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ירה/ידה – To Cast/Lay Foundation of Torah

ו תהר עוד ו תלד בן ו תאמר ה פעם אודה את יהוה על כן קראה שמו יהודה ו תעמד מ לדת
And she is conceiving again, and is bearing a builder, and is saying, `The Footstep I am casting/founding [eternally את] He is.` Upon an upright she has called-out his name ‘Cast-One’. And she is setting-upright from begetting.

Strong’s #3034, yadah. To lay a foundation, cast, throw with the hand.This word has an interesting counterpart, yorah (#3384) which also means to lay foundation, throw, cast, teach.

Both words look very similar, yadah יָדָה and yorah יָרָה so it is easy to see why these two words have the same definition. Yorah specifically is the root of Torah תורה, which is the name of the first five books of the Bible/Moses, commonly referred to as “the law”. Contexts, such as the one here—casting/founding Yahweh?—have led interpreters to believe they also mean praise and teach respectively. Torah therefore could be concretely translated as the “The Foundation” or “Casting”. Contexts could be rendered quite differently in this case,

“And an abundant Gathering has walked and has said, ‘Walk, and may we ascend toward the mountain of He is, toward the house of elohe of Heel, and he will cast/found ourselves from his road, and we may walk in his paths, for from Signpost/Zion the Casting is going out, and the word of He is from Foundation of Peace. [Yeruh-salem]” (Isaiah 2:3 RBT)

In terms of riddles, this is not a far-fetched translation for the Bible. After all,

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the builders of the Young/Little-ones [the Neurrim].” (Psalm 127:4 RBT)