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Genesis Chapter 28

1And He-Laughs is calling-out toward Heel, and is kneeling him, and is commanding him, and is saying to him, `You are not taking a woman of the built-ones of Humbled. 2Stand up, walk Highland-Castle-ward, the house-ward of Destroyed-of-El, the father of your mother, and take to-yourself from there a woman of the built-ones of White, the brother of your mother. 3And El of Destroyers is kneeling you אֶת-you, and is making-you-bear-fruit, and is abounding you, and you have become an assembly of peoples. 4And he is giving to-yourself אֶת-the kneeled-one of Father-of-Tumult, to-yourself and to your seed את-you, to inherit yourself,* the Earth of your offroad-places,* which elohim has given to Father-of-Tumult.`

5And He-Laughs is sending forth Heel, and he is walking Highland-Castle-ward, toward White, builder of Destroyed-of-El the Castle-Dweller, brother of Stall-Fed, mother of Heel and Prepared. 6And Prepared is seeing for He-Laughs has kneeled אֶת-Heel, and has sent forth אֶת-him to Highland-Castle-ward to take to-himself from there a woman—in his kneeling him אֶת-him*, and he is laying-charge upon him, to say, You are not taking a woman from the built-ones of Humbled.

7And Heel is hearing toward his father and toward his mother, and he is walking Highland-Castle-ward. 8And Prepared is seeing for the built-ones of Humbled are ruinous ones in the eyes of He-Laughs his father.

9And Prepared is walking toward El-Hears, and is taking אֶת-Mahalath,* built-one of El-Hears, builder of Father-of-Tumult, sister of Fruitfulnesses,* upon his women, to himself, to a woman.

10And Heel is going out from Well of Seven and is walking Scorched-ward. 11And he is meeting in the Standing-place, and he is lodging there, for the Sun is he-who-comes-in,* and he is taking from the stones of the Standing-place, and he is putting his shaking-places,* and he is lying down in the Standing-place of Himself.

12And he is bonding* and behold a casting-up-one* is him-being-made-to-stand-firm earth-ward, and his shaking-one is him-touching the Dual-Heavens-ward. And behold, messengers of elohim are those-ascending and those-descending in him.*

13And behold Yahweh is he-who-stands-firm upon him, and he is saying, 14And your seed has become as the dust of the Earth, and you have broken out* sea-ward, and front-ward [eastward], and hidden-ward, and Dry-South-ward,* and in-yourself the whole of the families of the Red-one have been kneeled and in your seed. 15`And behold, myself is with you, and I have guarded you in the whole of which you are walking, and have caused you to turn back toward the Red-one of This one; for I am not forsaking you until which if I have made אֶת-which I have ordered to-yourself.` 16And Heel is awaking from his sleep, and he is saying, `Truly there exists Yahweh in the Standing-place of This one, and myself has not perceived.` 17And he is fearing, and is saying, `How is he-fearing* the Standing-place of This one?* Nothing is this one for if a house of elohim, and this one is a gate of the Dual-Heavens.`*

18And Heel is shouldering up in the Dawn, and he is taking the Stone which he has put as his head-places, and he is putting אֶת-her as a standing-pillar, and he is pouring oil upon her head,* 19and he is calling-out אֶת-the name of the Standing-place of Himself* House of El, and yet, Almond-tree is a name of the City to the First one.*

20And Heel is vowing a vow, saying, `If he is becoming elohim by-me, and he has guarded me in the Road of This one which myself is him-walking, and he has given to-myself bread to eat, and a treacherous-garment to put on, 21then I have turned back in completeness toward a house of my father, then Yahweh has become to-myself to elohim, 22and the Stone of This one which I have put as a standing-pillar, he is becoming a house of elohim, and the whole of which you are giving to-myself—to tenth I am tenthing him to-yourself.`*