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Genesis Chapter 16

1And Noble-Lady, woman of Raised-Father, has not borne to him, and she has a slavewoman, an Egyptian, and her name is Hagar.*2And Noble-Lady is saying toward Raised-Father, `Behold, now, Yahweh has restrained me from bearing. Go in, now, toward my slavewoman. Perhaps I am being built* up from her;`

3And Noble-Lady, woman of Raised-Father, is taking אֶת-Hagar the Egyptian, her slavewoman, from the cut-off of ten duplications to sit Raised-Father in the Earth of Humbled and is giving אֶת-her to Raised-Father her man, to himself for a woman. 4And he is going in toward Hagar, and she is conceiving, and she is seeing, that she has conceived, and her mighty-one* is being lightened in her eyes.5And Noble-Lady is saying toward Raised-Father, `My violent-one is upon you, myself has given my slavewoman in your pocket-fold,* and she is seeing that she has conceived, and I am being lightened in her eyes. Yahweh is judging between me and between you.`* 6And Raised-Father is saying toward Noble-Lady, `Behold, your slavewoman is in your hand, make to her the Good one in your eyes.` And Noble-Lady is facing her, and she is fleeing from her faces.

7And a messenger* of Yahweh is finding her upon an eye of the Dual-Waters in the Wilderness, upon the Eye in the Road of Wall,* 8and he is saying, `Hagar, slavewoman of Noble-Lady, where from have you come in, and where do you walk?` And she is saying, `From the faces of Noble-Lady, my mighty-one, myself is she-who-flees.`*9And a messenger of Yahweh is saying to her, `Turn back* toward your mighty-one, and face yourself underneath her dual-hands.` 10And a messenger of Yahweh is saying to her, `Abounding I am abounding your seed, and he is not being recorded from an abundance.`* 11And a messenger of Yahweh is saying to her, `Behold-you a pregnant-one, and you have borne a builder,* and you have called-out his name El-Hears,* for Yahweh has heard toward your misery;* 12And himself he is becoming a swift-one* of Red-one, his hand is in the Whole,* and a hand of the whole is in-him—and upon the faces of the whole of his brothers he is dwelling.`*13And she is calling-out the name of Yahweh, the One-who-orders toward her,* `Yourself is el of sight.`* For she has said, `Is it* also here I have seen the back-parts of his-who-sees-me?`*14Upon an upright he has called-out to the Well, Well for the Living-one of Sight, behold between Holy and Hail.*

15And Hagar is bearing to Raised-Father a builder. And Raised-Father is calling-out the name of his builder, whom Hagar has borne, El-Hears. 16And Raised-Father is a builder of eighty of a duplication and six duplications in Hagar’s bearing El-Hears to Raised-Father.