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Genesis Chapter 30

1And Ewe is seeing that she has not borne to Heel, and Ewe is envious in her sister, and she is saying toward Heel, `Give* to-myself builders, and if there is none—she-who-is-dying is myself.` 2And a nostril of Heel is burning in Ewe, and he is saying, `Is myself underneath elohim who has withheld from you the fruit of the belly?` 3And she is saying, `Behold, my slavewoman Troubled, come in toward her, and she is bearing upon my knees, and I may be built up, also myself, from her.` 4And she is giving to-himself אֶת-Troubled her slavewoman to a woman, and Heel is coming in toward her. 5And Troubled is conceiving, and bearing to Heel a builder.6And Ewe is saying, `elohim has judged me, and also he has heard in my voice, and is giving to-myself a builder.` 7And Troubled, slavewoman of Ewe, is conceiving again, and bearing a double builder to Heel, 8and Ewe is saying, `Wrestlings of elohim I have wrestled with my sister, also, I have been able.` 9And Weary is seeing that she has set-upright from bearing, and she is taking אֶת-Trickle her slavewoman, and is giving אֶת-her to Heel to a woman; 10and Trickle, slavewoman of Weary, is bearing to Heel a builder, 11and Weary is saying, `A troop.*` And she is calling-out אֶת-his name Troop. 12And Trickle, slavewoman of Weary, is bearing a double builder to Heel, 13And Weary is saying, `In my straightness, for built-ones have made me straight.`

14And Behold-Builder is walking in the days of wheats-harvest, and is finding mandrakes* in the field, and is causing to come in אֶת-them in toward Weary, his mother, and Ewe is saying toward Weary, `Give now to-myself, from the mandrakes of your builder.` 15And she is saying to-herself, `Is it a little one, your taking אֶת-my man? And to take also אֶת-the mandrakes of my builder?` And Ewe is saying, `Therefore he is lying down with you the Night-ward, underneath* the mandrakes of your builder.`

16And Heel is coming in from the Field in the Dusk; and Weary is going out to meet him, and she is saying, `Toward me you are coming in, for hiring I have hired you in the mandrakes of my builder.` And he is lying down with her in the Night-ward of himself. 17And elohim is hearing toward Weary, and she is conceiving, and bearing to Heel a builder, a fifth. 18And Weary is saying, `Elohim has given my wages, which I have given my slavewoman to my man.` And she is calling-out his name He-Brings-Wages.* 19And Weary is conceiving again, and she is bearing a builder sixth to Heel. 20And Weary is saying, `Elohim has endowed אֶת-me—a good endowment. The Occurance* of my man is indwelling* me, for I have borne to-himself six builders.`21And the back she has born a built-one, and is calling-out אֶת-her name Judge.* 22And elohim is memorializing אֶת-Ewe, and elohim is hearing toward her, and is opening* אֶת-her womb,* 23and she is conceiving and bearing a builder, and is saying, `Elohim has gathered אֶת-my disgraced-one.` 24And she is calling-out אֶת-his name He-Adds,* to say, `Yahweh is adding to-myself a builder of a back-one.`

25And he is becoming, when Ewe has borne אֶת-He-Adds, that Heel is saying toward White, `Send me forth, and I am walking toward my standing-place, and to my earth; 26give* up אֶת-my women and אֶת-my born-ones, whom I have served אֶת-you in them, and I am walking, for yourself has perceived אֶת-my service which I have served you.` 27And White is saying toward him, `If, now, I have found a favored-one in your eyes, I have hissed* but Yahweh is kneeling me in your account.` 28And he is saying, `Pierce* your wages upon me, then I am giving.`

29And he is saying toward him, `Yourself has perceived אֶת-whom I have served you, and אֶת-whom your bought-one has become את-myself. 30For a little-one is whom he has become to-yourself to my faces, and he is breaking out to the Abundance, and Yahweh is kneeling אֶת-you to my foot.* 31And he is saying, `What am I giving to-yourself?` And Heel is saying, `You are not giving to-myself a blemish; If you are making to-myself the Word of This one, I may turn back; I may tend your sheep, I may guard; 32I may cross through in the whole of your sheep the Hot-one, causing to turn aside from there the whole of a sheep marked* and him-who-is-spotted,* and the whole of a sheep warm* in the Lambs, and him-who-is-spotted and marked in the She-goats—and he has become my wages.

33And she has faced in me my justice in the hot-one of the morrow,* for he is coming in upon my wages to your faces, the whole of whom are nothing is marked and him-who-is-spotted in the She-goats, and warm in the Lambs—he-who-is-stolen is himself את-me.` 34And White is saying, `Behold, oh-that he is becoming according to your word.`

35And he is causing to turn aside in the Hot-one of Himself* אֶת-the Banded* He-Goats and They-who-are-spotted, and the whole of the Marked She-Goats and They-who-are-spotted, the whole of which are white in him, and the whole of the warm in the Lambs, and he is giving in the hand of his builders, 36and he is setting a road of three days between himself and between Heel; and Heel is tending אֶת-the sheeps of White, The Remaining Ones.*

37And Heel is taking to himself a shoot of a fresh poplar, and of an almond-tree and a plane-tree, and is peeling in them white peelings, a baring of the White which is upon the shoots, 38and he is causing to set אֶת-the shoots which he has peeled in the gutters in the troughs of the Dual-Waters which they are coming in, the Sheep, to drink, to-opposite-of the Sheep, and they are heating in their coming in to drink. 39And the Sheep are heating toward the Shoots, and the Sheep are bearing banded ones, marked ones, and they-who-are-spotted. 40And the Lambs Heel has caused to divide, and he giving the faces of the Sheep towards the banded, and the whole of the warm in the sheep of White, and he is setting to-himself droves to his separation, and he has not set them upon the sheep of White. 41And he has become in the whole heating, the Sheep of Tied-Ones,* and Heel has set אֶת-the Shoots to the eyes of the Sheep in the gutters, to cause them to heat in the Shoots, 42And in causing to envelop* the Sheep he is not setting them; and he has become the Enveloped Ones* to White, and the Tied Ones* to Heel.

43And the Man is breaking out exceedingly exceedingly, and he is becoming to-himself a sheep abundant, and slavewomen, and men-slaves, and camels, and asses.