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Genesis Chapter 19

1And two of the Messengers are coming in Sodom-ward in the Dusk, and Lot is sitting in the gate of Sodom, and Lot is seeing, and he is standing up to meet them, and he is bowing-down himself, dual-nostrils earth-ward.

2And he is saying, `Behold, now, my masters, turn aside, now, toward a house of your slave, and lodge,* and wash your feet-pair, and you have shouldered-up* and have walked to your road.` And they are saying, `Nay, but in the Broad-way we are lodging.` 3And he pecked* in them greatly, and they are turning aside toward him, and they are coming in toward his house, and he is making to-themselves a drink, and has baked unleavened ones; and they are eating.

4Before they are lying down, and the mortal-men of the City, mortal-men of Sodom, have circled themselves upon the House, from a shaken-out-one and until an old one, the whole of the People from the extremity. 5And they are calling-out toward Lot and they are saying to him, `Where are the Mortal-men who have come in toward you the Night-ward? Cause them to go out toward us, and we are perceiving אֶת-them.`

6And Lot is going out toward them, the Opening-ward, and the Door he has shut his back.* 7And he is saying, `Do not, now, my brothers, create-ruin.* 8Behold, now, to-myself two built-ones, who have not perceived a man, I am causing to go out, now, אֶת-them toward you all, and make you to-themselves according to the Good-one in your eyes,* only to the Mortal-men of These ones* do not make a word, for upon an upright they have come in the shadow of my beam.`*

9And they are saying, `Draw near further-out.` And they are saying, `The One has come in offroading [alien], and he is judging, to judge.* Now we are creating-ruin to-yourself from them.` And they are pecking in the Man, in Lot exceedingly,* and they are drawing near to break the Door.

10And the Mortal-men are sending forth אֶת-their hand and are causing to come in אֶת-Lot toward them, the House-ward, and they have shut אֶת-the Door. 11And אֶת-the Mortal-men who are at an opening of the House they have struck in the Blindness, from a small-one and until a great-one, and they are wearying to find the Opening.

12And the Mortal-men are saying toward Lot, `Who continually have you here? A builder-in-law, and your builders, and your built-ones, and the whole of whom you have in the City, cause to go out from the Standing-place 13for ourselves are those-who-lay-waste אֶת-the Standing-place of This one, for their outcry has grown-great את-the faces of Yahweh, and Yahweh is sending us forth to lay-waste her.`*

14And Lot is going out, and he is ordering toward his builders-in-law, those taking his built-ones, and he is saying, `Stand up, go out from the Standing-place of This one, because of Yahweh laying-waste אֶת-the City.` And he is like a laughing-one in the eyes of his builders-in-law.

15And the-likeness-of-him* is the Daybreak,* he has ascended.* 16And he is delaying, and the Mortal-men are strengthening in his hand, and in the hand of his woman, and in the hand of his two built-ones, in the spared-one* of Yahweh upon him, and they are causing him to go out, and causing him to rest from outside to the City.*

17And he is becoming as their causing to go out אֶת-them the Outside-ward, that he is saying, `Escape upon your breath; do not cause to look your back, and do not set-upright in the whole of the Round.* Escape the Mountain-ward, lest you are being swept-up.`*

18And Lot is saying toward them, `Do not, now, my masters!* 19Behold, now, your slave has found a favored-one in your eyes, and you are causing to grow up your kind-one* which you have made by-me,* to cause to live my breath, and myself I am not able to escape the Mountain-ward, lest the Ruined-one is cleaving-to me,* and I have died. 20Behold, now, the City of this one is close-by to escape there-ward, and herself is little. Let me escape, now, there-ward, is not herself little? And my breath may live.`

21And he is saying toward him, `Behold, I have lifted up your faces also to the Word of this one, to-except overturning the City of which you have ordered. 22Hasten, escape there-ward, for I am not able to make a word until your coming in there-ward.` Upon an upright he has called-out the name of the City Little.*

23The sun has gone out upon the Earth, and Lot has come in Little-ward, 24and Yahweh has caused to rain upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah gopher-wood-pitch* and a fire from אֶת-Yahweh, from out of the Dual-Heavens. 25And he is overturning אֶת-the Cities of These ones, and אֶת-the whole of the Round, and אֶת-the whole the sitting-ones of the Cities, and a sprout of the Red-one. 26And his woman is causing to look from his back, and she is becoming a statue* of salt.

27And Father-of-Tumult shouldered-up early in the Dawn, toward the Standing-place which he has set-upright there אֶת-the faces of Yahweh. 28And he is looking-down on the faces of Sodom and Gomorrah, and upon the whole of the faces of earth of the Round. And he is seeing, and behold, smoke of the Earth has ascended like smoke of the Furnace.

29And he is becoming in the laying-waste of elohim אֶת-the cities of the Round, elohim is memorializing אֶת-Father-of-Tumult. And he is sending אֶת-Lot forth from the middle of the Overturn* in overturning אֶת-the Cities which Lot has sat in them. 30And Lot is ascending from Little, and he is sitting in the Mountain, and two of his built-ones with him, for he has has feared to sit in Little. And he is sitting in the Cave, himself and two of his built-ones.

31And the First-fruit* is saying toward the Little, `Our father has become old, and a man nothing is in the Earth to come in upon us, according to the road of the whole of the Earth. 32Walk, let us cause to drink אֶת-our father wine, and lie down* with him, and we revive* from our father a seed.`

33And they are causing to drink אֶת-their father wine in the Night-ward of himself* and the First-fruit is going in, and she is lying down את-her father, and he has not perceived* in her lying down, or in her standing up. 34And he is, from the morrow,* that the First-fruit is saying toward the Little, `Behold, I have laid down yesterday את-my father.* Let us cause him to drink wine—also the Night-ward—and you come in, lie down with himself, and we may revive from our father—a seed.`

35And they are causing to drink also in the Night-ward of Himself אֶת-their father wine, and the Little is standing up and is lying down with himself,* and he has not perceived in her lying down, and in her standing up. 36And the two built-ones of Lot are conceiving from their father. 37And the First-fruit is bearing a builder and is calling-out his name From-Father;* himself a father of From-Father until the Hot-one; 38and the Little, also himself, has birthed a builder,* and she is calling-out his name Builder of My-People.* Himself a father of the Builders-of-Tribal until the Hot-one.