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In the Origin → Within the Head → The Mother of Death/Life

“In the head elohim…”

“For the bias of the flesh is death, and the bias of the Spirit, life and peace.” Romans 8:6 RBT

Bias dictates everything from the start. And so bias began at “the beginning.” Where the Hebrew word “reshith” was interpreted to mean “the beginning” the bias for the rest of the Bible began. “Reshith” is in fact the feminine noun for “head”. The masculine “rosh” meaning “head” was accurately translated as “head”, but when it came to her, reshith, the bias of men steered clear. Countless (thousands) of misses followed in the world of interpretation and translation, all because she, couldn’t possibly be the origin. The end result is the quagmire flooding the world around you called, “the Bible.” It is impossible to understand, impossible to read (hence the need for gross paraphrasing which is actually just fabrication veneered with the word “translation”). And it makes people feel dark, alone, and sorrowful. It generated a plethora of liars, murders, and thieves. It seethed with death.

If the bias is wrong from the start, the whole thing is missed. And thus, the Whole thing is a Miss.

Strong’s #7225, reshit, [feminine] head. This is the feminine of rosh, #7218. The root of these words is unused but means to shake, tremble. Understood to mean “head” (because it shakes) and long interpreted here in the abstract as “beginning”.

Everywhere that I can tell, this word “head” is used in the sense of “headwaters”, that is a source, or a mountain peak. A “source” could be construed as a “beginning” but the sense is not that of normal time, and I have seen nothing in scripture which would indicate that rosh/reshit are related to linear space-time. In fact, it should be known there is no word for “time” in the sense of clock time, atomic time, linear time, or space-time in the Hebrew. There is only appointed time, season, menstruation time, then, now, perpetuity, and time of tomorrow, time of the evening. See #6256. If anything it is related to the center of space-time.

The writers chose the feminine version of head here. Why? Here lies perhaps the most enigmatic mystery of the Bible. There are several root verbs that are symmetrical and they are on purpose. Notable ones are hayah (to become), nun (to propagate), and harah (to conceive). These are some of the most significant in all of the Hebrew language. They reflect opposites or positive-negative, type-antitype sides. Taking the individual letters as a cue:

היה hayah: [Behold – the hand – Behold] to become

נונ nun: [seed – peg/nail – seed] to propogate

הרה harah: [Behold – head – Behold] to conceive

The Early Hebrew letter resh:

Mary’s name was taken from the Hebrew miryam (Strong’s #4813) and has a signification of “bitter” from the Hebrew marah and “rebellion” or “rebel”. She contends with herself.

Bitter-Rebel [Mary], standing up in the days of these ones, was transported into the mountain-country with speed into the Land of [stone] Casters [Judah], and she entered into the house of He is-has-Remembered [Zechariah] and greeted God-of-Seven [Elizabeth]…

And she cried out in a mega voice, and said “Blessed is the fruit of the belly of yourself, and from where to myself is this one, that the mother of the Lord of myself has come toward myself? For behold, as the voice of the greeting of yourself became into the ears of myself, the infant leaped in exultation in the belly of myself… (Luke 1:39-44 RBT)

Like a man-child swallowed up in the belly of hell, leaping up at the hearing of the greeting of Elizabeth (My God of Seven).

Bitter-Rebel [Mary] hears the greeting of My God of Seven [Elizabeth]

Behold Behold

With this understanding, “In the head” would refer to the very conception of life itself. Life conceived. Elohim conceived. Eve, the “Mother of the Living One/Whole”. The Mother of the whole eternal life. Imagine how beautiful she must be, when she manifests in all her glory?