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Genesis Chapter 27

1And he is becoming, for old is He-Laughs, and his eyes have grown weak from seeing, and he is calling-out אֶת-Prepared his builder the Great one, and he is saying toward him, `My builder`

2And he is saying, `Behold, now, I have become old, I have not perceived the hot-one of my death. 3And lift up, now, your articles, your quiver, and your bow, and go out in the Field, and hunt her to-myself a hunted-one,* 4and make to-myself tasteful things, such as when I have loved, and cause her to come in to-myself, and I am eating, in account of my breath kneeling you, before I am dying.`

5And Stall-Fed is hearing while He-Laughs is ordering toward Prepared his builder; and Prepared is walking to the Field to hunt a hunter*—to cause to come in. 6And Stall-Fed has ordered toward Heel her builder, to say, `Behold, I have heard אֶת-your father, the one-speaking toward Prepared your brother, to say, 7Cause her to come in* to-myself a hunter, and make to-myself tasteful things, and I am eating, and kneeling you to the faces of Yahweh to the faces of my death. 8`And now, my builder, hear in my voice, to-whom is myself* the one-commanding* אֶת-you. 9Walk, now, toward the Sheep, and take to-myself from there two good kids of the goats, and I am making אֶת-them tasteful things to your father, such as when he has loved. 10And you have caused to come in to your father, and he has eaten, in account of whom he is kneeling you to the faces of his death.

11And Heel is saying toward Stall-Fed his mother, `Behold, Prepared my brother is a man hairy-one*, and myself is a smooth* man, 12perhaps my father is feeling me, and I have become in his eyes like him-who-deceives, and have caused to come in upon myself an light-one,* and not a kneeled-one.` 13And his mother is saying to-himself, `Upon myself is your light-one, my builder, only hear my voice, and walk, take to-myself.` 14And he is walking, and is taking, and is causing to come in to his mother, and his mother is making tasteful things, such as when his father has loved.

15And Stall-Fed is taking אֶת-the treacherous-garments of Prepared her builder the Great one of the Desirable ones,* which are את-herself in the House, and she is clothing אֶת-Heel her builder the Small-one. 16And אֶת-the skins of the kids of the Goats she has clothed upon his hands, and on the portion* of his neck, 17and she is giving אֶת-the tasteful things, and אֶת-the Bread which she has made, in the hand of Heel her builder.

18And he is coming in toward his father, and he is saying, `My father.`

19And Heel is saying toward his father, `Myself is Prepared your first-born. I have made as when you have ordered toward me; stand up, now, sit,* and eat* from my hunter, in account of your breath kneeling me.` 20And He-Laughs is saying toward his builder, `What is this one you have made haste to find, my builder?` And he is saying, `For has caused to meet Yahweh your elohe to my faces.`*

21And He-Laughs is saying toward Heel, `Draw near,* now, and I may feel you, my builder, whether yourself is this one, my builder Prepared, or if not.` 22And Heel is drawing near toward He-Laughs his father, and he is feeling him, and he is saying, `The Voice is a voice of Heel, and the Hands are hands of Prepared.` 23And he has not recognized him, for they have become his hands as the hands of Prepared his brother, hairy, and he is kneeling him, 24and he is saying, `Yourself is this one, my builder Prepared.` And he is saying, `Myself.` 25And he is saying, `Cause her to draw near to-myself, and I may eat from the hunter of my builder, so that my breath she is kneeling you.` And he is causing to draw near to-himself, and he is eating. And he is causing to come in to-himself wine, and he is drinking.26And is saying toward him, He-Laughs his father, `Draw near, now, and kiss* to-myself, my builder.` 27And he is drawing near, and he is kissing to-himself, and he is smelling אֶת-a smell of his treacherous-garments, and he is kneeling him, and is saying, `See, a smell of my builder is as a smell of a field which Yahweh has kneeled him. 28And the Elohim is giving to-yourself from the dew of the Dual-Heavens, and from the fatness of the Earth, and abundance of grain and new-wine.* 29Peoples are serving you, and bowing-down themselves to-yourself, to united-ones. Be you a master* to your brothers, and the builders of your mother are bowing-down themselves to-yourself.* Those-execrating you is him-execrated, and those-kneeling you is him-kneeled.`

30And he is becoming as when He-Laughs has ended to kneel אֶת-Heel, and he is becoming yet coming out he has come out from אֶת-the faces of He-Laughs his father and Prepared his brother has come in from his hunter. 31And he is making, also himself, tasteful things, and he is causing to come in to-his-father, and he is saying to-his-father, `My father is standing up, and he is eating from a hunter of his builder, in account of she is kneeling me, your breath.` 32And He-Laughs his father is saying to-himself, `Who is yourself?` And he is saying, `Myself is your builder, your first-born, Prepared.` 33And He-Laughs is trembling a great trembling until exceedingly.

34When Prepared hears אֶת-the words of his father, and he is crying out a great outcry and bitterness until exceedingly, and he is saying to his father, `Kneel me, also myself, my father.` 35And he is saying, `Your brother has come in a deception,* and is taking your kneeled-one.` 36And he is saying, `Is it because he has called-out his name Heel and he is taking me by the heel of these dual-steps?* My firstborn he has taken; and behold now, he has taken my kneeled-one.` And he is saying also, `Have you not kept back to-myself a kneeled-one?` 37And He-Laughs is facing and is saying to Prepared, `Behold, a master have I put him to-yourself, and אֶת-the whole of his brothers have I given to-himself to slaves, and with grain and wine have I supported him; and to you now, what shall I make, my builder?` 38And Prepared is saying toward his father, `The Kneeled-one is one himself to yourself my father? Kneel me, also myself, my father.` And Prepared is lifting up his voice, and he is weeping.39And He-Laughs his father is facing and is saying toward him, `Behold, from the fat ones* of the Earth he is becoming your seat, and from the dew of the Dual-Heavens from above. 40And upon your sword you are living, and אֶת-your brother you are serving. And he has become when you are causing to wander restlessly,* and you have broken off his yoke from upon your neck.`

41And Prepared is hating אֶת-Heel, upon the Kneeled-one which his father has kneeled him, and Prepared is saying in his heart, `The days of lamenting of my father draw near,* and I may slay אֶת-Heel my brother.`

42And אֶת-the words of Prepared her builder the Great one are fronted to Stall-Fed, and she is sending forth and is calling-out for Heel her builder the Small one, and is saying toward him, `Behold Prepared your brother, him-consoling-himself to-yourself to slay you. 43And now, my builder, hear in my voice, and stand up, flee to-yourself, toward White my brother, Scorched-ward, 44and you have sat with him days of ones,* until which she is turning back, the fury, of your brother, 45until the turning back of the nostril* of your brother from-yourself, and he has forgotten אֶת-whom you have made to-himself, and I have sent and I have taken you from there. Why am I miscarrying also two of yourselves hot-one one?`*

46And Stall-Fed is saying toward He-Laughs, `I have been anxious* in my living ones from the faces of the built-ones of Terror. If Heel is him-taking a woman of the built-ones of Terror, like these ones from the built-ones of the Earth—what are to-myself the dual-life?`*