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הפעם The Foot/Hoof Strike


Strong’s #6471, ha-pa’am. Footstep, foot strike, stroke, beat. With definite article. This is the word evolved to mean “now” and “step” in the sense of time. The Hebrew הַפָעַם, ha-pa’am is also found 8 times in the Torah (six in Genesis, two in Exodus) and 5 times in Judges (Judg. 6:39, 15:3, 16:8,28). Gesenius writes,  “פָעַם TO STRIKE, TO BEAT, Whence פָעַם an anvil, and פַעֲמֹן bell, also to strike with the foot, to tread, whence פָעַם a step, a foot.”

With the head in the middle, the last step (sixth) constitutes the foot or “heel” step. The foot strikes the whole. It is also symbolized in the bell which the high priest wore which, from the center, strikes the whole.

The LXX translates the word νυν, now. This is a basic meaning as seen in the context of a particular woman’s feet in Prov. 7:11-12,

She who roars/murmers is herself, and she who is stubborn, her feet are not dwelling in her house. A foot-strike [pa’am] in the Outside, a foot-strike [pa’am] in the Broad-way [a word based on ‘Rachab’ the prostitute], and beside the whole of a corner she is waiting-in-ambush…” Proverbs 7:11-12 RBT