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Genesis Chapter 3

1And the Serpent* has become a prudent-one* from the whole of a living-one of the Field whom Yahweh elohim has made, and he is saying toward the Woman, `Indeed, for elohim has said, You-all are not eating from the whole of a wood of the Enclosure.`

2And the Woman is saying toward the Serpent, `From the fruit of a wood of the Enclosure we are eating. 3And from the fruit of the Wood which is in the middle of the Enclosure elohim has said, You-all are not eating from us, nor touching him, lest you-all are dying.`*

4And the Serpent is saying toward the Woman, `To die you-all are not dying, 5for he-who-sees* is elohim, for in a hot-one of your eating from out of ourselves,* and your eyes have been split, and you have become as elohim, those-who-see good one and ruined-one.`

6And the Woman is seeing, for a good one is the Wood for a food, and for he is a longing to the Dual-Eyes, and he-who-is-coveted is the Wood to cause-to-cross,* and she is taking from his fruit, and she is eating, and she is giving, also to her man with her,* and he is eating.*

7And the eyes of their two* are being split, and they are seeing for naked are they, and they are sewing-together fig-leaves, and making to-themselves belts.*

8And they are hearing אֶת-the voice of Yahweh elohim, walking-himself* in the Enclosure to a wind of the Hot-one, and the Red-one and his woman are hiding-themselves from the faces of Yahweh elohim in the middle of the wood* of the enclosure. 9And Yahweh elohim is calling-out toward the Red-one, and is saying to-himself,* `Where is yourself?` 10And he is saying, ` I have heard אֶת-your voice in the Enclosure, and I am fearing, for naked is myself,* and I am hiding-myself.`* 11And he is saying, `Who has caused-to-be-anti* to-yourself? for naked are you.* From the Wood which I have laid-charge-upon you lest* eating from ourselves, have you eaten?` 12And the Red-one is saying, `The Woman whom you have given with-me*himself has given to-myself of the Wood—and I am eating.`13And Yahweh elohim is saying to the Woman, `What is this one you have made?` And the Woman is saying, `The Serpent has deceived me, and I am eating.` 14And Yahweh elohim is saying toward the Serpent, `Because you have made this one, he-who-is-cursed* is yourself from the whole of the Behemah, and from the whole of the living-one of the Field. Upon your curve [gachon]* you are walking,* and a dust you are eating, the whole of the days of your living-one. 15And a hating-one* I am setting between you and between the Woman, and between your seed and between her seed. 16Toward the Woman he has said, ` Abounding I am abounding your painful-one* and your conceiving-one,* in pain you are generating* builders,* and toward your man is your runner,* and himself is ruling in-yourself.`*17And to Red-one he has said, `Because you have heard to the voice of your woman, and are eating of the woods concerning which I have laid-charge to you, saying, You are not eating from ourselves, she-who-is-cursed is the Red-one in your sake.* In a painful-one* you are eating of her the whole of the days of your living-one, 18and thorn and bramble she is causing to sprout forth to-yourself, and you have eaten אֶת-the grass of the Field. 19In the sweat of your dual-nostrils you are eating bread until your turning back toward the Red-one, for* from her have you been taken, for a dust is yourself, and toward dust you are turning back.`20And the Red-one is calling-out the name of his woman Living-one [Chavah] for himself has become* the mother of the whole of the living-one.*

21And Yahweh elohim is making for the Red-one and for his woman tunics of skin,* and is clothing them. 22And Yahweh elohim is saying, `Behold, the Red-one has become as one from ourselves,* to perceive good one and ruined-one. And now, lest he is sending forth his hand, and he has taken also of the Woods of the Dual-life, and he has eaten, and he has lived to the future.`* 23Yahweh elohim is sending him forth from the enclosure of Eden to serve אֶת-the Red-one from which he has been taken.

24And he is driving out אֶת-the Red-one and is causing to dwell from the front [east] to the enclosure of Eden* אֶת-the Cherubim* and אֶת-a flame of the Sword of the One-who-overturns-herself* to guard אֶת-the road* of the Wood of the Dual-life.