֶת-his builders and אֶת-his women upon the Camels. 18And he is driving אֶת-the whole of his bought-one, and אֶת-the whole of his possessions which he has received, a bought-one of his acquisition, which he has received in Highland-Castle, to come in toward He-Laughs his father, earth-ward of Humbled. 19And White has walked to cut off* אֶת-his sheep, and Ewe is stealing אֶת-the Teraphim* which are to her father. 20And Heel is stealing אֶת-the heart of White the Castle-Dweller, upon having not fronted to-himself, that him-who-flees is himself.

21And himself is fleeing, the whole of which is to-himself, and he is standing, and is crossing over the River, and is putting his faces—a mountain of the Witness-Heap.*

22And he is being fronted to White in the Hot-one of the Third-one for Heel has fled. 23And he is taking אֶת-his brothers with him and is pursuing the back of him a road of seven days and is causing to stick אֶת-him in the mountain of the Witness-Heap. 24And elohim is coming in toward White the Castle-Dweller in the Dream of the Night, and is saying to-himself, `Guard to-yourself lest you are ordering with Heel from good until ruined-one.`

25And White is reaching אֶת-Heel. And Heel has struck* אֶת-his tent in the Mountain; and White has struck אֶת-his brothers* in the mount of Gilead.

26And White is saying to Heel, `What have you made, and you have stolen my heart, and you are driving אֶת-my built-ones as those-who-are-captive of a sword? 27Why have you hidden yourself to flee, and are stealing אֶת-me, and have not fronted to-myself, and I am sending you away in a joy and in songs, in a timbrel and in a harp, 28and have not forsaken me to kiss to my builders and to my built-ones?—now you have acted foolishly making so. 29There is to el my hand to make with you all a ruined-one, and the elohe of your father yesternight has ordered toward me, to say, Guard to-yourself from speaking with Heel from good until ruined-one. 30`And now, walking you have walked, for you have been very desirous to the house of your father; why have you stolen my elohe?`*

31And Heel is facing and is saying to White, `For I have feared, for I have said, Lest you tear away אֶת-your built-ones from with me; 32with whom you are finding אֶת-your elohe, he is not living, anti our brothers recognize to yourself what is with me, and take to yourself.` And Heel has not perceived for Ewe has stolen them.

33And White is coming in the tent of Heel, and in the tent of Weary, and in the tent of the two slavewomen, and he has not found. And he is going out from the tent of Weary and is coming in the tent of Ewe.

34And Ewe has taken אֶת-the teraphim and is putting them in the lamb* of the Camel and is sitting upon them. And White gropes the whole of the Tent, and he has not found. 35And she is saying toward her father, `May it not burn in the eyes of my master for I am not able to stand from your faces, for the road of women is to-myself.`And he is searching and has not found the Teraphim.

36And he is burning to Heel, and he is wrestling in White. And Heel is facing and is saying to White, `What is my rebellion? what my sin, for you have flamed the back of me? 37For you have groped the whole of my finished-articles: what have you found from the whole of the finished-articles of your house? Put here anti my brothers and your brothers, and they are justifying between the two of ourselves. 38`This one of twenty duplications is myself with you, your ewes and your she-goats have not miscarried, and the rams of your sheep I have not eaten. 39The torn one* I have not caused to come in toward you—myself is missing her*—from my hand you are seeking her, a-stolen-one of hot-one, and a-stolen-one* of night-ward.

40I have become in the Hot-one a desolation* has eaten me, and frost in the Night-ward, and my sleeping-one is waving-to-and-fro from my eyes. 41`This one is to-myself twenty of a duplication in your house: I have served you four ten of a duplication in your two built-ones, and six duplications in your sheep; and you are causing to pass by my wage ten times. 42If not elohe of my father, elohe of Father-of-Tumult, and the dread of He-Laughs, have become to-myself, then now empty you have sent me forth; אֶת-my misery and אֶת-the work of my palms elohim has seen, and is justifying yesternight.`*

43And White is facing and is saying toward Heel, `The Built-ones are my built-ones, and the Builders my builders, and the Sheep my sheep, and the whole of which is yourself him-who-sees is to-myself is himself. And to my built-ones—what am I making to these ones the Hot-one, or to their builders whom they have born? 44And now, walk,* may we cut off a cut-out-one, myself and yourself, and he has become to a witness between me and between you.`

45And Heel is taking a stone, and is raising her up for a standing pillar. 46And Heel is saying to his brothers, `Pick up stones.`* And they are taking stones, and are making a heap. And they are eating there upon the Heap. 47And White is calling-out to-himself Heap-of-Testimony. And Heel has called-out to-himself Witness-Heap.

48And White is saying, `The Heap of This one is a witness between me and between you the Hot-one.` Upon thus he has called-out his name Witness-Heap, 49and the Lookout,* of which he has said, `May Yahweh look out between me and between you, for we are being hidden, a man from his friend.

50If you are facing אֶת-my built-ones, and if you are taking women upon my built-ones—there is no man with us—see, elohim is a witness between me and between you.` 51And White is saying to Heel, `Behold, the Heap of This one, and behold, the Standing pillar which I have cast between me and you; 52A witness is the Heap of This one, and a witness is the Standing pillar, if myself is not crossing over אֶת-the Heap of This one toward you, and if yourself is not crossing over the Heap of This one and אֶת-the Standing pillar of This one toward me—to a ruined-one. 53The elohe of Father-of-Tumult and the elohe of Snort, is judging between us—the elohe of their father.` 54And Heel is slaughtering a slaughter in the Mountain, and is calling-out to his brothers to eat bread, and they are eating bread, and lodging in the Mountain. 55And White is shouldering up in the Dawn and is kissing to his builders and to his built-ones and is kneeling אֶת-them. And White is walking and is turning back to his standing-place.