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Genesis Chapter 25

1And Father-of-Tumult is adding and is taking a woman, and her name is Incense.* 2And she is bearing to-himself אֶת-Musical,* and אֶת-Snare-Layer,* and אֶת-Strife,* and אֶת-Contentious,* and אֶת-Left-Alone,* and אֶת-Sunk.*

3And Snare-Layer has begotten Seven and Low-Country. And the builders of Low-Country have become Successful-ones,* and Hammered-ones,* and United-ones.* 4And the builders of Contentious are Gloomy,* and Fawn,* and Trained, and My-Father-Perceives,* and El-Perceives,* the whole of these are builders of Incense.

5And Father-of-Tumult is giving אֶת-the whole which is to-himself to He-Laughs. 6And to the builders of the Concubines whom are to Father-of-Tumult, Father-of-Tumult has given gifts, and he is sending them forth from-upon He-Laughs his builder, in the continuance of ourselves* a living-one, front-ward [eastward], toward an earth of the front [east].

7And these ones are the days of duplications of living ones* of Father-of-Tumult, whom is a living-one,* a hundred and seventy and five duplications. 8And Father-of-Tumult is breathing out,* and is dying in a good grey-one, old and satisfied, and is being gathered toward his people. 9And He-Laughs and El-Hears his builders are burying אֶת-him toward a cave of Doublefold, toward the field of Fawn-Like, builder of Whiteness the Terrified, which is upon the faces of Mamre, 10the Field which Father-of-Tumult has bought from אֶת-the builders of Terror there-ward has been buried Father-of-Tumult and ContentiousWoman his woman. 11And he is becoming the back of the death of Father-of-Tumult, and elohim is kneeling He-Laughs his builder, and He-Laughs is sitting with Well to the Living One of Sight.

12And these ones are births of El-Hears, builder of Father-of-Tumult, whom Hagar the Egyptian, slavewoman of ContentiousWoman, has borne to Father-of-Tumult. 13And these ones are the names of the builders of El-Hears, in their names, to their births: first-born of El-Hears is Fruitfulnesses, and Dark,* and Disciplined-of-El, and Spice, 14and Report,* and Silence, and Burden,* 15Sharp, and Dry-Country, Enclosed, Refreshed, and Precedence.* 16These ones of themselves* are builders of El-Hears, and these ones are their names, in their enclosures,* and by their battlements,* double ten exalted-ones to their united-ones. 17And these ones are the duplications of living ones* of Ishmael, a hundred and thirty of a duplication and seven duplications. And he is breathing out, and he is dying, and he is being gathered toward his people.

18And they are dwelling from Circle* until Wall, which is upon the faces of Dual-Siege, as you come in Straight-ward upon the faces of the whole of his brothers he has fallen.*

19And these ones are births of He-Laughs, builder of Father-of-Tumult. Father-of-Tumult has begotten He-Laughs. 20And he is becoming He-Laughs a builder of forty of a duplication in his taking אֶת-Stall-Fed, built-one of Destroyed-of-El the Castle-Dweller,* from Highland-Castle,* sister of White the Castle-Dweller, to-himself to a woman. 21And He-Laughs is making entreaty to Yahweh to-opposite-of* his woman, for plucked-up is himself. And Yahweh is being entreated to-himself, and Stall-Fed his woman is conceiving.

22And the Builders are crushing themselves* in her inner-part, and she is saying, `If so—why is this one myself?` And she is walking to seek אֶת-Yahweh. 23And Yahweh is saying to-herself, `Double nations are in your belly, and double united-ones from your bowels are being divided; and a united-one from a united-one is being bold;* and the abundant one is serving the little one.`

24And her days to bear are being filled, and behold, double-ones* are in her womb. 25And the First one is going out ruddy the whole of himself like a cloak of hair, and they are calling-out his name Prepared.* 26And the back of an upright his brother has gone out, and his hand is her-grasping* in the heel of Prepared. 27And the Scattered-ones are growing great, and he is Prepared a man, he-who-perceives a hunter, a man of the field. And Heel is a man of completeness,* him-sitting tents.* 28And He-Laughs is loving אֶת-Prepared, for a hunter* is in his mouth; and Stall-Fed is loving אֶת-Heel.

29And Heel is boiling a boiling,* and Prepared is coming in from the Field, and himself is faint. 30And Prepared is saying toward Heel, `Cause me to swallow, now, from out of the Red one the Red one* of This one, for faint is myself.` Upon thus he has called-out his name Red. 31And Heel is saying, `Sell her as the Hot-one* אֶת-your firstborn* to-myself.` 32And Prepared is saying, `Behold, myself is him-walking to die, and what is this one to myself a firstborn?` 33And Heel is saying, `Seven her to myself like the Hot-one.` And he is sevening to-himself, and is selling אֶת-his firstborn to Heel. 34And Heel has given to Prepared a bread and a boiling of lentils, and he is eating, and he is drinking, and he is standing up, and he is walking, and Prepared is despising the Firstborn.*