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Genesis Chapter 20

1And Father-of-Tumult is pulling-up from there earth-ward of the Dry-South,* and is sitting between Holy* and between Wall and is offroading in Dragged.

2And Father-of-Tumult is saying toward ContentiousWoman his woman, `Himself is my sister.` 3And elohim is coming in toward Father-King in the Bonded-one of the Night-ward, and is saying to-him,* `Behold-yourself* is he-who-dies upon the Woman whom you have taken, and himself is she-who-is-owned of an owner.`*

4And Father-King has not drawn near toward her, and he is saying, `My master, the Nation, also just, you are slaying. 5Has not himself said to-myself, my sister is himself, and herself also himself, has said, my brother is himself.* In the completeness of my heart, and in the cleanness of my palms,* I have made this one.`

6And the Elohim is saying toward him in the Bonded-one, `Also myself I have perceived, for in the completeness of your heart you have made this one, and myself also is withholding אֶת-you from missing to-myself, upon an upright I have not given you to touch toward her. 7And now, cause to turn back the woman of the Man, for a prophet is himself, and he is mediating-himself* behind you, and live! And if you are nothing, he-who-causes-to-turn-back, perceive that to die you are dying, yourself, and the whole of which is to-yourself.`

8And Father-King is shouldering-up in the dawn, and he is calling-out to the whole of his slaves, and he is ordering אֶת-the whole of the Words of These ones in their ears. And the Mortal-men are fearing exceedingly. 9And Father-King is calling-out to Father-of-Tumult, and is saying to-himself,* `What have you made to-ourselves?* And what have I missed to-yourself,* for you have caused to come in upon me, and upon my kingdom a great miss-offering?* Made-ones which are not made you have made by-me.`*

10And Father-King is saying toward Father-of-Tumult, `What have you seen, for you have made אֶת-the Word of This one?` 11And Father-of-Tumult is saying, `For I have said, Only nothing of the fear of elohim is in the Standing-place, of This one. And they have slain me upon the word of my woman. 12And also, Amenah,* she is my sister, a built-one of my father, himself surely not a built-one of my mother, and she is to myself, to a woman. 13And he is becoming, when elohim has caused to wander* אֶת-me from a house of my father, and I am saying to herself, This your kindness whom you make by-me, toward the whole of the Standing-place which we are coming in there-ward, say to myself, my brother is himself.`

14And Father-King is taking a sheep and a ploughing-one, and slaves and slavewomen, and is giving to Father-of-Tumult, and is causing to turn back to himself אֶת-ContentiousWoman his woman. 15And Father-King is saying, `Behold, my earth is to your faces, in the Good in your eyes, sit.` 16And to ContentiousWoman he has said, `Behold, I have given a thousand of a silver-one to your brother. Behold, himself is to-yourself a covering of eyes, to the whole who is את-yourself and אֶת-the whole, and she-being-justified.`*

17And Father-of-Tumult is mediating-himself toward the Elohim, and elohim is healing אֶת-Father-King and אֶת-his woman, and his slavewomen, and they are bearing.

18For restraining has restrained Yahweh behind the whole of the womb to the house of Father-King, upon a word of ContentiousWoman, woman of Father-of-Tumult.