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The Mesapharim – The Dual Heavenly Ones

Bias matters when it comes to the interpretation of participle verbs, dative nouns, plural words, semantics, syntax, etc. Knowing the syntax is important. Having the right context is paramount. Knowing to leave it alone even when the semantics don’t seem to make sense is equally important such as in the case of seemingly weird statements like “hastening the presence.” Bias dictates everything in the realm of scripture translation.

The dualism of this word “shamayyim” meaning “heaven” is undisputed. Its meaning, however, was lost. Simply, they are those born from above and below. Two births in two places. Their first is he who is comprehended in time, their second is shut up/concealed/hidden in the middle where there is rest (no movement). Such an idea evokes thoughts of what came first, time or eternity? Many questions have been asked about origins. They circulate around human culture. But there are questions that haven’t been asked, or even thought of yet.

In the head he has shaped elohim אֶת[the eternal self] dual-Heavenly-ones and אֶת[the eternal self] Earth.

(Genesis 1:1 RBT)

To the eminent, a song to David: the dual-Heavenly-ones are those-counted [the Mesapharim] of the honor of El [God], And the work of his hands is he-who-exposes [or exposer, maggid] the stamped-expanse. (Psalm 19:1 RBT)

We are not hiding from their sons to the latter generation those-counted [mesapharim] the praises of Yahweh, And his fierceness, and his wonderful-ones [participle feminine plural] whom he has made. (Psalm 78:4 RBT)

The dual-heavenly-ones have declared his righteousness, and the whole of the peoples have seen his weight [glory]. (Psalm 97:6 RBT)

However the day of the lord will come as a thief in which the heavenly-ones will pass-by rushing, the elemental-ones with burning heat will be loosed, and earth and the works in her will be found-out. With the whole of these ones being loosed in this manner, what kinds should you begin to be in behavior and godliness, watching for and hastening the presence of the day of God? (2 Peter 3:9-10 RBT)

and he is beholding heaven opening, and a certain vessel as a mega linen-cloth coming down to four heads [principle-ones] those-sent-down upon the earth, in whom [the vessel] were all the four-footed-ones [beasts] and creeping-ones [serpents] of earth and birds of heaven. And a voice became to him, ‘Stand up, Stone, sacrifice [by fire] and eat.’ (Acts 10:11-13 RBT)

To me, the smallest of all the holy-ones was given this grace: to announce to the cultures [ethnos] the untraceable wealth of the Christ, to enlighten all what is the dispensation [plan] of the secret [mystery], encrypted [concealed] from the ages in Theos [God], the one having created the whole. So that should be made known, now, to the heads and the authorities [delegates] in the heavenly-ones through the ekklesias [gathered] the multi-colored wisdom of Theos [God], according to the pre-purpose [plan] of the ages which he made in the Christ Jesus, the master [lord] of ourselves, in whom we have the all-out-spokenness and approach in trust, through the faith of himself. (Ephesians 10:8-12 RBT)