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All in All – To Understand the Whole?

Everyone has “the key” to unlock the Bible these days, don’t they? The internet now is a mass of Bible mire, undrinkable water, stinky mud, abysmal depths full of monstrosity, quicksand, fiery hell. In short, a colossal sea of uselessness. How did it happen?

Well, perhaps, it was missed. The definition of sin is to miss the mark. Perhaps, all along it was simply that mark, that sharp point to which every edge, every step, every face, every image, every parable, every narrative comes together? Could the Word of God actually be that simple? But perhaps it is preferred that it be so complex, unattainable, out of reach, enshrouded in mystery, impossible to ever figure out? That indeed has always been the bias. A bias that grows on the individual long before he or she becomes expert enough to translate from the original languages. A bias that says it is not supposed to be fully understood, or even partially, but just those few “essential doctrines” are all that matter. If the Bible texts should be so, then the need for professional scribes and specialized teachers will never end, will it? Maybe people prefer the dark?

But light is opposite of all this. Light is simplicity. Pure water is basic and fundamental. A single key unlocks the whole. Is there one key, or 31,102 keys, one for each verse? Or maybe there are 780,000 keys, one for each word of the KJV? Or 807,000, one for each word of the NASB?

One key does exist, and it unlocks everything. A single point, a razor sharp tip, once a pit of darkness, is now a light of life (and, as we learn from the biblical texts, a thousand other concepts from a bottomless pit to a compass to a heap of wheat to seven pillars to a round train of a robe of a mother).

The Hebrew texts posit the nature of eternity as a circuitous path with an origin. The “All” spins. A straight path therefore would mean a path from the outside (or bottom) to the center (or top). As it happens, the further someone “digs” into the biblical texts, the further down they seem go into miry mud and darkness, because the more they study, the more unattainable, impossible dark mystery they find. The more they read, the more puzzled they get. The more they learn, the more they realize they don’t understand. The more walls and false ideas and notions they get caught in, the more their suffering multiplies. In terms of suffering, far better is one who never opens the Bible, because those who do, find very quickly painful snares of the mind and painful whips of brothers, sisters, pastors, theologians, church-goers dooming them to perpetual repentance for the rest of their lives. But some manage to create justification for this by saying that the worst suffering life now is far better than the suffering death later. The number of individuals ready to rebuke you or chastise you for being wrong, incorrect, misled is as abundant as Churches and churchgoers themselves. My God, My God… when does it end, right? It only ends, when the one word takes one up into light, whether that means one who has sunk so far down deep into it, or one who is just discovering it.

But eternity is the key. Eternity is not the hereafter. Eternity is now. How? Eternity doesn’t have a start or end, does it? Why should it be so amazing to anyone that eternity is now? Again, it turns out the simplicity of it may be far too much for the professionals to handle?

In the biblical texts “the whole” is comprised of seven steps which we learn represents completeness and perfection. Round and round it turns, like a clock. Missing this mark, then is where sin and destruction occur, because simply, it is the mark, or sign rather, of the eternal self. One could certainly take this key and toss it into the sea of mud, as being just more mud. There is hardly anything out there in the vast ocean of bible-mania worth most people’s time, because too much of it is BABEL, nonsense. It doesn’t take much of that to make a person grow impatient and then ditch the whole thing.

In this, however lies the great prophecy that a single, tiny stone, comes from heaven and brings down the entire Tower. Or, we might say, a stone is able to walk upon the sea, and not sink. This has never yet been fulfilled, since obviously, the sea of billions of Bible websites, the millions of books without end that only “wear out the flesh”, and the Tower of Confusion remain.

And perhaps, here she is at last. A very simple representation of countless images. How many things can you detect in these seven circles? Do you see a compass? Do you see seven pillars? Do you see a pit? Do you see an eye? How about the top of a head and crown? Maybe its a whirl wind? Or perhaps it the breast of a woman? Or a tower? And what about the six steps to the center? Or five steps on each side? Maybe a tip of a spear? A round loaf of bread? A tree? A stump of a tree? Keep on going, because the symbolism is as vast as creation itself. There are three dimensions in the universe (x,y,z), and accounting for positive and negative, this means six primary “directions”. Eternity is rendered to us the same. So where is the center? If it is dark, no one will find it. But if it becomes light, then all should see it. Search and you will find the key to her eternal bride-chamber, in which case, it will prove to be anything but another piece of mud adding to this vast Sea of Darkness, wouldn’t it?

“my self is the first and the last, the origin, and the end.”